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  1. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    The VA I go to is nothing like it was in the past. I consider it better than many mainstream hospitals.
  2. Evidence of collusion?

    So is Jeanine Pirro, she best get out of the woods before the Secret Service takes a shot at her for being a rabid dog.
  3. Trickle down

    I agree and would add a modified tax structure to that mix.
  4. Evidence of collusion?

    Imagine walking in the woods and running into that.
  5. Evidence of collusion?

    Poster girl of Republican crazeee
  6. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    Posting what again?
  7. Trickle down

    Maternal life expectancy is down. Also, we are ranked at 26th in life expectancy, just 79 years. Somebody is doing a lousy job.
  8. Trickle down

    We need to explore the problem more. China has gone from 88% poverty in 1981 to 6.5% poverty in 2012. We definitely could learn from that and others. Perhaps if we weren't so defensive that we had to use talking points whenever the discussion comes up?
  9. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    "The Department of Veterans Affairs won’t be hurt as much as many federal agencies in the event of a partial government shutdown, but officials are warning there still will be some disruptions for veterans. About 4 percent of the department’s workforce — nearly 16,000 workers — would be subject to furloughs during a shutdown, with almost half of that total coming from the Veterans Benefits Administration. Checks would continue to be sent to veterans eligible for VA payouts, but education benefits assistance programs and case appeals work would be temporarily shuttered. Those impacts were first laid out by department officials last August, before the first in a series of four shutdown threats over federal spending in the last five months." As a result, most of the department’s 377,000-plus employees won’t be affected by a partial shutdown. VA officials said only a small number of Veterans Health Administration workers will be temporarily sent home, and none of them deal directly with patient care. https://www.navytimes.com/veterans/2018/01/19/va-could-weather-a-government-shutdown-better-than-most-other-departments/
  10. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Actually, it was pure theater to protest since Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz fired up those vets and led the protest.
  11. Trickle down

    $1.25 a day to $1.90 a day ain't life beautiful for some people. Wouldn't it be nice if those metrics included nutrition, child mortality, education, and access to water and electricity?
  12. Evidence of collusion?

    Unfortunately, all of these paranoid rantings from the right eventually turn up nothing before crumbling into dust. I wonder how history will view these last twenty-five years of witch hunts?
  13. Cadet Bone Spurs

    Trump knows when to stay quiet. He never responded to Eminem, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Lebron when he called him a bum. But be patient, his next wild rally he'll say a soldier who doesn't have legs knows nothing about bone spurs or something equally stupid and Sarah Hucklebee Sanders will say that we misunderstood him.