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  1. Not sure what they expected to happen. The cops were going to roll up and shoot the whales?
  2. BrickTopHarry

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    He hit the boom on the way down, this is why his back is hurt (presumably broken?). Lucky to not be paralyzed or dead.
  3. BrickTopHarry

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Sounds like Tomy had quite a week:
  4. BrickTopHarry

    Best Lyrics Ever

    We are all of us in the gutter But some of us are looking at the stars
  5. BrickTopHarry

    Best Lyrics Ever

    If I exorcise my devils, well my angels may leave too. When they leave, they're so hard to find..
  6. BrickTopHarry

    Best Lyrics Ever

    You beat me to this one by a country mile, but it's funny how this one line just really stands out, with so many really clever Elvis Costello lyrics. I think it just branded itself into my brain the first time I heard this song.
  7. Bottom line is I flat out don't believe her story. And even if it was exactly as represented, her being mistaken about which apartment she is entering doesn't give her any justification to kill the guy in that apartment.
  8. The door closes automatically when you let go of the knob. This assumes the units are similar.
  9. Did you watch the video in the tweet?
  10. The doors don't even look like they stay open unless propped open.
  11. BrickTopHarry

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Friday left me fumblin with the blues And it's hard to win when you always lose Well the night spots spend your spirit, beat your head against the wall Two dead ends and you still got to choose. You the know the bartenders, they all know my name. And they catch me when I'm pulling up lame I'm a pool shootin' shimmy shyster shakin' my head When I should be livin' clean instead.
  12. They really are trying to go the "HE WAS NO ANGEL" route here, the oldest playbook in the cop shooting manual.
  13. BrickTopHarry

    Puerto Rico

    I thought there was a big element of pharmaceutical industry there, we have had many shortages of common medications and IV fluids since Maria that have been attributed to disruption of the manufacturing process there. It seems like this is an oversimplification?
  14. BrickTopHarry

    Puerto Rico

    DeSantis and Scott are running for statewide office in close races in November in the state where huge numbers of Puerto Rican transplants came after their living situation became untenable. They are interested in winning and thus unable to endorse this particular Trumpism. Were it not for this fact they would completely be riding Trump's jock instead of distancing themselves a bit.