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  1. Joelark81

    Calling all S2 9.1 Owners

    Where do you sail out of, we have two 9.1s that actively race out of North Cape Yacht Club and I think that someone just bought one at Monroe Boat Club to race.
  2. Joelark81

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Some nice Hobie pictures
  3. Joelark81

    Favourite Boat pic?

    First picture is on a s2 9.1 I race on called odyssey. The second picture is of a Nelson marek 30 I also race on called Half Nelson, it’s from the start of an overnight race where we were beating a Henderson 30, hobie 33s and a Peterson 37, we are on the left
  4. Joelark81

    Deep vs. shallow keel

    Honestly everything said so far has been pretty helpful, considering that it won’t be worth it to fit a new keel to the boat I think we’re just going to see how it performs in races and go from there, I just wanted a general idea of what to expect
  5. Joelark81

    Deep vs. shallow keel

    Fair point, I haven’t thought about it that way before.
  6. Joelark81

    Deep vs. shallow keel

    So does the chord length even out the lift at all when going upwind?
  7. Joelark81

    Deep vs. shallow keel

    A friend of mine recently aquired a one-off 28 foot sailboat which has a shallow, very long chord keel. The old owner said the boat went fast upwind (possibly due to the fact that it weighs around 4500 lbs.) and tracked well. It made me wonder if a long chord shallow keel would produce the same lift as a deep skinny foil, keep in mind that I have next to no knowledge of hydrodynamic/ aerodynamics. Basically what are the pros and cons of the deep skinny keels and shallow long keels and in what ways do they even out in performance.
  8. Joelark81

    Toms River Yacht Club

    I am going to be racing in the Chubb US Sailing national championship in the laser this upcoming week, the regatta is at Toms River Yacht Club in New Jersey. Since I have never been there I was wondering if anyone, who has raced there, has any tips for me.
  9. Joelark81

    Best Laser Hiking Pants

    So a lot of people I know who have seas they're like falling apart. I like the idea of movable battons too so I'm not sure about the rooster ones, the zhiks would be ideal so I think I might go for those if I can get them cheap enough, I really wish my current magic marine pants still fit because they're ideal, thanks for all the help.
  10. Joelark81

    Best Laser Hiking Pants

    I am a junior laser sailor from North Cape Yacht Club in Western Lake Erie. I am in need of some new hiking pants and I'm not sure what to buy. I need them to have battons and suspenders, it would be great if they were 3/4 length too. If anyone can offer up advice to guide me in the right direction I would really appreciate it, thanks.