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  1. Am I a troll or a leopard? Make up your mind.
  2. Wrong on both counts. I am an asshole and it's not a troll. The man did what he was elected to do. It's what the public wanted at that time. He's being used as a scapegoat and a fear tactic for other law enforcement departments. Trump can't pardon him soon enough.
  3. He should be pardoned. The liberal courts made an example out of him. A clear case of a political prisoner. South Africa did the same to Nelson Mandela.
  4. I wonder how many refugee's there are from the WBF. Seems like an awful lot. Enough to get the sense they have an ongoing problem there.
  5. I dare em!
  6. The wars in the ME were started for control of the oil. The "flawed intelligence" was the excuse. As with all wars, public opinion is the greatest asset or liability.
  7. Perhaps, but trash none the less.
  8. Trailer Trash!!!!!!!
  9. Well, the Presidents highest responsibility is protecting American lives. Allies are a distant second. Do you have a problem with that?
  10. Way less. One of the biggest deterrents to attacking NK is what to do with it afterwards. It's a shit pit that no one wants. We'd have to give it to China to pacify them and then they'd want financial support for the rebuilding.
  11. We make the little people do the dangerous shit.
  12. Not enough but there's plenty of time.
  13. Thats so you take the incoming, not us. Thanks for covering our ass. Who's the idiot.
  14. NK is a strategic location. It's next to China. SK, an allied country borders them also. Another allied country, Japan, is routinely threatened by them. The list is long. Kim is a dead man and knows it by now.
  15. There is a humanitarian side of this whole story. The NK people suffer tremendously under Kim.