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  1. Lambretta

    Photo story - Saint Helena

    Thanks for sharing ....... great photos, research and comments
  2. I would definitely recommend the charter route as well. For a couple of reasons ........... Is this something you actaully enjoy (all of you)? Charter different cats so you can find out your likes and dislikes and what are essential features on the boat What sort of sailing performance you will require. You will then probably find (like I did) that the vast majority of production cats get taken off the list for a liveaboard scenario ...... then back to the drawing board to match your requirements for a range of cats and then overlay the budget (for purchase and maintenance costs - work on approx 10 to 15% of purchase price in annual maintenance and insurance and running costs) What configuration you require - like a 4 cabin with four heads, or four cabin 2 heads or three cabin three heads (ie owner version set up) etc. Start reading and researching (like you have done on this forum) ........ This is all really fun stuff ...... if you dont enjoy this ....... then this movie is probably not for you! Good luck
  3. Lambretta

    New Wheel: Carbonautica GFC?

    Received my GFC wheel from Carbonautica this past week. It is great .....Built to exact spec and build quality is most impressive. I also ordered the folding passarelle from them and impressed with that too. Service has been great from company.
  4. Lambretta

    New Wheel: Carbonautica GFC?

    I have ordered a 800mm diameter GFC for a new build cat from Carbonautica. It arrives mid December. Ordered it from one I saw and held (but not sailed) on a 60ft carbon performance cat. Pricing was good and so was service from Carbonautica . Went for the wheel at it was lighter and had a way better feel than the Edson stainless wheel that was standard on the cat. (not a production cat!) Besides it looks really cool !
  5. Lambretta

    Best place to source Anderson winches?

    Thanks 12 metre and Fleetwood and Zonder........ will check your suggestions out shortly ...... I am in South Africa.......... The shipping will not be an issue as I have a contact who ships from Canada, the USA and another mate from Italy. Good mates to know!! .......... I am hoping to get good pricing out of Europe as my logic tells me it must be cheaper as Anderson are based in Denmark so I would expect their shipping cost to Europe to be lower .......... but life is full of surprises!! ......... at a roughly 40% premium to the Harken kit that comes standard with the boat ........ I think it is worth spending the extra tin!
  6. I am in the market for 7 new Anderson winches (2 X electric 24v) and the rest manual I have emailed various agents for these winches in Europe and one in the USA ........ asking for pricing ...... but have not received any response! Any recommendations?
  7. I believe there is Balance 526 on Yachtworld ....... for $1.4 with full carbon rig etc. Not sure if Phil mentioned this to you?
  8. Lambretta

    Antal Roller Cleat - Feedback?

    I am looking for first hand feedback on this mooring cleat. ........ See the specs on the link below for the size of the boat. I am weighing up (excuse the pun!) the additional cost of what I think is a great cleat design and its longevity. It is made from anodised aluminum with stainless bolts that bolt from underneath. Check out this video ......... seems like they are at least twice the price of a same spec's stainless cleat, but a third of the weight. Any first hand feedback on this cleat ..... it has only been on the market for just over 3 years (I think - was not listed in the Antal brochure for 2014) How does the swivel mechanism hold out and any other feedback would be appreciated. Video here
  9. HI Pura Check out the Balance 526 ...... made by Nexus catamarans in Cape St Francis, South Africa. Not in the same league as a Gunboat (very little is !! - the more performance you want the more you will have to pay ..... carbon = $$$ )....... but this boat does go fast! Beautifully made by an excellent team. Waiting list until late 2018 ........ so unlikely that any on the secondary market just yet.
  10. Lambretta

    Hobie 16 mast stepping

    Ditto to this ....... I am 75 kgs and I can rig my 16 like this by myself ........ works well (every time!!) ...... Just make sure the hulls are pointed into the wind if there is a fair breeze. I had to many scary moments trying to step the mast by myself!!! ......... or with novice crew for that matter!
  11. Lambretta

    Tool kit must Haves

    Thanks IStream .. ...... good to know on the sharpening side as I was not aware of that ........ I always drill stainless slowly and keep applying drops off oil .... stops the steel getting tempered and or discolored.
  12. Lambretta

    Tool kit must Haves

    Did not see these above. ........ probably missed it (again!) Filter remover Bolt cutters Vernier (did not see that anywhere) ditto ........ Tape measure! Center punch Cobalt drill bits in sizes that suit your boat ..... once you have used these to drill stainless ...... you next question will be why only now! And these ........ was mentioned above ....... but unless you see the picture it might have passed some by ....... once you have used this tool you will never (ever!) use a regular shifting spanner again ......... Knippex make the best pliers period ! ..... Rock solid German quality.
  13. Lambretta

    You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    Thanks ......... great info I was not aware off ......... only seen the unit for B&G
  14. Lambretta

    Feedback on the Harken Switch T Batt Car system

    Thanks for the responses and just the sort of information I was looking for Regarding point number 5 it is the removal of halyard from the head car ..... yes I realize not an every day activity but much easier when the stack pack is half the height and one is not a basket ball player!!
  15. I am looking for feedback from those who have used the patented Harken Switch T Track batt car system. If you have..... what were thoughts on the system and what size boat was it fitted on? My assessment of this system so far It does not use the torsion ball system of the standard Harken Batt car and therefore has no moving parts. It is therefore less prone to failure and (potentially) requires less maintenance, but will not drop as easily as torsion ball cars, so being able to drop (or reef) the main in unfavourable conditions might be more tricky without bearing up as the friction on the cars on the switch system will be higher. This switch car system has the advantages (as I see them):1. of reducing the stack pack height by 50% (which on a 50 foot cat is material) and the benefits that go with that.2. reefing the main easier - as in managing the sail once dropped3. Less to go wrong - no moving parts. 4. It is 25% cheaper than the price as the torsion ball batt car system.5. Connecting and disconnection the main halyard is much easier. 6. It is in the region of 40% lighter than the torsion ball batt car system (which is material) as the size of the head car and the batt cars are significantly smaller as the cars dont have to house the ball bearing system.