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  1. shavdog

    Daysailer suggestions?

    Typhoons are great little boats but they top out at 5...kinda slow ...I had two....they are stable and they are wet......meaning a big wave over the bow ends up in your face..
  2. shavdog

    Daysailer suggestions?

    Try and increase the length to 18-19ft to include many of the above sailboats....15ft won't open many doors...I have never sailed on one but the Wayfarer or CL16 would be one I would look at...
  3. shavdog

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    That's interesting....I have been sailing for 25 yrs and just experienced about the same thing....In feb I sold my 35.5 hunter legend and in April I bought a 2003 Flying Scot to put by my dock....Boats like new....I took the cover off after owning it for two months, waxed it and sold it....never launched it...never had a desire to....boat was picked up today...I don't know whats going on....I think part of it is my age(69) and part is been there done that....right now I am ejoying playing golf.....I don't know ...After owning 9 sailboats.....the excitement might be gone....It's kinda a bummer but real....
  4. shavdog

    Advice on transporting a boat

    I have used Uship 5 times to moves collector cars and the shippers reviews...they are more important than the price....
  5. shavdog

    Mooring Whip

    purchased a 8ft mooring whip from Monarch Marine for $250 delivered....I will post pictures and a review after install....
  6. shavdog

    Mooring Whip

    Has anyone used a Mooring Whip to secure your sailboat......I purchased a flying scot and intend on keeping it at the dock.....I have three options...mooring ball..I have one but and have used it but prefer not to anymore.....boat lift....I can buy a used boat lift, convert for sailboat use for about a grand...I don't really care for this option because it's more permanent and will cost addl funds to put in and take out every season...that leaves me to a mooring whip...I can buy one for around $500 and based on reviews people really like them....the one I picked out but have not ordered is from Monarch Marine....the bases for the fiberglas rods are flexible so when you release the sailboat the rods go event of bad weather the boat ramp is about 6 blocks from our house...I like this idea as I can be flexible to when the boats in or out of the water...has anyone had experience with a mooring whip?..thanks....
  7. shavdog

    J22 Mid Winters

    Mike Marshall.....blew em away......end of story
  8. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    Thanks to all the posters....I enjoyed following the challenge....hope to watch this again in 2020
  9. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    It's around 50 on Bonita Beach...clear skies...mostly....mild surf....calmer than last night
  10. shavdog


    A j80 came up today for 26k in new York on sailboat listings....if you cant find it ask me and I will get the exact site
  11. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    The last two participants I saw were around 6pm Monday....two kayaks with training wheels(that's what I call them) came main up looked slow....haven't seen anyone since...ocean is quite calm Tuesday am...
  12. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    2:30pm...Monday...a tandem red kayak just passed our condo on Bonita Beach.....they looked way too serious to be casual boaters.....bout a block off shore...going south
  13. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    I don't know if these people are in the race but four what I would call pretty much identical very small trawlers just went by heading south....bonita beach
  14. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    The guy that went by was about two blocks off the beach... or less...maybe one block
  15. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    Seascape....north end of hickory island