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  1. And here's Raison's series scow design. Both are great designers. Would be hard to pick between the two of them. I guess it will come down to builder. http://m.bateaux.com/article/26800/maxi-650-un-mini-de-serie-a-l-etrave-toute-ronde
  2. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Reading quotes from the sailors and that pic makes it seem like they may have let the cart get in front of the horse when developing this series around that boat.
  3. A bit different!

    Somebody here has to know something about this.
  4. You may want to look up the breaking strength of 1" tubular webbing. Even that is often doubled up for jacklines.
  5. I don't use them either. I carefully get to my work spot clip in, do job, unclip and very cautiously make my way back to the cockpit. It takes less time and its my prefered method. However, I do not require people to operate in that manner.
  6. Mutihull a mono?

    Pretty sure this is Nunbuoy's new sock drawer.
  7. Is this the Figaro III?

    I doubt the sailors racing those boats will hide their feelings about the Figaro 3's drawbacks. If there are any, I think we'll hear about them. Too bad it won't be sooner.
  8. Radio Control Multihulls

    What, the attempt?
  9. Radio Control Multihulls

    He's become an adjective.
  10. Team Actual west-ward tour

    Years ago a friend of mine and I were helping Coville prepare for the W to E Atlantic record and we chatted about her using his boat or the old B&Q for the wrong way record. He didn't seem to think these boats were right for such a long slog to windward and they were designed for the downwind, eastbound course, mentioning hull design and beams, etc... That said, it would be cool to see what a big multihull designed for the upwind course would look like. Glad to see Yves is safe. Terrible news for his boat though. Hopefully they will attempt to rescue it.
  11. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    I was hoping the foiling kite board class would be mixed, doublehanded.
  12. Ian Farrier

    What a terrible loss. It would have been a very long time before I got on a trimaran were it not for Ian's brilliant designs. He brought multihull sailing with speed and comfort to the masses and leaves a great legacy.
  13. Fish (not necessarily even that big) in a tiny fish bowl. It's passion that drives them into this tiny bowl, not economics. As sailors we benefit from this passion despite the feuding. Carry on.