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  1. Whatever! And I don't care whether you did or not. So suck on my dick! Firstly, after I respond to you, I really have no reason to listen to your response. Seeing you mention Suffering or using fat fingers was the problem" is not an apology, saying in the same quote that I may be wrong about something is nothing but a general comment. I deserve my own Bus. I didn't get it and I suppose I didn't expect one.When I apologized to you, it was a post to you, not some generic entity or group, you personally. So cheers, have a great fucking day! I guess I'll have to see if you keep pulling this shit on me in the future, and no one else!
  2. You couldn't pay me enough to watch this shit on a bad day!
  3. Can't prove it by me!
  4. You really want to chew on my ass Bus! Have no idea why, maybe it's just you! I didn't mock you for your mistake, I'm pointing out that even you make mistakes. Maybe that's what gets your goat, that even you can make a mistake. Better to try get over it Bus. You seem to be happy enough to point out when I post a typo.
  5. I don't recall who said that originally, I know I don't think I did which is what matters to me anyway.
  6. Link!
  7. Boing! Opinion based on squat. Didn't bother going through the rest of Dabs' Bull shit.
  8. How many Antifa's were arrested Dog?And what other group was attacked, supposedly Dog?
  9. Boston looked pretty peaceful, then again the white supremacists didn't show up.Don't blame them, there is warrant for, for some, for their arrest but, they are good guys.
  10. Liberty Uni has a few openings still!
  11. TM, as far as I can see, no one has been denied Free speech, no one! Free speech does rely on a few principles; Does no harm, doesn't incite anyone, does not call for say genocide etc. If they follow those, I have nothing wrong with it. If they have an issue in following what is set out by everyone, I want to know what they are and how they are not afforded free speech. The rally seems to be nothing to do with their agenda or it would be "much a do about nothing.There is an underlying motive here!
  12. Exactly and I misspelled Alcoholic! I have a non functioning left hand so no difference is it? I just wanted to make a point Bus.
  13. We don't have to worry about your double standard Dabs, if a law is good for you, it's acceptable. If a law goes against what it should be, against your wishes, it is bad but, that isn't a double standard is it? Dead beat sheriff, your buddy is an example of yours.
  14. Do you think there may possibly a reason for that TM?
  15. Yup, they did. They didn't expect a bunch of white supremacists looking for a fight when they got there. And UVA wasn't in session, not sure if that applies to the rules you're referring to.