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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    This is the report on the Aegean incident from the 2012 Newport to Ensenada race : http://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/DARoot/Offshore/SAS Studies/Ensenada-Report-FINAL.pdf The skipper and crew had done this event more than once and no doubt knew about the Coronados. I think the theory was more something like maybe he was in the habit of setting the north Coronado island as a waypoint and being awoken/changing watch some time before reaching it to decide whether to go inside or outside of the Coronados depending on conditions. But if their scheme was to have one man on watch and everyone else asleep below, if the one guy falls overboard taking a whiz (or for any other reason), falls asleep, has a heart attack/cardiac arrest, then the boat will just motor on right into the island. Even plowing right into rocks at 7 knots, a collision at that speed would not likely kill the crew, I'd think? (Unless it ripped off the keel and the boat quickly capsized and everyone drowned while trapped inside?) And overall the conditions were not bad, light winds and all that, so I think what probably killed them was getting thrashed onto the rocks by local surf conditions after the wreck? Unfortunately since none survived what happened can only be inferred from the DeLorme GPS track and the location of the wreckage, although that is a considerable amount of information and we're lucky they had the tracker to even know that much. I'm pretty impressed by the amount of detail in these reports, I read the one about the Around the Islands race where the Columbia boat broke its rudder and had a fatality running up onto San Clemente island. Do they only do these detailed investigations if there's a fatality, or do they do it for lesser "near miss" kind of events too? (Like, say, the MOB/COB event in the recent Mac race)
  2. where'd ya go?

    I think it's a combination of: 1. Sailing is simply not where the (U.S.) culture is. Maybe it was more during the later half of the last century, but not now. The culture is either more indoors and digital, or if it's outdoors it's doing something more physically active that probably requires less of a financial and time commitment. 2. What teddyrow said re: how people start or get introduced into sailing has to change if it is to grow. Most people on a sailing forum like SA are looking from the perspective of already being a sailor and in most cases a boat owner as well. Try to consider it from the perspective of some young person without a lot of money and no direct connections to any sailors or boat owners. How is that person ever going to start sailing, learn how to do it, or interface with the sport in any way? And what would be the entry costs for them to do so? 3. The money required. As teddyrow indicated, even an intro ASA course is pretty steep compared to starting out in a lot of other activities. If you go the route of starting out by buying a boat, then there's that expense, along with any maintenance. If it's a larger boat there's the expense of dockage. A sport or activity looking for broader participation would need low cost classes, and ways to start out on the water that are totally free or involve renting cheap boats cheaply. Once people are hooked then they will make the financial commitment to do other things like purchase a boat, a trailer, rent a slip etc. or even just keep renting boats if they already have learned that they like sailing and consider it worth their while. But expecting people to make commitments like that before they even know if they like it seems a bad strategy. In response to these issues, in threads about this topic, people often post "well you should just come volunteer as crew, there's always people needing crew for their races etc." Are racers really looking for total novices who don't know port from starboard to crew? How is someone who isn't connected to sailing even going to know about this? If it's true what was posted about kids in coastal France learning dinghy sailing as part of school curriculum then yeah, that's a huge difference between France and the U.S. A bunch of kids from all backgrounds are getting an automatic introduction to sailing that is free (or their tax already paid for it, anyway). They are young, the best time to be introduced and get hooked, and can learn whether they enjoy it without spending a dime. If you already learned that you like sailing, even if you don't have much money you will have the incentive to find the low cost or free ways to get involved or stay involved. I started when I was in the military and a group of us took the intro recreational course at the US Naval Academy. Don't remember the cost but it was dirt cheap, and then we could rent boats from the recreational military marinas for fairly cheap as well, which is something I did for years on both coasts before finally buying a boat and securing a slip. If I hadn't had those low cost military resources available to me as an active duty member, I'm not sure I would have ever got started or even known how. I think the class was advertised on a bulletin board as a recreational offering where we were training, and one of my classmates was from a town near Annapolis and had military siblings so maybe he knew about it that way. So I think having wider ability of that kind of resource outside the military would be a start. All of this presupposes that sailing in the U.S. is something that wants to grow from where it is. I'm not sure that's actually true, a lot of people seem to be fine with things as they are.
  3. Who Would You Like To See Running In 2020

    U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth, IL. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tammy_Duckworth
  4. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    Here's a lengthy (undercover) article by Channel 4 News in England about how Cambridge Analytica operates. Money shot is in the last few minutes when the boss, Nix, shows up. But the whole thing is quite interesting: (edited, video posted above)
  5. irresponsible gun owners?

    I can't believe the news articles talk about whether there would be charges against the 9 year old and not whether the parents would have any legal liability for him having access to the loaded weapon.
  6. Adrift Movie

    Maybe the presence of the guy in the movie is a dramatic device, where her imagining talking to him is a source of inspiration to her? I hope that's it.
  7. Pennsylvania Special

    So your source is "people around me were saying this back in the day, but you middle aged whippersnappers wouldn't know about that. Also, the combined US news media adopted this convention because those people saying those things, back in the day." *thumbsup*
  8. Pennsylvania Special

    Right, but nothing in what you have posted mentions anything about Democrats whining or complaining about anything (presumably to the media - who, NBC? All of them?). Did you just assume that, because in your mind "that's what they WOULD have done, those Dems" or did you hear it farted out of Rush Limbaugh's blowhole sometime, or what?
  9. Pennsylvania Special

    That's okay, I'm not going anywhere, I'll be here if you find anything!
  10. Pennsylvania Special

    Yes, but in either case you didn't provide support for your claim.
  11. Pennsylvania Special

    Here's an article about the history of "red/blue" but if you have some documentation of Democrats asking to be blue I'm interested: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/11/08/red-vs-blue-a-brief-history-of-how-we-use-political-colors/?utm_term=.d99d3bc65070
  12. Pennsylvania Special

    I really hope the GOP buys its own spin on this election, rather than looking at the underlying reality of this, Alabama, VA and NJ races showing the country is not buying what Trump and his party are selling. It just means they will walk right into the meat grinder this fall and do nothing to mitigate losses. "Lamb is really just like a Republican... (unlike our own, actual ,GOP candidate, who lost)" "Lamb was winning by 5 points a week out and Trump really helped make it close (in our massively GOP district)" "We were outraised/outspent!" Stivers, likewise, noted to the conference that Lamb out-spent and out-raised Saccone five-to-one. However, outside Republican groups spent more than $10 million trying to save the seat, compared to roughly $2 million million by Democratic groups. As far as Lamb on abortion, you guys should do your own research rather than rely on RNC spin, he's really not different than old Catholic PA Dem pols like Ed Rendell, or Tim Kaine for that matter: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/13/politics/pennsylvania-18th-lamb-saccone-on-the-issues/index.html Abortion: Lamb personally opposes abortion but backs the Supreme Court's decision legalizing it. "Once you make something a right, it's a right. And it's like that for a reason," he told HuffPost. Lamb told the Weekly Standard he doesn't support a ban on abortion at 20 weeks. Lamb is a candidate of his district and constituency (which will be wiped clean in several months anyway). He is distinct from GOP in very important ways, including being against repeal of the ACA and against the tax bill just passed. He's not the Dem candidate you would see in Oakland CA but that doesn't make him GOP, that's the guy he defeated.
  13. He Hires The “Best People”...

  14. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Gotta go with the classics: