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  1. Could AI reliably identify likely shooters?

    I think it was Einstein who said something on the lines of 'For every problem there is a solution that is simple, obvious and wrong'. First, explain *how* it is possible to take away the guns and at the same time stop substitution of new firearms. All the guns in private ownership. Because if you don't have an answer to that question, advocating it is a total waste of time. I don't disagree with you, FWIW, I simply think that, in the 21st Century, your answer is utterly unfeasible. Do you have any idea of the capabilities of 3D printers and small desktop CNC milling machines these days? We're talking average consumer affordability gear here. I do a lot of metalwork and I'm plugged into this area semi-professionally so I do know what I'm talking about. Note that I make a clear distinction between 'pass a law forbidding gun ownership' and 'take away the guns'. The first is pretty trivial, the second not so. A good first step would be to prohibit the possession of centrefire semiauto rifles with a removable magazine unless you're in a State sanctioned/run militia and then subject such firearms to high storage security. Nobody needs one of those rifles for general hunting *or* self defence. Frankly rationing ammunition and strict ammo accountability would do a lot more than trying to remove guns from private ownership. I know all about reloading, I used to do it myself, but you still need to buy components and home manufacture of reliable primers & modern propellants isn't trivial. It's possible, but not trivial. Making a full auto smooth bore mchine pistol is really trivial and it's all that's needed for close quarters mass murder. I gave up owning anything except a 22LR bolt action rifle for pest control after our own Port Arthur massacre. FKT
  2. Yeah, this. It's the hypocrisy that I find so offensive. Screwing someone in your office that's on the public payroll is pretty offensive as well but that's a harder one to deal with. I do wonder just how much prior knowledge ole Barnaby had about the pregnancy though. Accidents do happen, true. And sometimes they don't. FKT
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Not bad - coming from the country that allowed the OP's to drop their keel on a sand bar in a channel, not to mention Rimas and the girlz with the dog...... Oh, BTW - guess where the British used to dump their criminals before they sent them to Australia? Perhaps you should learn a bit of history before casting nasturtiums about the place. If you've got any cheap self-tailing winches going spare I could do with a couple of Lewmar 30's, 40's or close equivalent..... FKT
  4. Agree there's no downside for the Greens. As for the ALP, we'll see. Tasmania has such a weird voting system and such a small lower house that it's difficult to guess what will happen. You get 5 representatives per electorate and it makes for interesting times (and lots of choices as to who is worst). I do know quite a few people who say they're voting against the Libs on this issue alone. My local pub survives quite well without poker machines so I have a pretty hard time believing the 'we'll all be doomed' predictions. Nor do I care seeing as I have never put a single dollar into a gaming machine in my life and I never will. FKT
  5. The one I never forgave her for is backing down on poker machine reform. Be interesting to see how the local election goes, with the ALP & Greens both saying they'll ban the damn things from pubs & clubs in the near future. Cynical me waits for them to get elected and then find reasons why this simply cannot be done after all - but I live in hope. FKT
  6. Yeah, me. Civil partnerships with the legal stuff WRT shared assets, mutual support etc, sure. Same sex, hetero sex, no sex, I don't care. 'Marriage' belongs to the religions, they can set any rules they like as far as I'm concerned. Please, don't start on the legal benefits. The whole reason de-facto relationships started getting treated the same as formal marriages was to get the legal benefits, including the asset splitting after a relationship breakdown. And here's a news flash - it wasn't the *males* pushing this agenda...... FKT
  7. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    There was some comment he made about how a bandsaw would be better but that would have cost him $400 and he wasn't prepared to pay it. I guess he'd shit an entire pallet of bricks if he knew what my USA made Grob Bros bandsaw cost....... FKT
  8. Graffiti Artists sue building owner for painting the building

    Correct - never been quite *that* desperate for reading matter. I do know about adverse possession, just didn't realise it applied to a case like this. It wouldn't here, AFAIK. FKT
  9. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Yeah. As I said, words fail me. I'd be wondering if the whole thing wasn't just an elaborate internet windup if I hadn't seen the amount of work he's putting in. 1/100th of that time actually thinking would have been good. Let's see - I'll weld in pissy undersized frames (thereby introducing truly impressive distortion) then attach structural wooden stiffeners using aluminium channel - *or* I could have actually made the frames the proper dimension in the first place - what *shall* I do........ FKT
  10. Global sea level rise rate speeding up

    Meanwhile, in the time since this thread started, the sea level has inexorably risen *another 10 microns*........ more or less. FKT
  11. Graffiti Artists sue building owner for painting the building

    Not the artists' building. How do they get property rights? Consider this. A building is designed by an architect (firm of architects). That involves quite a lot of IP. Does that mean that said building can never be torn down or its facade utterly changed? If not, why not? FKT
  12. Graffiti Artists sue building owner for painting the building

    That's the bit I have trouble with. In the 21C, given the resolution, cheapness and ubiquity of cameras, how can the artists claim that their work was destroyed? It's still available, just not on its original setting. The building owner was undoubtedly a smart-arse and trying to pull an end run, but the artists trying to get the building classified as untouchable got the pushback they deserved. They should have collectively bought it off the owner if they were serious. Going to be interesting to see how this plays out on appeal. FKT
  13. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    The latest episode is out. Words fail me - you have to see it for yourself. FKT
  14. Diplomatic immunity

    Yes yes, we all know that. As long as the 'slave' (unpaid employee) is inside the embassy grounds nobody can check on whether they're being paid, properly treated et al. However, if the embassy signs an agreement to do certain things (like paying an agreed rate and decent working hours) then is found to have violated that agreement, the host country certainly can kick the embassy people out. It's been threatened for gross disobedience of traffic & parking laws - IIRC the Saudis were particularly bad a while back. FKT
  15. Diplomatic immunity

    Unfortunately in short supply. Don't know why, not like Pakistan is a particularly valuable trading partner. That's exactly what we should do in cases like this, though - immediate 'persona non grata' and get out of our country if you're going to deliberately disobey our rules. Won't happen but one can hope. FKT
  16. Make sure to check the tide chart before booking a lesson time. It's very embarrassing when you can't even get out of the marina. FKT
  17. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    That's what his students are for..... FKT
  18. Global sea level rise rate speeding up

    You obviously haven't had the Tasmanian Left-Green coalition whining about what you do, only to shut up & go away when they find out that the people they're bitching about are all Aboriginal. If they really thought that 'saving the planet' by banning burnoffs was so important, the cultural background of the people doing it would be irrelevant. Not to mention that trees die & rot anyway emitting the same amount of CO2, only over a slightly longer time period. I'm not at all offended, I'm highly amused. I'm also altering the ecosystem and sediment distribution of the bay out the front, just because I can. PS: trolling? Is it trolling to post a reply to a thread started by a troll? If it is, why does it matter anyway? I find the entire 'woe is me, the sea levels are rising' thing endlessly amusing.The sea level has been rising since the last Ice Age ended, I live on the edge of a drowned river valley, so do a hell of a lot of other people. What I can't fathom is why anyone thinks that the sea level *shouldn't* keep rising, that somehow the last 200 years or so represents some sort of optimum equilibrium - when the sea level was rising anyway. So we've seen a minor acceleration of the process, big deal. FKT
  19. Global sea level rise rate speeding up

    Who cares? I want 1-2m of sea level rise ASAP. To help this along I spent the morning cutting down more native trees (plus some radiata pine) and stacking them up for my autumn burnoff party with my neighbours. It's a part of the traditional way of life so all you racists out there can just grind your teeth and enjoy the smell of smoke in the air. FKT
  20. Boatyard negotiations, could use some advice...

    Loctite 5331 for plastic pipes and Loctite 567 for metal pipes, problem solved. The thing I hate about teflon tape is, you can never be *quite* sure you won't have a small leak under pressure. Or the fittings won't index as they should, which is why I make liberal use of unions for rigid pipework and camlocks for hose tails to fixed pipes that experience tells me *will* need to be disconnected sometime. I'll send you some updated boat pix soon. Waiting on the non-skid paint for the cabin tops ATM. Everything else I know about is done. FKT
  21. Waffles is too gutless to start his own threads

    Blasphemy and apostasy should be listed as basic human rights and countries who punish either should be called out for their intolerance. Back prior to the Enlightenment period there was little to choose between the Islamics and the Christians WRT intolerance and punishment of the 'wrong' beliefs. In the 21st Century, it's a no-brainer. FKT
  22. Waffles is too gutless to start his own threads

    Absolutely we do and I'm very happy about that too. I worked in one of the smaller countries to the north of Australia at a former point in my life. Having drinks with some of the middle level Govt officials one night, I was asked if I thought Australia would take over the place, as they were much better off as a colony. The short form of my answer was NO. A lot - not all but a lot - of those countries you refer to were relatively stable and self-supporting in terms of food within living memory. I take no responsibility for the triumph of ideology/religion over common sense and science/technology. That includes breeding at a rate that outpaces sustainable population levels. I'm happy to take *some* from there provided they pass Australian vetting procedures before they're offered entry into my country. I agree with you that Meli's position on this is bullshit - it's typical of the left chattering classes here in Australia, but it's still bullshit. If you want some amusement, ask her how many self-classified refugees Australia should allow in per annum. Given my way I'd withdraw from the 1951 treaty, double our refugee quota and take *every single one* of them from a UNHCR run refugee camp overseas. Yep, I'd cherry-pick, why not when there's so many to choose from. FKT
  23. With a complementary Swedish backpacker along? (and no, I didn't misspell that.....) FKT
  24. Waffles is too gutless to start his own threads

    We don't lock them in, we lock them *out* of Australia. There's a difference. They can leave any time they want, they just can't come into Australia. Given the USA has taken less than 100 so far, I doubt it's made a significant dent. FKT
  25. Waffles is too gutless to start his own threads

    Actually, we do under certain circumstances. I have no problem with that. Workmate of one of my friends is Rwandan. She & her remaining family got here by applying from an overseas refugee camp; they're trying to bring out a newborn whose mother (sister of the husband) died in childbirth. A lot of native-born Aussies are supporting the case to the immigration authorities as both parents are working & contributing to the community. We take a lot of refugees per capita of population and the vast majority of Australians have no problems with that, including myself. What we *do* have a problem with is self-selected so-called refugees who think they can cross multiple countries, bribe people to take them to Australia on small vessels and then claim refugee status. Those go to Manus Island, Nauru, Christmas Island etc. I've no problems with that either. FKT