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  1. Went hunting some of the anchorages from this thread on our Maine Cruise this season. My three favorites from this year: Valley Cove, Somme Sound, Mt. Desert Island. Looked like somewhat tricky anchoring (we didn't in the end, windlass woes), but most beautiful anchorage I've ever seen. Northeast Harbor - we had porpoise breaching around the boat all night, along with seals and otters - real wildlife haven, and a nice town too. Good access to Acadia National Park with the bikes Isle au Haut - only 2 transient moorings off the town dock available, and anchoring room a little further out. Loads of depth through the thorofare despite what Navionics indicated.
  2. cianclarke

    windvane for boats with stern clutter??

    Boat 2.0 came with an Aries, which seems to meet almost none of those OP criteria, ha. It is reasonably happy in the presence of a large solar arch, however - and is built strong A.F. I'd like to some-day swap it for a Hydrovane or Cape Horn, to tidy up the stern a little. The used market for these seems very strong - but I may never actually get around to it.
  3. cianclarke

    Everyone is buying boats...

    For sure - after a fairly comprehensive trawl, it was the smallest boat I could stand up in & fit in both berths. Didn't feel like only 30' loa.
  4. cianclarke

    Everyone is buying boats...

    Everyone is, indeed, buying boats. Sold my Catalina 30 last month within 10 days of listing her on Craigslist for asking, with 2-3 others next in line willing to apparently do the same.
  5. Unsure of the JPKs, but the Pogos with similar design require a form of beaching legs that extend from the hull to balance the boat when tide is out. That JPK really gives the new pogo 44 a run for it's money..
  6. cianclarke

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    "From $65", but any time I've looked this summer, prices were $150+. Utter wankery - I'll skip it, thanks.
  7. cianclarke

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Wait - are we talking Rockport, ME or Rockport, MA? I suspect @MauiPunter was talking Mass, with it's submerged breakwater - don't recall Rockport ME being tricky? Side note - Rockport and Rockland in Maine being a stone's throw from one another is confusing A.F.
  8. cianclarke

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Do you have guages on your panel, just buzzers as senders, or both? Oil pressure & water temperature senders are a cheap part, easy fix - rather than fretting for days, wishing I just ordered new & replaced mine both. (Turns out it was a bad oil pressure switch, Universal XP25 but same principal)
  9. Some experiences from cruising this year: Cutty was COVID careful, lots of masks, some shore-side dining open. Sad news this week with their first case. Hyannis was a cesspit, no masks to be seen, lots of "IDGAF" - shame. PTown I've been to 3 times so far this year - strict rules, everybody compliant & careful, plenty of shore-side dining open. Flyers and the Marina both operational. Gloucester (start of season) was quiet, harbormaster moorings and launch operational, shoreside dining available. Boston (home port) all marinas welcoming transients, business mostly as usual.
  10. cianclarke

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    We did the outside route Hyannis -> PTown through Pollock Rip over the 4th with a strong following breeze, bit of fog to contend with and no dramas. Just honor reds 14, 12 and 10 if you draw >5ft.
  11. cianclarke

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Definitely looks sportier from afar, haha. Up close, it is a little blown out - a $400 eBay special
  12. cianclarke

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Headed to the start line to go race solo against a bunch of crewed boats in our local PHRF fleet. Shortly after this, I reefed both sails. Shortly thereafter again, I shook both out. Still wound up DFL, baby - but had a laugh in the process
  13. cianclarke

    Single Handed roll call?

    Me figuring out how to best fly an asym solo - sock makes it childs play.. First single-handed race, where I discovered why a reef & sailing flatter can = faster... And lastly some single handed cruising on the tube A Catalina 30 isn't a perfect set up to be sailed shorthanded - cabin top mainsheet sucks, but since last season I've brought traveller lines back through the dodger to fancy-ass Harken cam cleats on the cabin top, and that's been a huge improvement. Still left longing for a better mainsheet arrangement, adjustable jibcar leads under load, more stuff aft, but that'll all come with boat 2.0
  14. cianclarke

    Marina Karen

    Surprised nobody has yet mentioned the MacGregor in the background - it's gotta be somehow involved?
  15. cianclarke

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    Very true - but there are 53', 61', and 100' boats all called FC3. I'm sure if we asked nicely they'd do a run of 40'ers?