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  1. Any idea which is more favourable for IRC rating?
  2. akhcheung

    Osmosis - Archambault A40rc

    Good to know! Problem with Archambaults, or same for all production boats made in the past 20 years?
  3. akhcheung

    Osmosis - Archambault A40rc

    Anyone come across an Archambault A40rc with osmosis problems? Is it a common problem for Archambaults? Is osmosis a widespread problem for production boats built between 2005-2015? Many thanks for all advice
  4. akhcheung

    B&G Vulcan or iRegatta

    I need an electronic tactician to assist the one with legs Vulcan appears to be a good choice for someone who is budget conscious, with lay lines, wind graphs etc etc; and it appears that all info can be sent to iPad via wifi Anyone tried both Vulcan & iRegatta and can share their experience?