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    what is it?

    I think it is Reid Stowe's new project. wanted something a little faster, a little uglier, and something that any girl that goes with him has a their own hull to hide from him.
  2. Accurate statement
  3. Mtspeed

    lucky number

    Another J boat with a wet core sorry meant to say he is bow up on the rest of the fleet.
  4. If you look at 5P yesterday my models said Cat 3, and if I spent the time this morn would have said 4, but had other things to attend to more local. If being paid would be more accurate as I would have been nose deep into data. All the data is there, just have to utilize it..
  5. Nicole has a very impressive satellite presentation this afternoon. The eye has warmed and become more distinct since this morning, and the convective cloud tops surrounding the eye have cooled. As a result, subjective Dvorak intensity estimates have increased to T5.5/102 kt from TAFB and SAB. Since earlier satellite estimates were slightly higher than the intensity supported by this morning's reconnaissance data, the initial intensity has been raised to 95 kt, which is slightly lower than current Dvorak estimates. Another Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate Nicole this evening and should provide a better assessment of the hurricane's intensity. Low vertical wind shear and warm waters along the path of the hurricane through tonight could allow for some additional strengthening, and Nicole is forecast to reach major hurricane strength before it passes Bermuda. After that time, increasing southwesterly shear and cooler waters should cause some weakening. Strong westerly shear in a couple of days is expected to cause Nicole to become post-tropical, but baroclinic forcing is expected to keep the cyclone very strong through the entire forecast period. There is a large amount of uncertainty in the global models as to how much in the way of tropical characteristics Nicole will have late in the period, and the status of the cyclone is of low confidence at that time. Nicole is moving just east of due north or 010/9 kt. The hurricane will be moving into the mid-latitude southwesterly flow, which will cause Nicole to accelerate north-northeastward and then northeastward during the next 24 hours. This motion will bring the core of the hurricane near or over Bermuda on Thursday. In about 72 hours a shortwave trough is forecast to bypass the cyclone, which should cause Nicole to slow down and meander over the North Atlantic at days 4 and 5.
  6. Mtspeed

    Best Sailing Sunglasses??

    Julbo The best I've used yet. Every time a crew member tries them the go "wow".
  7. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    Holy shit AG lives again. We might actually get a post from Jack Tar soon
  8. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    Hustler is Definitely NOT kosher, we don't even let those kinds sail aboard her I have heard from some reliable sources that a few of "those kind" have sailed on Hustler. Yea, but that affirmative action day in City Island. Would never happen if he was racing at American, or Lurchmont
  9. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    The rest of the fleet should pull their head out of their ass and sail better. The J/29, all over the country, has had roughly the same rating since it was built. Hustler is a well sailed, well prepared boat with new sails. Most of the fleet they sail against are shitboxes with ragged out sails and dirty bottoms. So now it's acceptable to hit someone's rating who has an established design, just because the rest of the fleet they're in won't get off their ass and prepare their boats and learn how to do this sport they supposedly love so much? No wonder PHRF is dying. They'll probably want Hustler to drag a bucket next. You Hustler boys really need to get back into a one design fleet- this type of thing is really silly. Why they keep on adjusting the ratings on Manhasset Bay for that exact reason. Well sailed boats get a hit so that the racing is "fair and others will want to join and keep on racing" Where has pride in taking your beating and trying to improve your boats performance gone? Nice dummy down system.
  10. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    there are 1250 posts discussing this issue----I suggest reading some of them--you will be enlightened. meanwhile--FUCK OFF NEWBIE!! SHOW US YOUR (WIFE'S,GIRLFRIEND'S--LITTLE SISTER'S) TITS ' Why? Have you never seen any boobies Dumbo? Would your mummy approve? Ahhh but being a traditionalist......... Thanks for the warm welcome btw. By the number of posts already, i would say he is the same as hack/JT/AG and all the other sock puppets. Suprized he hasn't fried his connection with the amount of use it gets. How can he hold a job and be on the site all the time? You sound like a complete HACK! (am I close?)
  11. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    After 1200 + posts it is clear that there is no consensus. Maybe we should ask a simpler question; If Espo were a fish, what type of fish would he be? Well if you Google "Espo is a Dick Fish" this is what you get.
  12. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    Don't bring me into your shit fights. As mentioned on the 105NA thread where Hack first showed up, I don't have a sock puppet yet. Maybe one day I'll have as much to say as you do and I'll need additional names, but for now I can fight under my own name.
  13. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    Do you think it even moves? Something tells me it is stuck in the mud and and had more growth on it than the singer of ZZ Top.
  14. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    How the hell are you getting there? I didn't think you could drive with your broken foot. He traded the SL for a Ford van with hand controls, to go along with that handicap sticker he uses to get a closer parking spot at the gym. BTW, enjoy the party, and don't get near JT when there is misletoe.
  15. Mtspeed

    espo is a dick

    i'm sure the excess weight had nothing to do with it. Cold weather brittle bones ouch. I hope that was the only injury, won't want that pretty face damaged. BTW congrats on the new sails.