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  1. shavdog

    Cruising Consultans Crealock 37

    In my current issue of Good Old Boat....the Crelock 37 is featured with a four page article....
  2. shavdog

    Show your boat not sailing

    I posted an earlier picture of my Cape Dory Typhoon when I purchased last fall....heres a couple of shots after teak and nonskid refinish and new bottom paint and rudder repaiir...
  3. shavdog

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    Heres what I used on my Cape Dory Typhoon....Total Boat Tan from Jamestown Dist....Two coats rolled on...
  4. shavdog

    US new case rate already peaked?

    I have been keeping daily track of the reported cases in the US ....early on the case count was increasing upper teens% to lower 20'S% on a daily basis...over the last week the daily increases have dropped to the 3%+ area.......the death rates early on were increasing in the upper teens % and over the last week the daily death increases has been in the 4-6% area...the one count that has not looked good is the total death count as compared to the total case count...early on it was around 1.5-1.7%....more receently it has come in at 5.5%+_...that death rate to total case count has risen about every day....
  5. shavdog

    Milling a centerboard from G10

    Theres an article in my Good Old Boat Magazine last month about a guy that made his new board for an Allied Seabreeze 35 out of Corian countertop material....might be worth a look....he's very happy with outcome...
  6. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    CatFive.....that was awesome....I'll never sail this event but as long as I am in our condo at Bonita Beach, I'll be on the lookout the first weekend of to you and congratulations....
  7. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Mistermoon....thanks for posting your video....
  8. shavdog

    Boomer With IPOD.....I Know

    Thanks G.....I needed alittle guidance....
  9. shavdog

    Boomer With IPOD.....I Know

    Ok....I am one of those boomers out of the loop....I have an Ipod...I want to use it when I go out sailing this summer....I have a cape dory typhoon with no battery power...I see all these kayakers down here in florida with these high quality speakers hooked up to their cell phones...ok...I know.....I still have a flip phone...roll your eyes a few times and tell me how I can hook up my ipod to one of those wireless speakers....I like quality sound so I don't want one of those tennis ball sized speakers...thanks for your help....boomer
  10. shavdog

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bullcity....what kind of sailboat is that?....Tonic
  11. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Beautiful day in Florida...very different from the start of the race...
  12. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    CatFive...thanks for posting...look forward to your write up on your experience.....
  13. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Lets get back to the event....anyone finish some pictures if you can....congratulations to the participants..... what happened to the three boarders that I saw go by?
  14. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Comments like this is why there has to be common sense rules and monitoring in said what I wrote.....Boats without current registration should not be on the water...that leads me to believe the race organizers aren't doing their job at inspecting....If I were doing it, it's very likey half of you would be going home before the start....a cat came by our condo with out of date registration....first thing I noticed..
  15. shavdog

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    I hope this guys family takes this up with with a current registration on boats.....they shouldn't be on the water...period...and the race organizers have responsibility to some degree.....I think this is a great event and really look forward to seeing the boats come by in Bonita suggestion ....why don't you participants do some serious self policing and get together with the event owners and make sure the inspections are done properly and spend some serious time on safety to try an avoid things like this....I've been around enough races to know when people get in a boat they sometimes leave common sense on shore.....I hope this event stays around but I think the ownership needs to be held accountable ....