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  1. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I made a PT11 from the kit with a view to using it first on the Tennessee River and then as a nesting tender to a salt water yacht. It was quite expensive and took me about 18 months/600 manhours to build doing it exactly by the book, by myself, after work and most weekends - much longer than I had anticipated. It rows easily at 5 knots in flat water and sails well too. I haven't used it as as tender yet (my newly-acquired Bristol 45.5. came with an RIB) but I'm now doubting its suitability for this function. It can only take a 2 HP motor max and has limited capacity for people and stores. It also looks so pretty I'd hate to subject it to the abuse a tender must take.
  2. New Round the World record

    So.... 6 days faster than the previous record but what are other statistics? Like total distance sailed, maximum instantaneous speed, maximum daily run, average speed for entire circumnavigation?
  3. Teak Deck Replacement

    Thanks Moonduster, that was all good information. I was thinking it would just be glued to the fiberglass deck below, but being screwed through that into a wood core would definitely be a deal-breaker for me, or at least significantly reduce what I'd be prepared to pay for the boat. I will find out about this before pursuing it further.
  4. Teak Deck Replacement

    I'm considering buying a 30+ year old fiberglass boat with original teak decks. Everyone tells me this is a big and expensive liability and I should consider the cost and effort of teak deck removal/replacement. But I don't really get it. I do understand that when teak decks get old they shrink, rot, wear, warp, their caulking fails and leaks and water gets underneath. But so what? Why would that drive wholesale teak deck replacement? Teak decks are not structural, they sit on top of that. Why care if it gets a bit squishy underfoot, I assume it remains just as grippy? If through-deck fittings leak due to water penetration, isn't that just as much a problem with all-fiberglass decking? Why not just remove and remediate those specific locations as you would with an all-fiberglass deck?
  5. If only our cash-strapped Navy could afford radar.
  6. Mainstreet USA approves of Paris exit

  7. No one that makes less than $600k should pay taxes.

    Err....you fuckers with like 30,000 posts that have no sailing content - do you ever sail?
  8. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    There are worse ways to die than sailing across an ocean. But it is significantly worse when it is on a boat whose keel falls just off and is named something as crass as "Cheeki Rafiki".
  9. Women in sailing

    Why the focus on women in sailing when there aren't any black people sailing of either gender?
  10. Sir Robin Knox Johnson - brilliant

    If he fell overboard himself and was saved he would probably give his rescuers a fucking lecture too. Or, since this incident was in the UK, if he was half-drowned and went to hospital he would expect to be treated by the NHS at no cost to himself. Similarly the "carry on" incident on the aircraft with his ridiculous person-sized award that was only an inconvenience to others, not to his arrogant self. An obnoxious motherfucker whose only claim to fame is what he did nearly 50 years ago - and has been living off ever since.
  11. Preserving JFK's boat Victura

    JFK and Jackie sailing in 1953
  12. Not racist, not at all

    Not "an ape, but "a ape". Never mind the racism, the illiteracy of these cunts is appalling.
  13. Optimist History

    No Mirror looks like a coffin. Unlike Optimists.
  14. Anegada is fine for drafts of less than 7' and a great place to visit.