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  1. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Happy New year to All!!! very bad on the blog update but I'll get some stuff up. Had a great time in La Paz, complicated place but way more good than bad. My daughters friend boat was going to be in Barra for XMass so we jumped off at Muertos and made the 400 mile slog over. Was a lumpy run but ok, been having a great time in Tenacatita and Barra. Some pics to come. Kid got a surfing lesson today and maybe a new board. beer fuel.. no blog on the boat but I had a shitload of picasa pics on the rebuild that are in a google account limbo. I will try to move most to a public album in out sailblogs. Happy Holidays to all and a happy New Year from Sassafrass
  2. We seem to actually be cruising??

    John, Not sure it's certainly possible, Tad was right on needing some spline tweaks once she settled out in the heat so I will have some work this summer, nothing big but I think by the time hurricane season is in full force the hull will have stabilized. We will do at least one season here then who knows, the Galapogos are high on the list so is kiwi ville....Have made lots of friends who are heading to the SP so we are getting tugged that way, some have spent years cruising there, with their French PP of course...but it still sounds amazing. Right now we are loving La Paz, pretty cool spot. Steve, so far it has been a light air show for the most part. We have a asym and it has gotten a ton of use so far. We could have easily flown in 24/7 for a majority of the trip outside, we just don't like having it up at night double handing. The late night gybes by yourself are hard enough. Still haven't put both chutes up at once though, maybe on the gold coast, where the sea state is a little better. The wind was a little bit too far back for the fisherman on the trip but we did have it up as well for part of it. The rudder and helm stuff paid big time we came in ahead or with a lot of cats on the outside. Not sure if its the size of things disp combo etc but the asym and a reefed main seem to do really well even in a decent swell. we kept it full with no tweaking, eeking along around 1 knot under apparent or better. Lots of boats popping around us. Going faster when filled but a lot more work.
  3. We seem to actually be cruising??

    And some back tracking love this one was at the start in Princess lousia Leg two of the haha Cool Sky off Bahia Santa Maria That's it for now...........
  4. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Cabo Pulmo reef Frailes anchorage Our Friends from Westy at the top
  5. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Updated the blog with some pics from the trip. This was leg two... Fat boy hitching a ride in Cabo.
  6. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Friends with drones.... The pilot our friends Anila,
  7. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Got into La Paz yesterday afternoon, been having a awesome time. Haha was fun. Will have interweb access and try to throw some pics up in the next week. The blog is going and I'll be able to update as well. Later.......
  8. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Gotta sign off with this one.... ancorage is filling up with HaHa boats. One pulled in next to us , not making it up they have about five boys my daughters age, and yes she is pretty excited to meet the new kid boat. Here we go....,
  9. We are doing it!

    So I waited a day that post this. I really don't like people sticking their nose in my stuff and do try to reciprocate. That said you guys look like you are having a lot of fun. I would sincerely advocate jacklines and harnesses or even better pfd harnesses. Being clipped in really is not a huge hassle. One of the biggest changes for us was the complete disregard across the board for pfds and bei g clipped in after getting into CA. I get it the water is warm. But stats don't lie odds are sooooo not in your favor if you take a header over the side. Great video family cruising!!!! impropdue beach party 1600 in Glorietta tommorro if you guys are around!! Lots of kids
  10. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Thanks ish, for any ameture radio folks were are regulars on Chubasco 7.192 lsb. 14.30 utc One of the regulars is in wa so no excuses for not checking in!! cant say enough how proud I am of the kid, it's a hard test to get your General. That said I agreed that I would let her do whateve she sees fit with my beard if she passed so might be interesting. She is set on mutton chops and I hope that holds........ I'm a huge amateur radio advocate if anyone wants any info please email me svpapillon@gmail.com the kido's are the ones who will take it fwd. great intro electrical engineering and computer science for any parents who want their kids to be nerds!!!!! It is very in expensive to set your kid up with a station!!
  11. We seem to actually be cruising??

    So......... we are almost ready to pull the plug. It seemed like whatever last time but this time going cell phone free is a little bit different.??anyway the phones go byby before we go in a week. if you want to follow along the General blog is sailblogs/sassafrass Violet has her own blog for the kid view sailblogs/Violet scott Burgandy is sailblogs/imishlimpit we will update later as we go. I need them to get going on the urls so they might change.
  12. Rimas is alive

    All sailboat owners with a auxiliary who have a black conical day shape raise there hands....anybody? Ok black round dayshape, ok we have one...last time it was deployed?? But surely everyone uses the correct sound signals while anchored in fog right?? regarding rimas, The CG should be giving out bills for this stuff, IMO there is nothing wrong with a CG panel ruling gross negligence and levying a fine and fees for services rendered. I believe it's what some other countries do. I will resist posting anymore......
  13. Rimas is alive

    When people call 911 paremedics will come whether they hurt themselves cooking breakfast or cooking a new batch of meth. When someone calls mayday the CG will come weather they are delusional narcissists on a death trap or John Q Cruising family. This is the kind of civilized society I embrace. If put under a microscope most people on this forums daily habits at sea wouldn't pass muster with the CG. Do you always wear a PFD? I think everyone should, makes a lot of sense to me , but I also think people should have the freedom to tell me to pound sand and do as they please on there own boat.
  14. Rimas is alive

    Really going for the Royal we there... He is the Catch 22 that is the freedom in sailing away or cruising. What's next a "cruising permit", sailing licenses? Noise on social media is the only gas in his tank. Stop filling him up.
  15. Replacing standing rigging w/ boat in water

    A word of caution on DIY or a mix of it and pro. If you are methodical and are 100% on your measurements, the odds are on a full re-rig you still may screw up at least once. By having a shop measure your boat and make the stays, you have insurance on a proper piece. Making parts in a shop takes very little time, measuring the boat can be a little bit of labor but worth it. Installing it all yourself will save a lot and give the self satisfaction of seeing it all go together. If a piece gets made too long or short it's not on you to fix or replace.