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    “Support NMEA0183 wind, boat speed, depth inputs over UDP” anyone know what is UDP?
  2. Advise needed!! More often than not after a dip pole gybe, after we square the pole back, we discover that the lazy spin sheet has gone under the pole Any tips to avoid this?
  3. Would appreciate any advice Need to configure a X-41 for inshore racing. Mostly W/Ls. I don’t foresee any jib changes during races (A) Hanks on forestay OR (B) boltrope in Tuff Luff or Harken Carbo Foil
  4. Any idea which is more favourable for IRC rating?
  5. akhcheung

    Osmosis - Archambault A40rc

    Anyone come across an Archambault A40rc with osmosis problems? Is it a common problem for Archambaults? Is osmosis a widespread problem for production boats built between 2005-2015? Many thanks for all advice
  6. akhcheung

    Osmosis - Archambault A40rc

    Good to know! Problem with Archambaults, or same for all production boats made in the past 20 years?