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  1. Maybe he's literally out there breaking records.
  2. I'd be willing to donate more if he honored these two terms. I want to see a video of him sailing the boat upwind, on a reach, and downwind with the genoa poled out, all by himself. Also the money would have to first be used for a windvane self steering system. Escrow account? Those are my personal standards, but... to be honest, we shouldn't get this much entertainment for free. Go Reamus!
  3. Zipper in the front, Rimas.
  4. Holy land of the rolling eyes! Thanks Nihilism, for showing me the back of my skull.
  5. I don't think anyone is upset with what he's doing. It's what he's not doing that keeps this thread alive. You know, the sailing and navigating part? Honestly, I'm glad his English is so bad. I suspect this would be less funny if he could actually articulate his thoughts.
  6. That's sweet that you can appreciate an underdog and all, but since when is putting sails up on a sailboat a moment to congratulate adult sailor? It's like congratulating him for putting his pants on with the zipper in front. Also, do you believe that there is no wisdom in what a majority of the people here have said, all joking aside, or are you just being smarmy? The only thing he has shown he can do nobody here is capable of, is drifting around aimlessly for months, completely denying to hoist sails and get somewhere. As was said earlier, there is no evidence that he is actually trying to go anywhere. His success however exists in the fact that were he capable of sailing and pursuing the journey aspect of this opportunity, as Webb Chiles and Ronnie Simpson are doing, he would have only a tiny fraction of this attention, in any at all. If I was just looking at the raw numbers as an advertiser, I'd probably be more likely to advertise on Rimas' website (if he had one) than the other two hard working sailors mentioned above, all because people want to watch him keep rolling the dice with fate. It would get more impressions as a website, right Clean
  7. He is lost in his grandeur... Rimas Meleshyus Tue Sep 30 2014 6:22 PM Sailing far far away!. Extrordinary voyage around the planet. My beography is one of the most interesting story of my life i travel since 14 old-Year. Speed: 2.5 mph Heading: S Elev: 41 ftLat: 19.365656 Lon: -146.975632 I'm lost in his grandeur too. Its like Being John Malkovich, but weirder and a little retarded.
  8. Y'all's alright. That's what I call team work. See that Reams, teamwork!
  9. He needed Wilson right from the start! Can you put the Wilson face on a fender? What's a good fender company name?
  10. According to Bowditch, Vol II, Table 8, the horizon distance of Mauna Loa (13679 ft) is about 133 nautical miles. So, he would have to pass closer than that and have a clear day to see Hawaii. Maybe he will pass closer in the hope that someone will come out to him in a boat with charts of the Samoa and the South Pacific.....there's also an illusion that happens when the sun sets behind an island--it sorta 'projects' it above the horizon to be seen ~200 miles or so Yeah, that will register in his pea brain. Question: how long does that Delorme thingy hold a charge?
  11. Can someone please thought bubble this? He's obviously in deep thought. A sailing. Oh, the a sailing... Those three fenders are probably still hanging there.
  12. He's the William Hung of sailing. Bang on Rimas, bang on.
  13. When is Bruce Kirby going to chime in?
  14. r.finn

    New imoca boats

    Sure, but even with that rule they are inflating the Farr bows to the maximum allowed, as shown in this thread. Let the ugly girls out of the box!
  15. r.finn

    New imoca boats

    It would be cool to see them open the front end of the box, is all.
  16. I saw that. It's still going to be nasty for Reams.
  17. The best of us would have difficulty with what he's about to experience. This may be hard to watch.
  18. r.finn

    New imoca boats

    It's crazy to me that they would say no to a scow bow, yet (we are assuming) allow the level of expense and complexity illustrated above. I'm not against it, and appreciate Mr. Tanton's through the box thinking, I just don't like IMOCA's reasons for banning bow volume. It doesn't seem to stand up in light of other expenses.
  19. I have that book too. Maybe I should have donated it? Yeah, I'm sure the information would have flowed from the pages into his little brain like that movie Lawnmower Man. He'd be unstoppable.
  20. . ....hmm..what else has been heading towards Hawaii?..... ...it'll be interesting to see how these two trackers combine ......looks like he'll be okay for this one,,cept it maybe will turn him north a bit http://www.nhc.noaa....in=epac&fdays=2 https://share.delorm.../RimasMeleshyus ...why does watching Rimkus seem so much like watching a sailorsnuff-tracker?...does anyone actually think he's going to survive himself???? No, and I hope he didn't bring an e-pirb. If he did, I believe we will see it going off at some point. The Coast Guard probably has his picture up in every debriefing room as a "person of interest".
  21. I like how this retard ^ has a boiling thread, meanwhile this is actually happening: https://share.delorme.com/RonnieSimpson Go RIMAS!
  22. So as to not feed us trolls?
  23. r.finn

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Count me among them Congratulations Doug. Mmmm... Humble pie ain't so bad.
  24. r.finn

    Dick Carter design boats

    Agreed. I'm going to print these out for my library. Thanks again Catherine.
  25. r.finn

    Whatever happened to the Classe 950?

    Nanouk, Thanks for the explanation. What is the minimum length for the RDR?