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  1. What about a product called Fanowood....have you tried that...says it can be stained....and gets favorable reviews...
  2. I have some minor teak repair on a toe rail on my Cape Dory Typhoon....I need a filler ....not looking for something to disappear just even out ....any product or sugestions?....like a wood filler etc...thanks...
  3. Thanks Andrew.....Nice finish for Curved Air
  4. Jon...I did some practicing...made a few adjustments ....rough cut a new glass to one quarter inch over....good to do this as I did see one chip in the glass...it stayed in the over part...took double sided tape and had my wife stand on the glass and routed a side at a time....going around sharp corners is alittle more difficult ...in the end I was very happy with the result...I took my sander and knocked down the sharp outer edge...I used one inch 3m vhb tape around the port then dow 795 to caulk ...the 795 was alittle bit of a mess as I had about one inch to fill...went down to the sailboat today and it looked great...three more to go...thanks again for your advice and help....I like to do this stuff myself if possible and I feel good about that...craig
  5. Thanks Jon....I'll report in next week...
  6. Jon....I have my bit with the bearing on the bottom....I had a sheet of plexi that was the wrong shade so I practiced with that....I am using the quarter inch plexi on top of a piece of plywood.....turned out nice...couple of questions....I started cutting going away from me but pulled it back to "clean it up"....is that ok or should I only go forward....second queston...with two one quarter inch plexis taped together are you saying I should be able to lay them on a flat surface with no spacer and cut?.....it seems theres alittle surface under the beaing that would prevent that and still keep the bearing on the bottom piece that's only a quarter inch thick....hope that makes sense....any secrets for going around sharp curves....I have a couple of those....hey, thanks for the education....craig....we're removing one port next week and giving it a try....
  7. Put the word out in ohio...I have a way to get a sailboat to me...thanks...I need detailed pictures and a price...thank.s
  8. The J22 I sail will be raced once a yr...I care more about cosmetics than a keel job, and the latest in rigging......racers say damage is only cosmetic, I say keep your boat...I don't want it...I'm interested in not wasting someones time trying to sell me a sailboat with the latest rigging but cosmetically not so good....I realize almost all are raced, but there are a few out there in my category...
  9. I've owned several sailboats over the past 25 yrs and this is the first time I made a selling mistake....I had the perfect J22 for me and sold it as we bought a Hunter 35.5 legend and for two minutes I didn't want two sailboats...anyway I am in the market for a replacement ....It must be nice , probably not been raced, not a banged up deck, not a banged up mast and the inside not full of mold or mildew...I like the teak trim vs the composite material....if you have one and want to sell it, contact me with pictures and a description......roller furling a plus......thanks...
  10. So from your last comment I would overcut by maybe a quarter inch so the router trims out....the bit has a half inch cut so that should work....I'll be alittle bit before I start that but will report back....thanks again..
  11. Thanks Jon.....two quarter inch thick pieces isn't all that thick...
  12. Maybe someone with some knowledge can respond if this is ok....I am looking at an Amana 45460 template bit ...1/4 inch shank...and has a 1/2 inch cut...the bit has the bearing on top and is 1 inch....it's right around $30 with 10 very positive reviews on Amazon...is this what I need?.....I have never used a router but have a new one in the box an I am ready to practice....thanks...I was thinking a smaller cut would be faster with maybe less heat but most of the cuts are 1/2 inch or more...
  13. andykane...I like the idea of using a template bit....rather than using a jig saw.....using the template bit are there any addl worries about melting the plastic....thanks.
  14. I need to replace four fixed Plexiglas ports....I can get 1/4 inch smoked glass from e street plastics....that parts easy...I have a Plexiglas blade for my jig saw....I used that when I cut out a companion way board for a J22...looked great but the lines weren't as straight as they should be.....If I do the same to one of my fixed ports what kind of sander or method can I use to straighten up the final product.Is a belt sander too intense?..what about a long board(18inch).I would like to do this myself unless trying to get to that point would be better served by a glass shop.....any suggestions ...thanks...
  15. memo....they are in the process of delivering my 35.5 hunter from traverse city to Minnesota...I heard from the driver this morning he is driving thru a snowstorm on Hwy 2 ....wtf...