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  1. Victory 82 in Burnham-on-Crouch
  2. For Valencia I have Nov 2008 - something like Saturday 8th from the timestamps Some AC33 stuff
  3. Team Origin, off Valencia and not sure when, but during the supposed annual regatta by EB's made up COR (embarrassed to say I cannot remember its name) that had its headquarters in Desafio's boat shed. WetHog Yup.... 2011 I think but I need to check the dates. I got a 'media' pass to go watch. Barely any media at all.... very low profile. Great opportunity. Long chat with Sir Ainslie who also gave my boys a guided tour of the boat and met with all the crew. A ticket money couldn't buy ! Got some more pics at home I'll post later. The ones afloat are cos I asked to go on a media boat. The girl running it saud she could but apologised cos it would be static boat. It was actually the committee boat :-) The banter was great ! Also covered the 33rd DoG match which was fun. I'll try and get down to Valencia in the next few weeks to survey the wreckage.... I actually live 40 mins away. They are slowly redeveloping the are as the economy picks up so all the bases will dosappear eventually. Rgds Reetp
  4. Me on the back of Victory 82 :-) Will be in Valencia shortly - will see if I can take a trip down to the port and have a look. Got some other slight unusual old shots but need to get back to my server to find them.
  5. Think Crusader from 87 is in Harwich UK last I heard. Victory 82 in a cradle at Battlesbridge Essex UK I believe. Sailed 82 several years ago in 25+ knots. Hydraulics failed at the start. Somehow we got it back in one piece....... Had one go at grinding to say I'd done it but it doesn't suit my racing snake physique :-) Once was enough. Kudos to all grinders. They are insane. Know one or two from the 82/83 crew who still reckon 82 may have been the quicker of the two (believe 82 won the 12 metre worlds) but they were never allowed to be two boated.... Believe the 83 mast was pretty radical but overshadowed by some fandangled keel ! When 83 arrived in the Caribbean they stripped all the gear off 82 and put it on 83. 82 was towed up the canals and dumped in NY. Apparently masts are one of the most sought after bits today. Still think 12s are amazing boats. My era I guess.