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  1. The US was created by treasonous Americans, so we're naturally keen to make a big public show that we're not like that anymore. Even if we are.
  2. Mirror16

    Worst/scariest moment in a dinghy?

    I was 13 years old, sailing home from Tenby to Pembroke Dock with my dad in our Mirror 16 dinghy in 1970. We'd gone the other way the previous day in light winds but now there was a stiff breeze and we hit the notorious tidal race off St Govan's Head at the worst time. Very frightening. All by ourselves, big waves, cold water, rugged Atlantic coast, nothing but steep cliffs for miles and no means of communication. We somehow managed to turn around across breaking waves without capsizing and after surfing down huge seas against the tide we eventually put in at Freshwater East. Phoned my Mum who brought the trailer to the car park. Pulling the boat up the beach the mast hit the bare overhead power line to the the ice cream shop. Several people, including kids, had been helping us push the boat on the trailer across the soft sand - bare feet, hands on the shrouds, but amazingly nobody was touching them at that instant and it just burned through the aluminium mast. Even by the standards of the time, the whole adventure was ridiculously dangerous.
  3. Mirror16

    I don't want Trump to die

    You don't want Trump to die and I don't want him tomorrow either.
  4. Mirror16

    Trump has it.

    If he dies I hope he times it better than RBG. The day after losing the election would probably be best.
  5. Mirror16

    Trump faking it?

  6. Mirror16

    Melania TRump to vote for Joe Biden

    She won't leave him until he's out of office. Before the 2016 election she'd planned to go that year but to her (and Donald's) dismay, he won.
  7. Mirror16

    Presidential Debate #1

    Can't bring myself to watch the debate; just following it via these comments. Keep them coming.
  8. Mirror16

    Wrong number?

    Perhaps in your state and county but certainly not in mine (Hamilton County, Tennessee) and from media reports not in most places in the United States. NOBODY is making the COVID-19 statistics here if they haven't actually tested positive for it. And test kits are in such short supply that they're not even being used on people with the full set of symptoms.There are other criteria to be met before anyone can be considered for a test - specifically also having traveled recently from a more infected part of the country/world OR having been in close proximity with someone who has tested positive. And, again, only deaths occurring in hospitals here are being counted. Cases and fatalities are being systematically under-reported with the connivance of health authorities.
  9. Mirror16

    Toilet Paper

    You should try it. It stinks but only for a short time, though the little indigestible bits sometimes need help getting past the drain screen with a toe.
  10. Mirror16

    Toilet Paper

    Nah, it's way less than 50%!
  11. Mirror16

    How Covid-19 kills you

    COVID-19 Lung Sounds https://youtu.be/3Kkp6ZM35As
  12. Mirror16

    Good News Thread

    With a generation of Quatanteens starting in 2033
  13. Why don't they just surreptitiously dump the ashes out the back where they'll blow away in the wind? Putting them into little urns that are loaded onto trucks by the thousand is just a photo op.
  14. Mirror16

    Wrong number?

    In most places the only deaths being reported are those in hospitals. Elderly dying in care facilities and at home are not being recorded. Many of them are not even being tested to confirm they had Coronavirus, so they add to neither 'case' or 'fatality' statistics'. With test kits is such short supply for the sick, they're not being wasted on corpses.
  15. Mirror16

    Sailing dinghy shows in the US?

    Thanks for the responses, but damn! Not to take anything away from the obviously excellent RYA show, but it's a bit sad that it's apparently the only one in the world.