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  1. Officer Green, Thanks for this thread, it's kinda' cool to see the questions, answers and dialogue. What is the difference between a police department, a sheriff's department, and a state police department? And as a follow up-- how do those differences play out for Leo's, citizens, and offenders?
  2. KnotRod

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    I can agree with that. If the boat belongs to a Dentist.
  3. KnotRod

    a new game go.. give me your best guess

    Something Blue Up.
  4. KnotRod

    Ancestry DNA

    That explains that fishy smell-----
  5. KnotRod


    I made Guinea clam chowder. Fresh clams right off the boat, potatoes, onions, carrots, sweet corn, and celery. Steam the clams-- when they open, drain off all the juice and cook the vegetables in the juice. Mince the clams and throw them in with the cooked vegetables. Add some minced garlic, butter, Old Bay, pepper, hot paprika and white wine, and a dash of Tabasco. This is a clear broth clam chowder. Serve with toasted baguettes. Oh yeah I forgot something. Bacon! Fry up some really crispy bacon and crumble it into the chowder. How the hell did I forget the bacon!?
  6. I can't seem to find Squirt in any of the local stores. No worry though, girlfriend seems to have plenty.
  7. KnotRod

    Building A Bridge

    What you want to do, is to hop on Craigslist and buy an old semi trailer flatbed. Take a torch and cut all of the suspension and other stuff off of the frame. And then you have a handy dandy modular bridge.
  8. Every chance I have. Mormon pussy is good pussy. Kinky too!
  9. Yesterday. Yorktown, VA. Black Honda sedan. Southbound on Rt17. License plate: OOHEY Make of it whatever you will.
  10. KnotRod

    Sad, waterlogged Holder 12 monohull

    For such a benign looking little sailboat, those Holders sure are squirrelly little fuckers. I sailed a Holder 14 for the first time this afternoon. Turned it turtle in less than an hour. It was completely my fault. But that little sob sure did go upside down quickly!
  11. KnotRod

    Hull now needs faring.

    Yea---- I think that guy works for me now. I handed him a 5 inch random orbit sander, and a pack of el-cheapo 80 grit disk. Told him to sand the red bottom paint off of a fiberglass skiff. Don't cut into the white gel coat underneath. Spent an hour showing him how to do that. The moron sanded clean through the hull in several places. Dam boat looks like swiss cheese now------- Friggin' moron.
  12. KnotRod

    Seven Identical Harbor 20's Looking For A Home

    Contact Arabella at Premier Sailing School, Irvington, VA. They're located in an idyllic setting on the mid Chesapeake Bay