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  1. how fast is it?

    With the foredeck and bow cut out so severely, the overall volume is less than a standard Fast 40', so I'd guess it weights less. There could also be a superior structural component to the foredeck/reverse bow that's being written off as style over substance when it's actually stronger and lighter. It certainly doesn't look like a basic plumb bow/stern boat.
  2. Banque Populaire IX

    I'm just surprised people here aren't saying what Armel, the winner of the last VG, should have done differently or what kind of mast/sail configuration would have prevented this capsize. We should be chest deep in couch wisdom by now. But seriously, these Ultim's have to be safer than the ORMA 60s were based on their capsize/pitchpole rates. I remember during the 2005 TJV Armel was co-skipper on the ORMA Foncia when it went wrong side up. He was supposed to take over that program after the race as skipper and politely declined after that abrupt experience.
  3. Caribbean 600

    Can you guys get back on topic? This thread is about how cantilevered masts are better than masts supported by stays.
  4. Not mellow yellow

    Not what I was expecting!
  5. Caribbean 600

    Stayed or unstayed: sailing's 2nd Amendment battle rages strong. Who will be on the right side of history? Stay tuned (NPI)
  6. Caribbean 600

    That is true Rob, you did market it as uncapsizable in a Bucketlist animation. Also it's not Russell's logic. Every modern performance multihull uses that same logic.
  7. Caribbean 600

    The above is not fact. Download raceqs.com and we can compare our proa tacks to a beach cat. Just based on the tracks it would be pretty obvious which of the three boats is not a proa. We should show a track with 5 tacks per boat. Game? You are correct about kites though. Kiteboards are the most proven and popular proas.
  8. Caribbean 600

    I know it's a thread drift, but we've been experimenting a bit on Jzerro with short tacking. As we go into the tack, we lift both rudder completely, ease main completely while furling the jib, then we sheet the main in on new stern which immediately rounds the new bow into the wind. As that's happening we unfurl the new jib and then lower the new rudder. During the process the windward dagger board is down reducing drift and allowing the boat to pivot on it while the rudders are up. These tacks show the least loss, but are still far less efficient than pushing a bow through head to wind. The key seems to be lifting both rudder and quickly sheeting the main on the new stern so the main hull rotates to weather on the daggerboard's axis. Otherwise you'd have to steer the boat to weather with big leeward losses. I could see it working well on a cat rigged Harry if the rudders could lift and drop easily.
  9. Caribbean 600

    Rob will probably argue against this but here's a problem with proas on short courses: every proa carries negative velocity into a tack and they all have to come out of a tack (upwind shunt) on a reach. No proa can tack from 45 degrees to 45 degrees without making a concession to leeward that is far greater than what a non proa could achieve. Proas have to be slammed into reverse ,or at least brought to a complete stop, every time they shunt, making them far less efficient to maneuver than a standard sailboat, regardless of the rigging options. They just come out of tacks at far from optimal angles. I see no way around this.
  10. Caribbean 600

    Parlier's double rig had shrouds.
  11. Caribbean 600

    I'm pretty sure Idec was using the UpSideUp sheet release system when Joyon capsized outside of NY on a W to E solo transat attempt. Someone here may be able to correct me on that. I've heard from good sources that type of system saved him on at least three occasions when he set the solo RTW record on the Irens Idec. However in very unstable, strong conditions leaving NY it did not. Soon after his boat flipped a named storm came through the area. Can't beat nature 100% of the time and there is no silver bullet in yacht design.
  12. Randy Smyth Rescued

    Isn't it about time for posters here to start saying what Randy Smyth should have done to avoid this, without any further information? Seriously though, I hope we hear some details because I'm sure many here have wondered what would happen if someone used surfboard type amas in the real world. I certainly have. Glad he and the boat are safe, in that order.
  13. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    If you gave him a car, he'd drive it into the ocean.
  14. Proa w/ roller furling

    We're installing a tackable staysail stay with a reefable jib. Furlable at full hoist.
  15. Proa w/ roller furling

    It's a pretty good pun though.