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  1. Thanks for the kind words Bus.
  2. Snowflake, I'm just showing you exactly how Epstein and all his clients feel about these children. It's shocking to a lot of people so they dismiss it as untrue and therefore they get away with it. Don't shoot the messenger.
  3. Don't feed them, it just makes them stronger.
  4. Do they even know who their father is?
  5. Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I bet the prosecutor is taking offers for Epsteins black address book as we speak. I think the parts are worth more than the hole. Sell off individual pages or cross off individual names if you want to get that granular. At any rate it's worth $billions, more than enough for a lot of shits to kill over. If you think justice is going to be served, wake up!
  7. I'm sure Acosta is more familiar with the case than any of us.
  8. You guys just keep waiting for justice to be served. I know, you think this time will be different. Well guess what? You'll never get the carrot in front of your nose.
  9. His dick could be videoed in everything that moves and he'd still cum out clean. Slippery MF'er.
  10. Barr will cut Epstein a secret back bedroom deal and call it "justice served".
  11. Sonshine, read the link I posted, you might learn how the USA really works.