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    Here we go...

    Had a super nice visit with our neighbor, Juan from Argentina also heading to Mexico. Very few boats outside of marinas here.

    Cruising in the Caribbean During Covid

    It's probably going to be years before any sense of normalcy return to developing countries let alone first world ones. For people on no time table who can deal with that and are respectful of the local country they can make it work but in no way would it make sense to jump in like the good old days.

    Simrad 4g radar

    Thanks slug but it's only a year old. It might be the cable, once we stop for a bit I'll go end to end on it. Maybe a bad transit or chaffe somewhere. The odd part for me is the working fine then nothing. The plotter will alarm out as soon as it doesn't recognize a scanner, same with the intermediate module, will see radar then nothing. No alarms but it goes from working to just garbage which might be in the dome or interference or ???.

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    You can hit 150hp without the need of anything electrical other than a start battery. The PCB thing is sort of off. Any modernish boat will have multiple electrical systems so like for like spares are part of the deal. Although these are simple non dependant systems so loss of one will not cripple a boat.

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Use those is production equipment application all the time work great, just a hot plate weld. I think on a mechanical machine like a sewing one you want it to slip if it's too much.

    Here we go...

    Not the best pics, but... Sort of geeking out. I'm usually the one who never sees the cool wildlife. In Ballena CR one of our favorite stops. Whole bunch of scarlet macaws came swooping in. Super cool, local guy said they have a population of 600 here.

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    Pretty common for kids to jump a few years in school, have heard that quite a bit. Our daughter is doing her GED and starting online college. You get to a point in correspondence courses where it doesn't make sense to not jump ahead. You definitely have to plan for periods of connectivity unless you are able to do the whole education on house. Up to high school is pretty easy after that need to be able to connect more.

    Simrad 4g radar

    The scanner is a single multi conductor with plugs on both ends, don't see any issues maybe have to ring out. It goes to a intermediate module that has power in and data out to the plotter same there all connections seem fine. Maybe something with the cable going up or I'll have to open the some. Other than power in they are all sealed plugs no terminals.

    Anchor Geekdom

    They obviously work as they were the anchor of choice for 30 some years.

    Simrad 4g radar

    Wondering if one of the boats in the marina got hit by lightning last summer, might have gotten a little scrambled.

    Simrad 4g radar

    Anyone have a issue with intermittent loss of reception? Seems almost like something in the unit is loose. It's cat five up so I'm assuming and wire issue would show up as a loss of the scanner. It works fine then sometimes after a big roll will lose all targets, IE right next to a island and just get some fuzz around the boat. Later it works fine. Have restored to factory settings and recently updated the plotter so should be fine software wise. Issue was there before update and remains unchanged.

    Could you, would you, weld a trailer axle (vs. replace)

    Yeah^^ Unless you were repairing yourself probably better to replace, it's a fair bit of work to scarf the hub off then the whole thing needs to get aligned, looks like it may have been galvanized so getting clean welds will be a issue.

    Anchor Geekdom

    In shallow water that scope sounds very reasonable, I'm guessing they always tried for the 15' low water range, know lots who do the same. We almost always put min 150' and if possible are 15-25'. In the PNW usually not a option lucky to get 30' but lots of other places especially river entrances etc not a issue.

    Here we go...

    Panama uses US currency but even they have figured out to use dollar coins. The Balboa is a one dollar coin.

    Anchor Geekdom

    I think when you include cqr, never dragged and 40 years all in the same shpeel you will get a little skepticism.