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    American Dumbass

    Doesn't sound like they have actually done any cruising yet, mostly reality TV. Hopefully they at least sort that out at some point, may realize having a good time is not that hard.

    American Dumbass

    100% agree, it makes it all the more irresponsible that they will soon be posting some diatribe about how the super mean athorities of "insert country" are being so mean to poor American cruisers. They had no reason to leave and are asking for some confrontation. When It happens unfortunately some idiots will probably crowd source them out of it. So is the current lunacy we live in. I still think they just fall into the dipshit catagory not nessesarilly the making Americans look bad one.

    American Dumbass

    BJ, family of five cruising on a big cat with enough money to have connectivity and just cruise equals wealthy to most of the known world except maybe Dubai.

    American Dumbass

    People like this don't really give US cruisers a bad name. They are plenty wealthy and get to pay all the fines etc. that their stupidity generates. It's the unprepared save me now shitshows that are a problem. These guys go to the extreme point of arrogance to put everything anyone needs to arrest fine etc online ahead of time. That's free money for the authorities.

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    I would guess over time they have had some variation in the supplier of the UHMW material for the track. Have seen some that have been up forever with no issues and heard other stories like above with quicker failures. As soon as you see uniform crazing on the plastic it's time to think about replacement. We have been very happy with ours.

    Cruising kids

    Big move Monday

    Cruising kids

    He was there a few years ago. Cortney who owns the Bocas Marina and Tropix surfboards has built him a bunch of boards. I think there is a video somewhere of him playing at the Cantina at Bocas marina. Funny the kid knows all of his songs by heart but not from being a huge fan...just her annoying dads music.

    Sailing to Desolation Sound in a Nor'Westerly

    When we were there in 2016 it was pretty full of moorings, there was room for a few boat in the north end but still pretty tight. Our NA lives on his boat there. Still enjoyed visiting the small boat yard is nice. The resort marina seemed in flux and a little depressed. The native sites were worth the hike around the island.

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Sewing is like welding, if someone sets it all up most people can make it work ok. If at all possible ask a local sail loft or canvas shop if you can hang out for free labor some. Spent a summer interning at a loft and it was a huge help. After that the right machine will be alot clearer. Good canvas workers and sail makers are quite amazing. They make it look way too easy.

    Cruising kids

    Zap kind, but the discos do provide plenty of the other too haha

    Cruising kids

    It's got a sticky bottom, lots of people stay. Not for the faint of heart resort types. Bugs lighting jungle banditos etc. Very international community super nice people with tons of stuff going on. Easy to blink and ten years go by kinda place. Wx is really nice to really not nice like most places in the tropics. Have never worried about safety but shit happens there. Pretty cheep about like MX. Travel in and out is easy when things are normal. Other than the lighting I would say safe year round wx wise. They get crazy summer squalls but there are lots of good Ancorages and three Marina's from Swank on down.

    Marooned on Corona Island

    If that goes south I think it ends up me in a Venezuelan jail making sexy times...not there yet but give it time all options on the table...

    Cruising kids

    Rugrat to teenager, and she even gets to borrow her friends car sometimes, can't complain about that!
  14. Does the tiller need to be separated from the rudder? If not what about gluing G10 rod where the bolts went and going over the whole thing with carbon. Seems like it's sticks close to the original setup without alot of rework or added weight and should be stronger.

    Marooned on Corona Island

    Well Today is it! Freedom 124 days in quarentine on the ship, 130 since home, well part of it was two weeks locked in a hotel rm early June for the official quarentine, AC and cable was nice. Only watched all 8 seasons of homeland so not super productive. Now I just have to figure out how the fuck to get home. Have been looking at Aruba as a place to catch a delivery ride, supposed to open to US travel on the tenth you have to provide a neg PCR 72 hrs before flying for entry. Actually got that sorted, it's a business now? Have a flight booked into CR the 1st of August. This is the third set of tickets so will see. So far the only sure way of entry into Panama is as a national on a repatriation flight or cruiser by boat. Contacts in Panama not optimistic on opening, ones in CR are more so but I don't think the US will make the list. Here goes out into the Jungle.