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  1. Just a good night's sleep after a tack gone awry.
  2. He certainly had laminate issues during the last RdR, but the initial issues were during a different Transatlantic. Maybe even a return delivery? That boat used solid laminate for the hull, reinforced with lots of internal structure. I think the new one uses a sandwich laminate instead. This race would have been a great opportunity to further test the new HB before the VG.
  3. This is actually good news for Armel. It's unlikely he would have taken the opportunity to smash the hull the weather for three days if there wasn't a mandated race mark. This would have ended his Vendee Globe. Good news is, out of the box, his boat seems very fast off the wind.
  4. r.finn


    Where did you get those bean bags?
  5. r.finn

    Sat Tracking SPOT...tracking not reliable

    SPOT uses only one of their satellites to link to a shore based tower for it's service. It will not tether to another Globalstar satellite to complete a connection, so at certain distances offshore it won't work at all. Iridium uses many satellites that tether to each other until they reach a shore based tower. SPOT's service brags about the clarity of their phone calls when they are within their zones compared to Iridium, but they don't have the range whatsoever. I'm only interested in data and care about voice calls, so Iridium all day. Warning, the information above is not 100% accurate, but that's what I remember from using both.
  6. Me too. Manuard's move in bow volume is (IMO) a sure thing at this point based on results in the 650 and Class 40. 2, 4, 60. I still think it was a stoke of genius on Raison's part to bring this offshore. Helps foilers land softer and get back on foils quicker, and non-foilers to get up sooner without stuffing as much, all with higher averages. From a reliability standpoint I suspect neither suffer as much bow stuffing, which the rigs will appreciate. For Tripon, I think the key to his success will be keeping the boat as simple as possible since there is very little development time, and just pacing himself through the lens of having a fast reliable boat. I wonder how much his experience with the Multi 50 will inform his sail selections, since it seems their performances are similar offshore.
  7. If the other skippers aren't worried, they should be. This boat looks right and this skipper has won big offshore events before without being much on anyone's radar. He showed a lot of wisdom in his Multi 50 RdR victory, when he talked about restraining his urge to put up his big gennaker while approaching Guadeloupe. Conditions were within sail limits but gusty. Many sleep deprived solo sailors wouldn't have made that clear headed choice and he won handily.
  8. As long as that's a spinnaker, I don't care what the front looks like.
  9. Yeah, I wasn't aware of the state of TOR before posting that. My bad assumption. Reading about it now.
  10. What's going on with the Port side deck spreader in this shot?
  11. I'd push the rudder elevators into TOR boats first and let their bigger budgets foot the bill for initial development cost. See if it becomes manageable for the VG sponsors after an initial TOR lap.
  12. r.finn

    Poor thing...

    Yikes. I heard they broke the main hull in half in Abu Dhabi or somewhere over there. This was a cool Irens design. Pushed really hard by Yvan Bourgnon, he even had a solo 24 hour record on this boat while training in the Azores. A pity.