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  1. 1 minute ago, El Borracho said:

    Ya, thanks for the tips. Not going to happen in our lifetimes. The founding fathers were inflicted with short sighted conservatism. If impeaching an insurrectionist, a slap on the hand at best, is a roughly 50-50 vote you can be sure any real change is never ever ever going to happen. That is why the Burn it All Down philosophy has some attraction. Alas, the country is far too regressive for that idea.

    Sadly, I agree with you. It's not going to happen. Neither side has the slightest interest in changing anything when they're in the majority and have the ability to do something, so nothing happens.

    Never thought I'd say it, but it's entirely possible I'll see the internal collapse of the USA in my lifetime.

    Be interesting if the States had enough and used their ability to call a Constitutional Convention, but I doubt that will ever happen either.


  2. 18 hours ago, Steam Flyer said:

    To me, that's the scary thing... these Trump people are hateful and dumb. What will happen to America when a major political party that refuses to accept election results and is willing to stage an armed coup, is led by a person with an actual brain?

    - DSK

    This is why I keep saying that the no 1 order of business should be fixing your dysfunctional electoral system.

    Eliminate gerrymandering so representatives aren't just rubber stamps.

    Fix the voting suppression issue once and for all.

    Find ways to get a much bigger percentage to actually vote.

    Preferential (ranked choice) voting.

    Maybe think of ways where primaries become binaries - they have to offer a minimum of 2 candidates. Yeah they could still offer 2 flaming nutjobs but still.

    Probably other things but it'd be a good start.


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  3. 25 minutes ago, Zonker said:

    If I was important enough (cough cough) to have a security detail and I had 6 bathrooms damn right they could use one. You want the bodyguards to protect you and throw themselves in front of a bullet, not duck at the last minute.

    If they think you are an asshole they might not be quite so committed to dying for you.

    You simply don't understand the mindset of the newly rich entitled class. Everyone else is there to serve their needs. Fuck the needs of the help, that's their problem.

    I really hope the entire family is reduced to utter poverty.


  4. 1 hour ago, LB 15 said:

    For some reason Mikes latest tactic is to call everyone old, despite the fact that these days he combs his hair with a towel.

    Fuck, I. *am* old, I've lost at least 50% of the brain cells I started with. And, as I said to the unlamented Bent Sailor, that still left me now with double the amount he started with.

    WRT Mikey, make that 5X.


  5. 5 hours ago, silent bob said:

    I’ve kept a few of them going for 30 minutes each.  I kept on putting Windows Punjab on mute for a few minutes at a time while my computer was “Updating and Rebooting”.  The red light just keeps flashing!  Oh, here’s the start up screen.  Oops, it just went back to 5% installed!  You work for Windows, don’t you know how to fix it?  They get really upset after spending all that time on me to get a bogus credit card number!  I have to find something that’s really  insulting to them!  

    I've done that then told them I can't bring up the control panel. When they ask why I tell them it's a Solaris computer and they hang up fast.

    These days I just hang up. Sure I can waste their time but I've better things to do.


  6. Just now, Shortforbob said:

    All quiet on the Western Front today?

    On would have expected just a teeny bit of outrage after burger brain's impeachment this morning?

    No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, no Parler. The clowns don't know how to communicate. Long may it continue.

    Not to mention all those trying to cross the border or find a deep hole before the FBI comes knocking on the door.

    Remember the old saying that treason never prospers, for one good reason. If successful, none dare call it treason. Same for sedition.

    But - failure to succeed is a right bitch.


  7. 32 minutes ago, dylan winter said:

    in the old days I would have gone out in the VW Polo and spent a morning going around the stores that sell pipes and valves for fuel lines and got it all together in one morning.

    now it takes a long evening with the paypal account followed by ten days of regular arrivals of small padded bags.  I have now assembled everything except for a T piece for the site tube and am almost ready to spend a day down the engine hole removing the old fuel supply lines and filters and replacing them with the bag of new gubbins.

    Yeah - I've a stream of small parcels arriving as the parts for 3 or 4 different boat projects arrive. I put each bit in its appropriate plastic bin and when all necessary bits are on hand, work can commence. Followed inevitably by finding out that I've overlooked something, of course.

    Not letting that stop me using the boat either. It is summer after all. In theory anyway.


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  8. 3 hours ago, SloopJonB said:

    Why won't anyone talk to me?


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    I'm happy to be educated on this stuff. Unlike a lot of Tom's stuff, this has a lot of relevance IMO.


  9. 42 minutes ago, Jud - s/v Sputnik said:

    Classic!!!  In true forum “biological evolution”, we’ve come full circle, going from tasteful, low-windage solar panel mounting, to arches!!! :-) :-)

    I put one on my boat but that was because I didn't have any gallows setup for the main sail bundle and keeping it from moving was a PITA. Lotta lines to keep tidy.

    I did keep the arch small and a max of 1.5m off of the deck though. And there's no crap mounted on it - yet. Probably won't be any either because the bottom batten of the main sail sweeps over the top by a matter of millimeters.

    Possibly a Mk 2 design in the future but it won't be any higher than this one, just a slightly different shape. Stainless tube isn't all that expensive and I get bored without new things to make. Currently that isn't a problem though.


  10. 2 hours ago, Raz'r said:

    It's not vengeance, it's simple justice. You know, no one is above the law.

    Great discussion last night on NPR on Self-Pardon. If Trump does it, it forces the hand of the Biden admin to actually pursue criminal charges, run them up to the Supremes, and get a view on if it's legal, cause if it is, any subsequent president could commit treason for cash, and then pardon themselves.

    The view among the lawyers was even the Trump-court would unanimously say No to self-pardon.

    You're not cynical enough - it gives any subsequent President including Biden carte blanche to do what they will WRT Federal laws knowing that the only 2 possible restraints on them were the 25th and impeachment.

    What's not to like? It's similar to use of Executive Orders and ongoing emergencies - the power is there so why not (ab)use it?


  11. On 1/13/2021 at 3:51 AM, kent_island_sailor said:

    Thread creep, but my study of 1920s-early 30s German history gives me the idea Berliners thought of Hitler and his Nazis as stupid and violent drunken idiots from Bavaria that were a bad joke until all of a sudden they weren't. That ring any bells lately :o

    Yeah this. Which is why any group, Right or Left, which thinks it can take to the streets etc and overturn election results by violence needs to be trodden on - hard. And in this case, it's unequivocally the fuckwit Right and they need to be taught a lesson on how to behave.


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  12. 2 hours ago, Saorsa said:

    The violent folks are being tracked and dealt with.  Everybody else went home for the curfew.

    Long term, this vile hatred will have consequences.


    Nothing to do with vile hatred - that was the clowns doing an armed forcible entry and looking for legislators.

    This is ensuring that consequences follow actions just in case some fuckwit with Presidential ambitions takes the wrong message away from the failure in this case.

    Impeach Trump and toss the bum out. Let that be a lesson to the next one who thinks of doing something similar.


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  13. 3 hours ago, Elegua said:

    Fold down could mean a boarding wave might bend your stanchions or break your panels.   I have weather cloths and make sure they tear off before they break anything. 

    It's a risk but there are a lot of boats out there with panels fitted like this. Mine is.

    WRT breaking the panels they're remarkably robust. I had mine propped out with the props just notched and resting on the lower horizontal tube. We had one of our usual 50 knot westerlies come through, the boat was on its mooring, I look out and see a panel missing. Ooops. Lots of swearing and comments on owner/installer stupidity. A day later when I went out I found the wind had blown the panel right up & over inside the weather cloths and down on top of the aft cabin top. The panel was undamaged though so I put it back in position, re-tightened the clamps and came back ashore a happier man.

    Now I leave the panels vertical when I'm not on the boat. With a 100W one on top of the davits my battery bank is always fully charged anyway.


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  14. 41 minutes ago, Steam Flyer said:

    That is difficult to believe that the suspicious-natured, anti-Deep State, Trump supporters would do such a thing. If a web site asked me to scan in my drivers license, I'd go find a different web site. I've seen bars that scan DLs to admit people, and I never do that. Your drivers license contains some very potentially damaging info, the DL number is a key ID fit. You can do more damage or fraud with a DL than with a Social Security number.

    What a bunch of major-league dumbasses

    - DSK

    Yep, agree, I never use my DL for identification.

    I use my passport if it's a Govt body that just *has* to have a photo ID. There's no address data on an Aussie passport and it doesn't link you to vehicle registrations et al.

    Any private company, I'd have no qualms at all about providing fake ID.


  15. 2 minutes ago, Steam Flyer said:


    It does take a certain type of intellect... or lack thereof... to take the absence of evidence as PROOF!! of a loony conspiracy. And yet it exists. And it seems fairly common in human nature, but evolution probably weeded out the worst tendencies.

    I remember a conversation with my nephew at age 4, where we had been talking/reading about animals and he was fascinated with the difference between wild animals and farm animals and pets. I guess it opened up a track of thought for him, they're ALL animals but there are different degrees of animal-ness. Anyway we were going somewhere by car and he said "Look, there are elephants in the woods!" and I of course replied "No, elephants don't live around here. They live in another country that is across the ocean from here" and he said "Yes there are elephants right over there!" and I of course replied "well how come nobody can see them?" and he replied (of course) "because they're HIDING!"

    The difference is that Dog and his elk are not 4 and they are trying to use violence to force the rest of the country to obey their 4-year-old's logic.

    - DSK

    The elephant repellant on my lawn is still working, so there!


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  16. 1 hour ago, benwynn said:

    Why would you have a problem with people who do not like your views?   I find people who do not like my views to be intellectually stimulating. 

    I find people who can intelligently disagree with my views and present a coherent argument to be intellectually stimulating.

    Dullard is well named and will never rise to that level.


  17. 3 hours ago, Rain Man said:

    Facts are mutable?  Who knew?  Does this mean, say, if you are Republican, you can decide that 3 = 4 and be correct?

    I've had this 'discussion' in the past though it was with the left wing types funnily enough.

    My usual suggestion to people who think facts are mutable or merely a matter of opinion is to step off of a high building while holding firmly to a belief that gravity is just a matter of opinion - or a mutable fact.

    I really, really wish that such people, including dullard here, would follow my suggestion.


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  18. 14 minutes ago, TwoLegged said:

    that wheel shouts "massive refit by someone who hasn't a clue about sailing"

    Or plans to steer pretty much all the time using the autopilot remote.

    But yeah I can't see that wheel position working at all for me.

    I'm not discussing the antique marine chandlery aspects though. Motes & logs.


  19. 4 hours ago, Zonker said:

    Unless it's a small diesel and the amount of heat radiated by the day tank more then compensates for the tiny amount of heat added to the fuel returned.

    Looking at my sketch, make the sides tall enough that they are just as effective as a bottom shelf support.

    And of course the tank has a lid!


    Hah - that's almost exactly how my support bracket/shelf for the engine cooling water header tank is constructed.