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  1. patrikrosen

    Old Tornado 21 rigging questions

    Some pictures
  2. patrikrosen

    Old Tornado 21 rigging questions

    We've been out some more and I think we've got it to work pretty well. We'll also decided to keep the one handling the mainsail pretty static at a good position and let the one handling the job move inwards and outwards depending on the wind. We got some nice 5-10 sec "airtime" today Still not that windy but we did around 15 knots. Thank you all for the help we've received. Now the boat is on land and the sails are tucked away for vacation part two, which will be on the other side of the country from where we are now. Will do some more sailing in the autumn and I'll mount my go pro for some action as well. I managed to strap my camera on the front bow at least to get some action on tape
  3. patrikrosen

    Old Tornado 21 rigging questions

    HI all! Been out testing today and our ability to position us higher towards the wind was way better after the adjustments. Today we also tried to get one of the hulls to lift from the water. We've only had about 5-6 m/s here lately and with both of us (100kg+80kg) on the hull we haven't really lifted. When my brother moved to the other hull we could get the hull to get some air. Actually to the limit where we easely would have went over without adjusting the main sail. Our question now is: Is there a point to adjust our positions on the cat to actually get the hull to lift? Or is it better to keep it flat as much as possible?
  4. patrikrosen

    Old Tornado 21 rigging questions

    Thank you for some more info! That's very interesting to hear! The hulls only leaks about 0.2-0.3L after a 2 hour ride so that's pretty OK I would guess. Adding some more shots for you! What kind of newer sails would fit this T do you think? We're trying to figure out what the two long steel wires (covered with plastic protection) is for. Testing amother way to mount the sheet block a the moment but we might be out cycling It's actually written 1973 on the sails, thought it was the birthday of the first owner or something but It might be when the sail is from We've also figured out that the mesh is mounted upside down? We have a band/strap going along the both mesh sides that maybe should be upwards. We assumed that the printed logo should be facing upwards but maybe the idea is to show it to the world after tipping over (which I doubt we'll ever do, it feels very stabile)
  5. patrikrosen

    Old Tornado 21 rigging questions

    Well we only payed 350 usd for it, and added 200 usd on paint and some glass fiber. So we are OK with the tragic sails. Before we start to invest in new (used) sails we want to make sure that it holds together. We did 18 knots yesterday and it's still in one piece Do you think it will hold together if we start to add another trapeze as well as a gennaker?
  6. patrikrosen

    Old Tornado 21 rigging questions

  7. HI! Me and my brother bought an old Tornado with plywood hulls and pretty old sail's. One main sail and one jib. We wonder if this is rigged properly, its placed really high up. We attended a sailing competition yesterday and experienced great speeds at half wind but the tacking angle was rather high and we think it has to do with the jib. Best Regards Patrik