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    They could afford them from 1948 to 1967. Israel *withdrew* from Gaza, remember? Gave it back with intact infrastructure. Didn't blockade the place for about 2 years following withdrawal. Funny how many people like to skip over that detail. If Hamas had spent the time building a civil society instead of destroying one in the process of attempting to destroy another I daresay Gaza would look a lot different today. It's a tragedy that it doesn't, but the responsibility is Hamas' not Israel IMO. FKT
  2. Fah Kiew Tu

    Golden State Killer is caught

    Who says he did? He was a cop, he knew about DNA back then when it was first being used. The smart thing to do would be to ensure no bodies got found. I *hope* he quit but the statistics aren't real great, quite possible he changed MO instead. Lotta people go missing and don't get found. FKT
  3. Fah Kiew Tu

    Pros And Cons- Wire Lifelines Vrs. Welded Tube?

    It wasn't one of his notions, it predated him by decades. We've had this discussion on other threads and in other forums. IMO it comes down to where you place the weight on the form - function equation. FKT
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    Two guys walk into a Starbucks

    That's a quibble. You guys certainly *have* done it in recent times and IIRC your new head of the CIA was running one of the prisons where it happened as part of standard interrogation. How many USA officials have been charged with torture over that? Point is the hypocrisy involved..... anyone suggested pardoning the Japanese? Not that I'm defending them, mind you - just, as I said, the hypocrisy of commenting about the Japanese & Nazis torturing people during WW2 when you guys have been doing it far more recently. FKT
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    Two guys walk into a Starbucks

    Wouldn't go there if I were you, Doug. Given the USA executed Japanese for waterboarding POW's in WW2 and now routinely do it to 'foreign combatants'. FKT
  6. Fah Kiew Tu

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    This. I don't bother watching any more. There are only 2 possible videos of this that I want to see - one when it's launched, turns turtle and sinks, or one when reality finally dawns and the monstrosity gets cut up & hauled off to the scrap yard. FKT
  7. Fah Kiew Tu

    Hamas refuses medical supplies from the IDF.

    It's a waste of time arguing ballistics and related subjects with these guys. Not only do they not have a clue, they are utterly determined to not get a clue either. I have no idea what bullets the Israelis were using and until someone recovers one, nor does anyone else. I do find that some of those wounds look very suspiciously like they were inflicted by some form of expanding projectile, however, and that's based on my shooting some thousands of animals with high velocity rounds loaded with hollow points or soft points. A limb strike from a .338 loaded with a solid round might do that sort of damage but it doesn't look right. And - not to nit-pick, but the Geneva Convention applies to countries at war with combatants in identifiable uniforms. Which bit of that applies to this situation? FKT
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    America vs Europe

    The best thing Trump did for Australia is pull out of the TPP. That was a major win for us. FKT
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Based on that sample I won't be one of them. No objections to naked young women, but *that* one? Blotchy deformed skin (can't stand tattoos) and a mouth that runs at triple speed. Plus if you're going to pixelate out the interesting bits, why bother? Nope, one click was enough. Won't be back..... FKT
  10. I'm amazed. Who ever thought NK would go back on an agreement? Though in this case I'm not at all surprised. Given the complete lack of willingness by Trump to keep his word on anything, why would anyone, anywhere, trust him? Probably better to leave NK with their nukes at this point. Maybe they'll feel safe and start engaging rather than threatening. Not like it matters that they're a bunch of nutcases, the world has survived with Pakistan having nukes and that place is batshit crazy. FKT
  11. Fah Kiew Tu

    Trump Says Illegal Immigrants Are Animals Not People

    I can't see what all the fuss is about - those immigrants *are* animals. The mistake Trump et al make is thinking they're *not* an animal though given his ability to reason one could make a good case for him being a vegetable or mineral..... especially with that unhuman colour. FKT
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    Got any suggestions? I don't like what they're doing one little bit either, FWIW. OK they have a right to defend their border, no argument, but making it damn near impossible to cross rather than shooting people trying would be vastly preferable. What they're doing reminds me far too much of the East German border guards shooting people trying to get to West Berlin. FKT
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    So..... the Israelis should wait until the fence is actually breached, Gazans are pouring across and then do what, exactly? Machine-gun them? Or perhaps meet each one with a personal counsellor and take them to a place of reconciliation where they can identify their grandparents' land holdings and be given title, an armed escort to displace the current squatters and say a million dollars each as reparation money? Perhaps you have a few other suggestions, because all you're saying so far is that Israel has no right to defend its border with lethal force. They certainly do and so does any other country. FKT
  14. Fah Kiew Tu

    1983 buhk starts - but not well

    I've got a brand new Bukh DV36. After sitting for 4 years it started in 2 rotations. I had a bit of an issue with the fuel pump governor being gummy and it not coming to idle, a dose of Penrite and allowing it to sit for a week then a few more starts cured that. Now it cranks over & fires up without dramas. Agree about the raw water pump on the 36, maybe the 20 is different. I can't see any way water could get into the block. Also agree about the Sydney dealers. If I'd realised how useless they were at after-sales I never would have bought an engine off of them. I wanted the fresh water kit, sorry, we don't stock it, it's expensive, you don't need it, we don't want to even give you a price let alone order one. I built my own. It was a PITA but I don't really want salt water running through a brand new engine even if it was designed for it. FKT
  15. Fah Kiew Tu

    Where would you choose to live

    My friends on SV LUCY spent a bit over a year in South Island. They say that if they decide not to return to live in Tasmania, they'll be living in NZ on the South Island. But then they're Aussies and aside from family shit-stirring, either side can happily live on the other side of the Tasman. Couple of my best friends are expat Kiwis. Personally, having lived in the USA, Solomon Islands and Indonesia for reasonably extended periods, I'm quite happy to stay right where I am. I'd like to visit lot of places but settle and live there? Don't think so. I have acreage on the waterfront, a small house, a big workshop, an orchard/garden, few neighbours and most of them are nice, 3 moorings out the front and space for a few more dozers in the yard. Why would I want to go somewhere else? Not to mention that most of the world doesn't even know where the place is, and anchorages are uncrowded. FKT
  16. Fah Kiew Tu

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    Try reading 'The Other Half of Half Safe' and then get back to me - you might revise your answer. OTOH you did say 'good' and the author of that book was the all-time Australian nutcase..... nobody else is even close. Anyway it's pointless - might as well ask the motorcycle crowd how they plan on riding from the Galapagos to the Marquesas. Some things simply can't be done. FKT
  17. Fah Kiew Tu

    Talk me out of a boat? Steel 35 in need of refit.

    I tried pouring all my money into machine tools, bulldozers and books - ended up with more money and a boat as well. I don't think I'm trying hard enough. Just can't get interested in drugs though, that was university days. Brisbane in August-September is looking likely - I plan on spending some of your tax dollars on a tax-deductible junket before I come home & launch the new boat. Better be decent weather, it's gone to shit here ATM. FKT
  18. Fah Kiew Tu

    Florida Wildlife Corridor

    And I am here. I live on acreage bordering a reserve and waterfront. I have a huge amount of wildlife living on my land and I don't bother it at all - I'd be really, really pissed at anyone who did. I shoot feral cats on sight because of the damage they do. The definition of a feral cat is a cat that crosses my boundary. Most of my neighbours are very much like me. Some are more 'green'. All of that has nothing to do with the unfortunate *fact* that 1st World 21C civilisation depends on abundant energy and quite a bit of ongoing mining. Taking the benefits of this civilisation while acting holier than thou on the internet is virtue-signalling hypocrisy and let's face it, if you're *on* the internet you're taking a benefit of something you claim to want to destroy. I'm not going back to living at even an early 20C tech level if I have any say in it and I don't really care who that offends. Build better, longer-lasting stuff by all means, build much more energy-efficient tools, toys, whatever. But I'm not giving up 21C medicine & dentistry just to pick 2 things out of the plethora. 3to1 can do it any time he likes - but he doesn't. He'd rather emote on the internet. Probably wouldn't survive a month away from the civilisation he decries. I'm in full agreement WRT the 'tragedy of the commons' and unbridled pollution. However nobody has yet disproven the TANSTAAFL principle. FKT
  19. Fah Kiew Tu

    What is a Libertarian?

    Given how many US citizens think Australia is a small country in Europe, I don't really think that carries much weight..... I lived in Arizona for a while. Nice place but too dry & far from an ocean for someone who grew up in Sydney. Generally I'd say the USA is more reactionary than Australia. Your utterly dysfunctional and insane health system is a classic example. FKT
  20. Fah Kiew Tu

    Bronze metal work question - modifying bronze hardware

    I was with you up to that point but that last comment is total, utter and absolute bullshit. FKT
  21. Fah Kiew Tu

    What is a Libertarian?

    I was at a party with a dickhead like you some years ago, when I worked for a company designing mining management software. A woman started in on one of my co-workers with a similar rant. He just waited until she ran down a bit, then pointed out the metal she had on, it was a product of mining, take it off now. The synthetics, that was a product of the petrochemical industry, take it off now. He worked down from head to toe. In the end she was virtually stripped to her cotton knickers but only if she held them up with her hands, elastic also being a synthetic product. Just in case you missed the point, virtue-signalling hypocrites like you deserve and hopefully get nothing but the deepest contempt. FKT
  22. Fah Kiew Tu

    What is a Libertarian?

    Ever heard of mine subsidence? Water loss when a stream you relied on disappears into a big sink hole? Extraction of groundwater causing a drop in the water table and your pumps running dry? Come on - you can't be this stupid. FKT
  23. Fah Kiew Tu

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I had similar responses about my workshop from a co-worker. He was trying to get me to work on his projects for free and when I politely declined, went for the guilt-trip instead. "You're so fortunate to have such a nice workshop, not everyone is so lucky you know. The least you could do is let me use your tools, you can't be using them yourself all the time". My reply was that if he spent money buying tools instead of going on expensive overseas holidays, he'd have a good workshop too, and he'd get access to mine sometime after he paid for my next holiday. There the topic rested. FKT
  24. Fah Kiew Tu

    Talk me out of a boat? Steel 35 in need of refit.

    The author of that article didn't have a clue and relied on someone else who also obviously didn't have a clue about steel boats. He got an expensive education. Rule No 1: if someone has put wood over a steel deck, look no further. Walk away now. It's not going to go well. Rule No 2: Ultrasound the hull. FKT
  25. Fah Kiew Tu

    What is a Libertarian?

    Deliberately (?) missing the point. The coal company can trash your water, air and land access if not restrained by *enforceable* laws. There's plenty of historical examples on that point. FKT