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  1. Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    I would check with National Sail Supply(Rolly Tasker) in Florida....Dirk Sharland 352-540-9101....I bought a new set and get alot of compliments....if you aren't a die hard racer...I highly recommend you at least check....Mine are on a Hunter 35.5 legend
  2. Bilge Pump

    I have a rule 800(small) pump in my sailboat...While winterizing this morning, the water heater I drained into the bilge. While the bilge was filling up the pump activated...made a buzzing sound but never pumped any water out...I thought these things were self priming....I tapped it a few times but nothing changed....the bilge is always dry so the pump never gets used....any advice thanks...craig
  3. "Viet Nam" documentary by Ken Burns

    Anyone else here survive hill 937?
  4. source for oval head bronze tapping screws

    Have you looked at Jamestown Dist.....they have a lot or restoration hardware
  5. J/22 vs Sonar 23

    Any other day sailers with good performance to look at besides these three?
  6. Johnstone on CBS news

    Anyone catch that on tonights news?....at 8o yrs old theres hope for all of us....he looked great...
  7. MInor Teak Repair...Is There A Filler

    Project completed....I had three teak voids in my toe rail on my cape dory typhoon....they were kind of a eye soar....I didn't want to cut out the sections as they weren't that big....two were an inch and one about 2.5 inches...anyway I bought the smallest can of teak famowood....easy to apply ...next day I sanded....easy to sand....the color ofcourse is way off...too light...went to the hardware store and bought red oak stain.....it matches very good...from 10 feet you cant see it....put the clear varnish over....nice...this is easy work for a minor repair that you don't want to spend a lot of time or money on....thumbs up.....next
  8. Shipping Your Boat

    I've used uship.com five times but always in the continental us.....
  9. MInor Teak Repair...Is There A Filler

    What about a product called Fanowood....have you tried that...says it can be stained....and gets favorable reviews...
  10. I have some minor teak repair on a toe rail on my Cape Dory Typhoon....I need a filler ....not looking for something to disappear just even out ....any product or sugestions?....like a wood filler etc...thanks...
  11. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    Thanks Andrew.....Nice finish for Curved Air
  12. Plexiglas Fixed Port Replacement

    Jon...I did some practicing...made a few adjustments ....rough cut a new glass to one quarter inch over....good to do this as I did see one chip in the glass...it stayed in the over part...took double sided tape and had my wife stand on the glass and routed a side at a time....going around sharp corners is alittle more difficult ...in the end I was very happy with the result...I took my sander and knocked down the sharp outer edge...I used one inch 3m vhb tape around the port then dow 795 to caulk ...the 795 was alittle bit of a mess as I had about one inch to fill...went down to the sailboat today and it looked great...three more to go...thanks again for your advice and help....I like to do this stuff myself if possible and I feel good about that...craig
  13. Plexiglas Fixed Port Replacement

    Thanks Jon....I'll report in next week...
  14. Plexiglas Fixed Port Replacement

    Jon....I have my bit with the bearing on the bottom....I had a sheet of plexi that was the wrong shade so I practiced with that....I am using the quarter inch plexi on top of a piece of plywood.....turned out nice...couple of questions....I started cutting going away from me but pulled it back to "clean it up"....is that ok or should I only go forward....second queston...with two one quarter inch plexis taped together are you saying I should be able to lay them on a flat surface with no spacer and cut?.....it seems theres alittle surface under the beaing that would prevent that and still keep the bearing on the bottom piece that's only a quarter inch thick....hope that makes sense....any secrets for going around sharp curves....I have a couple of those....hey, thanks for the education....craig....we're removing one port next week and giving it a try....
  15. I Made A Mistake....Wanted J22

    Put the word out in ohio...I have a way to get a sailboat to me...thanks...I need detailed pictures and a price...thank.s