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  1. DominicShrimp

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I admire his use of the word "scervy". Very nautical.
  2. DominicShrimp

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist You could float it, then finish it as you cruise...
  3. DominicShrimp

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    I went through the same stuff when I bought an old trailer sailer a couple of years ago. You learn the setting up fast, just take your time. If you rush you'll probably forget to put the rudder on. Make sure your halyards are routed properly as they tend to get twisted up after being in storage for a while. Especially if the shrouds have been off. Lubricating the blocks is a good idea - I dealt with stiff squeaky blocks longer than I should have. Do the swivels as well as the bearings. I used Sailkote but the others here likely have opinions about this. I also found taking the winches apart and cleaning them made a big difference. There will be plenty of time for maintenance over the next few years. Go sailing early and often.
  4. DominicShrimp

    What is your favourite sailing film?

    Summer Rental.
  5. DominicShrimp

    Radio controlled sailing

    I built my IOM out of glass over balsa planking and it needs 300g of corrector weights to get it to the class minimum. Carbon or Kevlar isn't legal for an IOM hull so it's not an arm's race like other classes. I did use carbon reinforcements on my keel though. You do need an expensive winch and 3 rigs of you're going to be serious about it though.
  6. DominicShrimp

    Radio controlled sailing

    I scratch built this IOM (a Goth XP) a couple of winters ago, after sailing a Victoria and a T37. I got tired of sitting on the dock while the boat had all the fun so I got a San Juan 21 which didn't really cost a whole lot more than the toy boats.
  7. DominicShrimp

    When does a boat become a yacht?

    These guys have some that are only 12 inches, and they still call them yachts:
  8. DominicShrimp

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Careful there Great White, it's a slippery slope. I started with one of those and ended up scratch building a International One Meter a few years later. Then I realized it was more fun to have a boat I could sit on. And to stay on topic. Sailing (in dead calm).
  9. DominicShrimp

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Oh come on, that's just a VERY secure anchor... and a tad too little scope... (I know it's on a mooring... it's a joke) In-laws are asleep in the quarter birth.
  10. DominicShrimp

    Metal Boats

    Aren't pennies made mostly of zinc these days?
  11. DominicShrimp

    Boating on a budget - simple ideas

    I have a feeling that car might ride like that even without the trailer.
  12. DominicShrimp

    Boating on a budget - simple ideas

    It is when it's on a 2 wheel trailer on the highway. I tow my San Juan 21 with my 2007 Subaru Forester. I felt a little ridiculous until I saw this guy at a rest stop.