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    Diesel cabin heater annual maintenance - fuel metering valve

    I think anywhere on the low side of the inlet would work. Little 1/4 turn brass with a plug would be fine. You can just take the screws out of the top open and suck it out too. Use a little oil change hand pump or something similar. Probably have to change the gasket every couple times but that's it.

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    I think the rigging stuff is a different blend. Otherwise it probably would cost more than .50 cents a roll. Unless I "borrow" from work most big places only have the good scotch in black so I have used many rolls of the cheap white stuff from random hardware stores. It just gets brittle and ends up cracking apart, but still is good chaffe protection. Just have to redo it more. The good vinly is meant to take a bit of heat so does well outside If you want to get super fancy the scotch self vulcanizing tape as a first layer than cover with marking tape that lasts forever but is a mess to remove. I like leather but it's only about 1-2 seasons in the tropics with saltwater, good job security though.

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    Make sure it's Vinyl as above and not PVC. Most no brand electrical marking tape is PVC and doesn't hold up nearly as well as vinyl.

    Anchor Geekdom

    Might be in the other anchor thread but Zonker posted a test I think by PS showing load reduction based on line snubber length, type and size. It's well worth a look, something like 60% reductions for some of the setups.

    Can B&G WS320 wind sensor connect to nmea 0183

    Should note, I would imagine pretty much any of the n2k setups going through a 0183 converter will probably eliminate most of the glitches. Our friend that had the same setup as us did this with his Gwind and GND10 and I don't think has had any problems, think he used the actisense converter. They seem to have figured out the manufacturer defects in the head unit to keep it from falling apart. At almost $1k was too much for me to gamble with after my bad luck though. I would contact B&G tech in the UK, the contacts are in the Panbo article I think. Try to get all the questions answered. It definitely sucks in the middle of nowhere to have it die.

    Can B&G WS320 wind sensor connect to nmea 0183

    It's can be a double edged sword too, I went with the Gwind due to the excellent Nexus reviews and talking people who had the unit up for years problem free, just wasn't apples to apples as I thought with the Garmin vs.

    Building A Sail Pack

    Its a relatively easy retro to add the mesh stuff for draining and breathing later on I wouldn't worry too much. Everything on a boat is a work in progress till you replace it and start over with the next latest and greatest

    Can B&G WS320 wind sensor connect to nmea 0183

    I would do some homework on the anometer, our wired ws310 is only giving hash tags now, have a new one on the way, a internet search showed more or less lots of similar issues with a I don't know as the tech response requiring replacement of the mast head unit. I went through 3 Garmin Gwind units before, total nightmare, two with manufacturing defects that fell apart and the GND 10 spits out garbage sentences that will put a pilot into stby on its own. Using a 0183 converter will filter out the problem but still a pretty big fail on their part. I was in a rush to get things back together and went with the BG to try and keep everything the same but there are definitely alot of other options out there. I think a filter of some kind like a 0183 converter is a good idea as you will never need to send anything up to it. Not sure but I was told the 310 needs to see a compass the 320ay be the same which would require it going right on a n2k backbone. Anyway I would shop around and look at reviews on a place like Panbo or something similar. I'm kinda a anometer jinx at the moment

    Building A Sail Pack

    Just got my zippers, first sailrite order. Pretty impressive all the way to Bocas in no time at all, definitely what I was after looks super heavy duty thanks for the recommendation!

    American Dumbass

    I think you just described cruisersforum... I have been a little put off by some of the stuff from the magazines, used to read several all the time I could get my hands on them. Can't even imagine what's on FB, some of the vlogs are totally unfiltered and that is refreshing as the partial shitshow is probably alot closer to the mark. Probably all boils down to a complete lack of attention span by the public in general, if you can't get your perceived notion immidiately reenforced you move on to some outlet that will. Who is going to wait for a letter to the editor and response... I think this is driving print to tell people what they want to hear and be less critical.

    American Dumbass

    Where is that at? So far window is open to come and go. CR even just dropped their testing requirements due to tourism pressure. Hope the shoulder mends quick, wx has been great lately here.

    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

    The trick is to use a 3/4 one turn it upside down and hold it between your legs in the cockpit. Then you have two free hands to work, very safe..... But definitely not with the base off

    American Dumbass

    Interesting, I would guess most of the vlogs are probably closer to the mark than the pictures painted by most Cruising magazines after the editor is done. It seems rare to get a realistic blog vlog or article. Mostly spun to a high degree. The freeform nature of the vlogs seems to not be as filtered however not nessesarilly the people some aspire to emulate.

    Building A Sail Pack

    Ditto just do a quick siezing with thread no worries.

    Old sail or new sail?

    Haha I think we'll survive