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  1. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    I was finally able to get in touch with airmar support, and it sounds like the sensor is probably bad. They thought it could be network issues, but the huge temperature offset plus the incorrect speed reading probably pointed to a failed sensor.
  2. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    One more thing i realized yesterday, the temperature sensor does seem to work, sort of... Its just wrong, in wildly varying increments. I thought it was just fixed at a number, but it was reporting 72 or close to that every time i looked, but yesterday it was 90. No real change in water temp over 2 checks, if anything the water would have been colder yesterday due to the strong winds. No chance that there was a 20 degree difference.
  3. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    CP is chart plotter, T is transducer i think, andI think "I" is a coupler, that seems to match my tracing of the wires. The end of that line just trails off, but the end of the line for this setup seems to be the wind instruments, which from what I understand include the Termination. The mast was down, wondering if somehow the wind instruments are not hooked in quite right, would a lack of a terminating resistor on one end cause strange behavior, or just a system that doesn't work? I'll give B&G a call tomorrow, finally found their phone number through google, pretty well hidden on their site
  4. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    How does one go about getting support from either Airmar or b&g, I opened a support case with B&G last week, no response. Airmar has no support email info on their web site that I can find. They do have a phone number, I guess i could call...
  5. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    The triducer model number is DST800V I see that it has a n2k and NMEA 0183 version, i'm thinking its the n2k version, as i seem to have an n2k backbone i'll confirm. From what i've gathered by watching a couple videos on youtube, a backbone is basically a cable terminated on 2 ends with resistors that has some number of t connections coming off of it and a power supply somewhere in the middle. Is there anything important that i'm missing? from some diagrams i've found from the previous owner it looks like the backbone has the wind instruments terminating one end, and a resistor terminating at the other. I'll check the connections and make sure that all of that is set up correctly. Since depth was working, i didn't think to check the connection, but that probably should have been my first check. Diagram from PO below,
  6. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    thanks, will reach out to their support folks
  7. redtim

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    That makes sense, but I'm tripped up by it seeming to work at 0 knots. the speed shows up, and the instrument shows in the settings it usually start up with off, but if i click the checkbox the speed shows up. Also when i spun the wheel something showed, so it seems like the Zues does seem to know its there. Are there settings i'm missing? some sort of calibration that needs to happen? Does the Zues have logic to know that the sensor isn't working if it doesn't match the GPS speed? Speed through the water is pretty important where I sail to help determine just how much adverse current we're sailing in.
  8. I'll start out by saying I'm a total novice with NMEA networking, so i'll probably ask dumb questions I have an airmar triducer, the depth seems to work fine, shows up on the zues2 console reliably. Water temperature does not seem to work, but i don't really mind that so much. The big issue is boat speed, when i'm sitting still, the speed registers and shows as 0 knots, seems OK, but as soon as i start moving, or nearly as soon as i start moving, the 0.00 switches to dashes. When i go into the settings for the network, it shows the boat speed as either off, missing, or not working, most of the time, when I first start up the Zues2 it shows up as off, then I can turn it on, and get the 0 reading. One other fun little aside, i was able to get the speed to register by spinning the paddlewheel by hand, but it jumped pretty quickly to something ridiculous, like 100 knots, not exactly sure of the exact number as I was alone and checked the speed history graph just after I spun the wheel. Any thoughts on what I might be able to do to fix the issue?
  9. redtim

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2020

    Word on the street is the hoist is back in action as of yesterday
  10. redtim

    Propeller help

    Also check very carefully for any discoloration, some of those props are pretty old, the corrosion might subtle on the surface. Ive seen pictures of martecs that have lost a blade with severe corrosion on the interior.
  11. redtim

    Propeller help

    yes, you can see the difference between the 2 and the three here
  12. redtim

    Propeller help

    I think that designates the mark III elliptic prop so 14" diameter 14" pitch elliptic
  13. redtim

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    There's one with an inboard here in SF, i think it gets 6 seconds for the weight, not enough.