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  1. Hi, I'm sailing a large regatta out of SDYC in mid-July. It is in the ocean near Point Loma, in FJs, and I hope to win it. In my previous experience, it's always been a tricky venue and I've never won there before. I know that if I know what to look for, I can succeed. How have you done well in San Diego? What should I look for to sail well? I would appreciate anyone's help. Micky
  2. mickymau5

    Optimist History

    It's just mind boggling that this boat is so popular compared to the Naples or US sabots. The opti kids in my club waste over an hour rigging those sail ties, and when will they ever need to know how to adjust a sprit pole? The sabot is designed to be built in a garage too, and when the opti arrived on the US west coast, it must have had some pushback because there were plenty of cheap sabots for sale. I suppose the aspect of international competition is what did it?
  3. mickymau5

    Optimist History

    While in a conversation with a friend about how inferior the optimist is to the sabot (I live in California), we began to wonder how the opti spread along the east coast and how it ever replaced the sabot. It's crazy to me that people would use a boat with such a small sail in the light California breeze. But somehow it happened. So how did it happen? I'm really curious how the opti got to be as popular as it did. Thanks guys!