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    F-35 order fail

  2. Every time I hear/read a supposed USA Liberal rail about privilege, I think about the extent they, personally, go to in order to ensure that regardless of the broader principle, *their* offspring will enjoy that same advantage. And I thank <some being> that I won the genetics lottery by being born in Australia and not the USA. I attended one of Australia's top universities (yes there are only a small handful, it's true) on a merit based scholarship. My parents certainly couldn't afford to pay for me to go. FKT
  3. Fah Kiew Tu

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Better still, just stay home. That way you don't ruin other countries' reputations and don't embarrass yourself. A kiwi pretending to be an Australian, ok, fair enough. That's understandable. FKT
  4. Fah Kiew Tu

    Alameda Marina Development Fuckery

    They tried that in Sydney - relocate a rifle range that had been in place on a headland since at least WW2. Can't be bothered checking the exact date. Govt wanted to redevelop the land, promised a new range. The range people went to court and got some form of ruling that the Govt had to make the new range available, *with* all permits WRT noise, backstop distance etc etc *before* they could take the existing range. Plus the new range couldn't be located some impossible distance away. Funnily enough the existing range is still there & in use. The new range - who knows.... And some people wonder why we don't trust politicians. FKT
  5. Fah Kiew Tu

    Post-covid Cruising?

    A couple of my best friends are in Japan ATM, they were doing a walking tour/pilgrimage of the temples. Second time they've done this. Their boat is in Sydney, the plan was to sail up when the cyclone season/typhoon season permitted, spend a year cruising Japanese waters then cross the Strait to Alaska and head south. They're flying out in a few days back to Sydney where they face 2 weeks quarantine before they can move back on their boat. At which point they're heading home to Tasmania and my place - I've got space for them and their boat. Might have to rearrange the current fleet of visitors on my moorings but - shrug - that's do-able. Point being I wouldn't be planning on going to Japan in the next 12 months or so. I expect they'll have another crack at it in a couple years if things settle. Really not a good time to be a cruiser away from your home country. We're not kicking people out, nor obviously is NZ, but we're not welcoming new arrivals either. FKT
  6. Fah Kiew Tu

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Yeah - I spent a lot of time on ships in the Southern Ocean. This is no big deal at all for me personally. I don't have any financial worries which does make a big difference but also the mindset - I'm used to knowing that if something goes to shit with my family I can't get to them and can't do anything about it regardless. Someone posted a graphic the other day WRT health care cover in the USA compared to all the other First World countries in the event of unemployment. I can indeed see how people may feel they need to take the risk of working if the alternative is a *guaranteed* loss of health cover for themselves and their family. If that happens and they get sick anyway, they'll most likely be bankrupt even if they do get top shelf care. Having to factor that into your thinking may well cause one to re-weight the risk. FKT
  7. Fah Kiew Tu

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    Have to be a 50 BMG round to get through the reinforced stupidity cranium. FKT
  8. You have to apply the usual calculation to get the IQ of a crowd member. Take average human IQ. Divide by number of people in crowd. In this case, apply a further divide by 2 element to adjust for a lower than normal starting point. FKT
  9. Mikey's *comprehensively* lost the plot. He's now in my very short ignore list in the good company of other fuckwits like astro (Randum). FKT
  10. Fah Kiew Tu

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    That's fine as long as this thing *is* a hoax. If it's not - you get sick, before you know you're sick you've infected your entire family. Now you can't work because you're sick but worse, so is everyone else in your family and now how's the available medical care - *IF* you can afford to pay for it? If they think like this, they're thinking short-term and IMO not sufficiently weighing the risk/consequence equation. FKT
  11. Fah Kiew Tu

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    We have plenty with shit to nonexistent infrastructure. However it's complex like the reservations in the USA. Those settlements are essentially on private land as they can & do require permits to enter and you can't buy or lease land or houses. They also AFAIK don't pay rates or land tax of any type. We don't provide infrastructure on private land (generally - I'm sure someone can find an example where we do). We provide infrastructure in publicly gazetted towns. So yeah in this case the answer is to pick one of 3 options: Live without infrastructure (running water). Club together & build it. Move to somewhere it exists. So in this case I'm not putting shit on the USA for this. Now, pushing the natives off of all the good land and repeatedly breaking sworn treaties - sure. But there's a lot of that sort of crap to go around depending how far back you want to draw the line. My Irish ancestry wants reparations from my English ancestry and both want reparations from the French, Vikings and Romans. FKT
  12. Fah Kiew Tu

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Are you telling me that all native settlements in Canada have running water? FKT
  13. Fah Kiew Tu

    Good side of COVID-19

    I'm getting a touch bored but mainly because the weather sucks ATM. When the winds drop to under 20 knots and it's sunny, game on. We might have to go subsistence fishing. FKT
  14. Fah Kiew Tu

    Good side of COVID-19

    The local one is open for drive-through customers. I saw their sign today when I did my grocery shopping (and went to Bunnings). FKT
  15. Fah Kiew Tu

    Anarchists, and lucky drunks and fisherman

    If they pick their weather windows, aren't in a hurry and have a decent engine with lots of tankage, likely they'll be fine. Be a great adventure. Good chance any older ferro hull that's not got hidden damage and a ton of concrete cancer will be fine. Provided you don't hit anything hard and crack the shell. Last time I looked there were 4 common ways from the east coast of Australia to Europe though. FKT
  16. Fah Kiew Tu

    It’s the End of the World Economy as We Know It

    I've made a couple suggestions over the years. First, put a cap on the ratio between the lowest paid in a company and the highest paid. Say 100X or even 1000X but a fixed number. That way the CEO can't get paid more without everyone else getting paid more. And the top salary is grossed up so use of corporate owned facilities is included in salary calcs. Second, remove limited liability for some corporations. Revert to the shareholders being jointly and severally liable for ALL debt of the corporation, not just limited to your stock holdings. *THAT* would concentrate minds on keeping companies solvent. In the 1700's you could lose everything you owned and people in fact did so. The limited liability company is a relatively recent innovation (and for good reason but some of them have gone too far IMO). Neither will ever happen but it's nice to dream a little. FKT
  17. This. But it's not relevant to the 'Fuck you Jack I'm OK brigade'. That's why we have the other answer - if you're not immunised, fine, that's your choice, now fuck off and only associate with the other retards and conspiracy theorists because you're not welcome here. FKT
  18. That is why I do my absolute best not to have anything to do with people who have FB accounts and believe the shit they read there. FKT
  19. Fah Kiew Tu

    USA Racist even for COVID-19

    You were the one that said "There's no evidence that some human DNA (Genetically speaking, there's no such thing as race) is more susceptible than others with this virus or any other virus." Basically, you're wrong. If you want to argue the point, I'll ask my first wife for a big bunch of references to scientific papers that you won't read and wouldn't understand and keep posting them until you give up. She's a professor in biochemical genetics among other quals so certainly has an understanding a few light years in advance of you (and me FWIW). I don't give a flying fuck about the USA - as far as I'm concerned it's irredeemably racist. They still subscribe under the table to the 'one drop of black blood makes you black' principle. Their entire classification of race is deeply, deeply suspect and frankly offensive. The additional sad fact that even the so-called progressive Left has and continues to buy into this is depressing and equally offensive. So fuck them, I've little doubt that health care availability is biased and wouldn't take Warbird's word for anything on this topic. FKT
  20. Fah Kiew Tu

    USA Racist even for COVID-19

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle_cell_disease https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20450-how-sickle-cell-carriers-fend-off-malaria/ The first ref is to wikipedia because there's a slim chance you'll actually read it. Bonus points for arguing that malaria isn't a virus. FKT
  21. Fah Kiew Tu

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    http://www.bica.org.au/brunyquarantinestation/ It's about 6 nm from Olaf's place and mine - we live in different bays on the western side of the Channel though sometimes I go hang out over on Bruny for a while. FKT
  22. FFS, you're a whining prat. My father had to go on the road during the Great Depression because there wasn't enough food for him. So did his brothers. My mother was put up for fostering out in the Riverina district, same reason. Do you think the Great Depression was of *THEIR* making? The proper advice to the Z Generation is 'Shit happens snowflake now deal with it'. Your kids have a roof over their heads and no serious worries about where their next meal is coming from. They no doubt even have the internet. As for empty shelves, not where I live. Some shelves have less stock but there's plenty to go around. We get the world that we get not the one we'd like to have. If your kids haven't learned that lesson then you've been far too much of a helicopter parent and that time should be over. I actually don't give a flying fuck what career they trained for or how hard they worked. None of that guarantees a job in the field even in the best of times. FKT
  23. I didn't actually say or imply GWB was happy about or smiling about what's currently happening in the WH. I said I expected he was pretty happy that he was no longer regarded as the USA's worst ever President. Trump has turned out to be far, far worse. I'll grant you most of GWB's fuckups were done with likely good intentions. Trump? Given his track record, there are no surprises on how he's turned out. But let's see how many of you Repubs can't bring yourselves to vote him out. That and the 'Bernie or nobody' crowd may well see him re-elected yet. FKT
  24. Fah Kiew Tu

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    The West Australian Government just jailed one of those types for sneaking out of his hotel. Some people simply don't get the message. And yes, it only takes a couple of people who think they're above the rules to make things difficult for everyone else. Not far from where I live there's a Quarantine Bay and an old quarantine station on shore. This is nothing new, we've just had a long respite from the problem is all. And of course the speed of air travel makes things worse WRT rapid spread. FKT
  25. Fah Kiew Tu

    What Are You Doing During Your COVID Vacation?

    I tried a sample of my neighbour's grappa. Once. Hopefully your beer brewing works out better. A friend of mine used to do a very respectable brew so it's certainly possible. I found it easier to just give up drinking alcohol for a few months. Not like I need to kill off more brain cells after all and the survivors might appreciate the respite. FKT