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  1. EC2018 Thread

    Did the paddle boarders finish?
  2. What a money pit!

    Another one of my money suckholes....
  3. EC2018 Thread

    I am happy these racers are long gone from Bonita Beach area....Wed 6:45 am....weather stinks.....rains on the way and the sea looks angry.....I enjoyed following your thread and watching the boats come by....take care
  4. EC2018 Thread

    Those two guys looked really comfortable.....maybe too much for this event.....just saying
  5. What a money pit!

    That 35 is a fiberglas car with a 350zz3 motor...it's very 50's looking with the pleated interior....it gets a lot of attn. at car shows....wanna buy it?
  6. EC2018 Thread

    9:30 am Monday...an interesting boat just went by....I have no idea if it's in the race....looked like about 20-22ft with six very large solar panels on top and I would guess an electric motor....two guys going south
  7. EC2018 Thread

    When does this race officially end and how far into it is Bonita Beach?....8am Monday morning a single kyak with a small head sail and a stout monohull with two traditional sails just went by....not much wind here...
  8. EC2018 Thread

    AT 5:10pm I see 5 sailboats heading south...theres not a lot of wind....In front of Bonita Beach
  9. EC2018 Thread

    Another sailboat going by Bonita Beach....looks like it has a mizzen sail(that's what I call it) on the back....someone sitting in the middle and another sail up front....it's way out there....looks like a owner made sailboat....theres another one outside of him with traditional head an main....
  10. EC2018 Thread

    two more sailboats going by but they are way out there....one has a yellow/green spinnaker? and the other one is orange/yellow spinnaker and about 1/4 mile ahead...going south
  11. What a money pit!

    I have a 1935 ford roadster that's becoming a suckhole
  12. EC2018 Thread

    A red cat went by our condo on Bonita Beach at 7am sunday morning...I have not seen any other boats
  13. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    One last thing....the trailer.....this last one had a 2005 triad single axle trailer which was nice...my other one had a nice older trailer with rollers....hard to work on the bottom...some have no trailer and others have trailers that aren't roadable....like tires and bearings....that's an important part of the typhoon purchase...only other thing would be how old are the sails??
  14. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    Couple of other things.....prices range from 2-20k depending on what it is....the last one I paid 5500 for it and sold it for 7k....things you can do:...get rid of the ugly blue decks by applying interlux interdeck beige paint....the boat looks amazingly better....strip and redo the teak.....I put cdi roller furling on ....I never liked lifelines so I only bought ones without lifelines....get one with a nice hull not all banged up and nice teak that is not damaged....the rest can be fixed easily....if you want a picture or two email me....the people that bought mine love that boat....
  15. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    I've owned two typhoons....not fast but stays on its feet....I was in a regatta in august...second day in the winds were 20+....all day...I never rounded up once...they hold a good line but you will get wet.....nothing down below....weak points....cabin top can compress...I added a compression post to the most recent one that raised the top 1.5 inches....rudder can come loose from the post...easy fix...fiberglass around post and rudder...solid as a rock....cheap maintenance a big plus....if you just wanna go sailing...these are good boats...I liked the typhoon better than my cd 22 that I owned for 8 yrs....