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  1. rtw

    Blue water cruising books

    Thank you all. Have bought several of these, saved others for later.
  2. rtw

    Blue water cruising books

    This is awesome. Thank you all for the suggestions. My dropbox and amazon wish list are full.
  3. rtw

    Blue water cruising books

    That is a great story. Luckily, I won't have much left to sell after I buy the boat. So here's my background - I learnt to sail as a teenager (in the Channel, mostly), used to race sportboats in college, and have been skippering biannual cruises in the Mediterranean (usually on 45-50ft charter boat will all my friends and plenty of wine aboard) since the end of college. We've had some issues on these cruises over the years - mostly due to my mistakes or poor planning, and sometimes due to the poor condition of the boats we were on (happens when you always go for the cheapest one) There are many other issues I have not had a chance to encounter yet, so there is not doubt I have a lot more to learn. The challenge is that I have 2 weeks of holidays a year, and I am already using them to sail. I am essentially trying to find ways to steepen the learning curve again. For instance, I've had a few bad experiences anchoring (interesting what a 90 degree wind shift does to a crowded anchorage in Greece...) and I never sleep well at anchor. I clearly lack experience and confidence, but I am not sure how to address it with only week-ends available.. Anyway, thanks for reading my psychoanalysis, and appreciate all the advice received. If all goes well, I'll be back in a year with more miles on the counter and a more detailed game plan for you to critique. PS: will read the blog with interest!
  4. rtw

    Blue water cruising books

    Thank you for the word of caution. We are clearly far from being ready, but we have 5 years to get there and our next window is in 25 years realistically - which is why I want to make a go for it now. If in 4 years it becomes evident that we can't do this (and I will make sure to get an assessment of our abilities and preparedness from a competent 3rd party), we will postpone or do a more reasonable version of what we were considering (perhaps an ARC rally? doing part of ARC world might actually be a good option A for us). Regardless of where we get to, we will have learned a bunch in the process. Given the work ahead, it is easy to give up and convince ourselves that now is not the right time. Another (maybe naive) way to look at this is that a lot of people with less experience than we'll have in 5 years have done this - including a 15yo dutch girl and a bunch of youtubers. A friend of mine (who I learned to sail with) is also crossing the Atlantic in a 22ft overpowered sportsboat in a few days, I won't get bragging rights for taking a 40ft+ cruiser across the pond at 5kts... Thanks again for your thoughts.
  5. rtw

    Blue water cruising books

    Thank you all - these are some great suggestions. At the risk of exposing my incompetence, would you have any recommendations for books or articles addressing the following: Budgeting for the year (recognizing it depends on the boat - I am currently thinking of buying a Hallberg Rassy 46 / Ovni 445/455 or similar a couple years before setting off, and selling it right after we're back) Monohull vs. catamaran... I know this has been debated ad nauseum and is a matter of personal preference... I have a strong bias towards monohulls because that's what I am used to, but for trade wind cruising and hanging out in atolls, I wonder if a catamaran is not far superior (although more expensive)? Route (canaries, antilles, panama canal, tahiti and then what? we are pretty risk adverse and I am more worried about pirates than storms.. maybe the answer is we have to leave the boat in Australia and be content with a half circumnavigation) Boat prep. (I think I understand the principles and the need to have two of everything, but for instance I thought the ARC surveys were very helpful) How to prepare the skipper and the crew and gather experience as quickly as possible? We probably won't have enough of it by the time we cast off, but we also don't have children nor jobs we can't leave for a year.. By the way, I found this blog inspiring and very well written: http://kenobicrossing.com. We are in a pretty similar situation as those guys, and I hope we have the balls to do what they did. Thanks again!
  6. Hi all, I have a project to take a year off from work to go cruising (and perhaps attempt a circumnavigation) with my wife and two of our friends. Worry not, we will not be begging for money on patreon nor filming ourselves, and I am not planning to do this on a Beneteau in the middle of hurricane season. This is probably 5 years away but I do want to start educating myself on blue water cruising. I know how to handle a boat and make short passages but the skillset required to cross oceans and cruise in remote areas of the world is pretty different... While some of the learning needs clearly needs to happen on a boat (and we will make sure to crew on a transat before attempting this ourselves), I would love to start working on the theory of it. Any book you would recommend? Thanks for your help!
  7. Awesome. Thanks a lot for getting in touch. I think Wednesday nights might be tough for me, but will reach out for one of the Saturdays.
  8. Hi all First post on SA although I have been following for a while... I have just been transferred to SF for work and will be looking for opportunities to crew in the Bay area. 27 years old, some racing experience (on Farr 30, J80, Longtze, Grand Surprise), lots of cruising experience (French atlantic coast & med). French born but have been living in London for 5 years. Please reach out if you need a body.
  9. rtw

    New boat construction - JPK 38 FC

    Thank your for sharing this - will follow with interest.