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  1. backlash?

    That's when the rules of engagement change, IMO. As soon as there's a power relationship. That's why most (all?) militaries ban sexual relationships with people in your chain of command. Oooops - there goes the office romance. Probably not a bad thing though, most don't end well and it's unfortunately usually the woman who gets the shove, because she's the junior. Maybe firing both parties should be the default position. FKT
  2. backlash?

    Many years ago when all the accusations of the P word started getting levelled at teachers, I decided that I'd never place myself in the position where someone could make any such accusation at me. A lot of other men made that same choice, now there's a really big gender imbalance in teaching. Now this. There are a lot of men that behave badly, there are jokes/remarks that in hindsight were better not made. A lot of behaviour by *both* sexes that went on during long deep ocean voyages was better left on ship, which used to happen until cheap digital cameras, satellite internet and social media got big. There would have been a lot more divorces otherwise. These days if I was still in the workforce I doubt I'd be having any one on one time with a female subordinate unless it was strictly necessary and then in an open space if at all possible. Certainly no after-work drinks or BBQ's at my place the way my crew all used to do. My personal conscience is clear. I've had the same wife for the last 40 years and the same 2 mistresses for the last 20. But still - some things are better avoided than post-event explained. I don't doubt the word of these women who've come forward, too many specifics and too many saying the same things about the same men. Even so. I think the glass ceiling is going to get a bit tougher to break through which is unfortunate but a reality. Women had better do more mentoring of juniors themselves. FWIW I've never had a problem working for a female manager. I got one of my junior staff promoted over me at one point in my career. She was a far better project manager than I was and I preferred to do design. I'd dumped most of the project management on her anyway, it was only fair she got the recognition and money. FKT
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I quite agree there. That's the position I always took myself. Saying 'There's a really simple explanation for this. I fucked up. Now can we focus on how to fix it?' tends to take the wind out of peoples' sails. Unless they're dickheads more interested in finding someone to blame than addressing outcomes. I never worked long for or with those types. My point is simply that there's a real difference between being responsible for something and personally doing that same something. If the helmsman runs your boat aground, you're responsible for putting someone in control who fucked up. No escaping that. FKT
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    That one's pretty clear if you've ever had staff. Means that while you didn't personally do the screwup, you're still responsible for it. Standard for captains anywhere. FKT
  5. the most frightening engine in the world....

    It's fine, as long as you're a traditional Tasmanian and have a spare arm you don't mind having forcibly amputated. Or is that a spare head? So many inbreeding issues, it's hard to keep up. FKT
  6. Misogyny in sailing?

    Don't think that's porn but really the sample size is a bit small to be definitive. Post more samples.... FKT
  7. Jerusalem

    Fact is, the reason I say 'pox on the lot of them' is because the religious nut-case Israelis act like Nazis in their 'ethnic cleansing' of the land they took after the 1967 war. I know they're a subset but they're driving the agenda so everyone wears it IMO. The religious nut-case Palestinians also act like Nazis except they have fewer guns. Firing missiles from behind hospitals & schools is the act of a terrorist and designed to inflict death & suffering on your own people from the counterfire. Asking the Israelis not to counterstrike is idiotic, everyone would in their situation. Neither side actually wants a settlement except on their own terms and those terms are pretty close to 'winner takes all'. We could apply the 'laws of war' from the pre-WW1 period where losers pay reparations in territory and/or money. In which case the Israelis are entitled to act as they do. But that's not a position I have or will support. So a pox on the lot of them. Maybe after another 50_ years of low-level killings everyone will be so exhausted that they'll compromise. But I doubt it. FKT
  8. Jerusalem

    We're giving the descendants of the survivors (or those who hid out well in the remote parts) some of the land back but we're not ceding any sovereignty in the process. I think Native Title land is exempt from land taxes & council rates though. With few & rare exceptions the degree of interbreeding is such that many visibly white Australians have Aboriginal ancestry, and the local mob who own the land on 2 of my borders resemble their Irish side more than their Aboriginal side. I frankly don't care either - it's as much culture as genetics. Just it's funny when some of them go off on TV talking about how our ancestors screwed over their ancestors, when the fact is that *their* ancestors screwed over their *other* ancestors. Personally I'd like the French to pay reparations for the Norman invasion of Britain....... And the same pretty much applies to the entire Middle East which is why I've adopted the 'pox on the lot of them' POV. FKT
  9. Jerusalem

    Nah, not us. We took the entire country off of the original inhabitants fair & square...... because our ancestors had more guns and a better logistic tail than the original inhabitants. FKT
  10. Jerusalem

    Given that pretty much *EVERY* state in that area is artificially constructed following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WW1 (not to mention almost every state in Africa and the current Indonesian Empire), your statement might be technically correct, but it's irrelevant. Ask the Kurds..... FKT
  11. Inspecting a mooring?

    Back down on it then dive to inspect. After all, if it drags or breaks, you don't need to bother getting wet, do you? FKT
  12. Animal's rights.

    This last bit is pretty true if and only if those beasts are slaughtered where they were raised, and they lived their lives grazing in open paddocks. Sadly that is the exception these days. Most cattle are lot fed a ration designed to produce the max weight gain in minimum time, held in pens at really high stocking densities without any grass, regularly mustered and broken up into new 'herds' (pens) based on weight gain (which causes stress because the herd order is trashed), starved immediately prior to despatch to the abattoir, transported tightly packed into trucks then driven down races to where they are killed, with the smell of blood, shit and death all around them. Pigs are - arguably - treated worse. Sheep, at least in Australia, are mostly free-range. The transport & abattoir part is still waiting for them though. People like Dylan like to think that there is a magical transmogrification from a grazing beast in the field to a shrink-wrapped piece of meat in the supermarket chiller. They don't like to have to think about the nasty bits in the middle. It's far easier to adopt a morally superior attitude to those people who kill their own. There's a couple local TV shows - Gourmet Farmer over the ridge from me and one on the south coast of NSW. They make an attempt to raise animals on grass & have them killed locally. A few other places do the same near here, and that's where my store-bought meat comes from (the rest comes from my extended family on the land who kill their own). I don't buy beef, pork or chicken from the big supermarkets. This morning there were 3 rabbits, native hens with chicks and wallabies feeding on the grass outside my lounge room window. If I wanted one for dinner, it wouldn't know what hit it. FKT
  13. Trump v. Romney

    If I ever get to the end of my current project list, I'll be at least 150. Assuming I don't slow down more. FKT
  14. Laying a Boat Up for a Bit in Oz

    You wouldn't need to winterize, it never gets below -5C at night on the coast and that's rare. Usually +5C or higher. My friend Mike had his 20m 43 tonne boat on the hard at Kettering for 6 months while he was working on it. Winter rates were pretty reasonable, I can find out exactly how much if you really want to know. It was cheap though. As for the cold in winter I thought your plan was to put the boat on the hard then bugger off elsewhere, so what does it matter how cold it gets here? Probably find house-sitting pretty close by anyway, there are a lot of people with sailboats around here. FKT
  15. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    OK, so you approve of the Government doing stuff that is going to benefit you. Funnily enough so do a lot of other people, and their idea of a benefit obviously isn't yours. Environmental regulations for example. Guess you need to move somewhere more congenial to your expectations. But you've declined that option, so - what next? FKT
  16. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    Rubbish. It has all the enforceable rights you can enforce. Oh - don't tell us that you want a *GOVERNMENT* to enforce *your* rights....... pay for your own enforcement, you freeloader. FKT
  17. Animal's rights.

    I don't have any problems with vegans or vegetarians. None at all. They have a diet that suits them for a variety of reasons - ethical, health, whatever. The problem I have is with meat eaters who are only too happy to pay someone else to do their killing for them while castigating hunters for killing their own food. Those people I regard as unmitigated hypocrites and I have no time for them at all. Part of my extended family owns agricultural land and raises animals for food. I know where my meat comes from and how it got to my plate. That includes the native animals that were shot and turned into tasty mince. But that's OK according to some, because they're professionals. I'm sure that makes a *huge* difference to the moral position of the consumer. Not to mention the dead animals.... FKT
  18. Hard vs soft dinghy

    You're absolutely correct, so I won't tell you all about the NT police who used to use their service revolvers to shoot at crocodiles when they were out on patrol. Nor the CSIRO guys doing barramundi surveys who carried .357 Mag revolvers for shooting crocs in nets. So troll away because nobody really cares, including the police, wildlife officers and the like. FKT
  19. Trump's murdering Mexican..not guilty

    Oh well we can always exile you to New Zealand. FKT
  20. Trump's murdering Mexican..not guilty

    I often disagree with Meli but this time I agree with her position. The shooting sounds like an accident to me - I've done a lot of shooting and you'd have to be a genius with a firearm to set out to kill someone using a ricochet shot. So the murder charge was clearly bogus from the start and given how your system works, most likely intended to get the person charged to cop a plea to manslaughter or something. Well, it failed. So sad too bad. The idiot who left the gun there - if there was one - should have been charged with criminal negligence. Could equally have been a small child who fired that shot so the circumstance that it was an illegal immigrant is pretty irrelevant under the circumstances. As for our immigration laws, I'm quite happy with them. If you don't like them it's probably because we'd keep you out. I'm happy with that too. FKT
  21. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Right. I pump fuel from my keel tanks to my day tank through 2 filters with a big water trap, so the fuel in the day tank is clean. Then that fuel goes through 2 more filters with water trap on its way to the 5 micron filter immediately before the injector pump. I think I'll take my chances on a fuel blockage in a seaway. Especially as I'd be transferring fuel at a time/place that suited me, emergencies excepted, and even then I can still see the transfer filters to the day tank and note if they're getting clogged in time to do something about it - like swap out the filters before the day tank is contaminated. Your fuel polishing scenario gains you nothing at all unless you clean & scrub the tanks because that same crud that might be clinging to the tank walls will still be there. So we'll have to agree to differ. FKT
  22. Trump's murdering Mexican..not guilty

    Fine by me - I'd really appreciate somewhere between 1 and 4 metres of sea level rise. Then I'd have a deep waterfront property. FKT
  23. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I welded a sump in my day tank too. The fuel goes from there through 2 more filters to the final filter on the engine. Even for me this is overkill but things always go to shit in a sequence and I don't want to tempt fate. The crud - if any - always gets into the system at the time you least want it to, like crossing a bar. I put in ridiculously oversized tanks for a 12m sailboat. There was all that space in the hollow keel that Tom had marked as void, you see, that I thought wasteful of interior volume. FKT
  24. Trump's murdering Mexican..not guilty

    That would make Arizona more livable.... dig a ditch from the Sea of Cortez to the Gulf of Mexico. Start now. FKT
  25. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Quite true but that's a second order concern for me. I can pump all my storage tanks empty and still have 40 litres in the day tank for ready use. The pickups are in the bottom of the keel tanks so any crud that gathers there will get sucked out and into the filters. Not foolproof but as long as I've got good fuel in the day tank I'm happy. FKT