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  1. Expedition 101 by North U - or other education?

    Yes, and yes. Fire up software, get connected aboard, make some log files. Develop Polars and crossover charts Read will oxleys books (both of them.) return to software. Analyze log files download some gribs, route some dummy passages, try to predict a several hour race, see how you do Then take Peters courses. Repeat.
  2. If you are serious. Get Signet paddlewheels and NOT the "SMARTSENSORS" with NMEA outputs which are not high update rates, and have difficulty in adjusting the damping. The bigger the paddlewheel and the better the install, the more likely your bottom speed will be accurate. Check on compatibility with your instruments whether you need Hall Effect or simple magnet/coil. Paddlewheel Sensors Self-Powered Paddlewheel Sensor • RCA Plug with 35 ft. cable (for new traditional instruments) • AMP Plug with 35 ft. cable (for older knotmeters) • For SmartPak with 35 ft. cable (Conxall Plug) 1-2200.100-1 1-2200.100-2 1-2200.100 $189 $192 $189 Open Collector (Hall Effect) Paddlewheel Sensor • Square wave output for non-Signet Marine Instruments. Call 1-2200.200 $189 or get the equivalent that are available from B&G: Get the blanking plugs and remember to remove the paddles between sailings put a DT800 in the old hole and get depth/temperature...
  3. Sailing is cheap

  4. How close can the sails be? (i.e. the "slot")

    Mizzen Envy... a sad affliction of those who are less well endowed. We rolled over a Tartan 3400 & under a Ranger 33 Sunday with our Mizzen Staysail in < 5kts wind. Couldn't hold the Ranger on the tighter reach in < 2kts.
  5. what's wrong with this picture

    Aint nobody made cross cut chutes in decades. The wire luffs added that special touch
  6. what's wrong with this picture

    The only boat without a prod, is the only one flying a chute, disconnected and ahead of the bow, but their tactician is brandishing the world's biggest hand bearing compass. The biological boom vang gets progressively less bold as you go from first to last place.
  7. Sailing is cheap

    Boat bought cash in 2000. Annual slip rental/club dues $7200 Annual Insurance $1200 Annual property tax $800 Upgraded equipment annual reserve $2000 Quadrennial Haul and Bottom Paint annual reserve $1000 Decennial Re-rigging annual reserve $1000 Annual miscellaneous Oh Shit $3000 (this year it's the Injector pump) Diver 6x $100 per year $600 Sail replacement annual reserve $1000 Storage unit for spares $1000 Rolling an <8000 lb boat that owes you 60 seconds a mile, in < 5 kts wind, with an 85 yr old woman trimming a 56 yr old mizzen staysail: fucking priceless.
  8. Mizzen Staysail Designs

    Robin of Hood Sausalito and Coop of Hood RI are working on it. Have a new 155 coming first.
  9. what's wrong with this picture

    At least it's hard to read the insipid prose of the copy due to the poor graphic design
  10. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Looking forward to racing, not the equivalent of my neighbors asking why the police helicopter is hovering overhead on Facebook.
  11. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    This just adds distraction https://www.wsj.com/articles/six-chinese-ships-covertly-aided-north-korea-the-u-s-was-watching-1516296799
  12. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    The colregs cover that possibility... Rule 6 Safe Speed Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions. In determining a safe speed the following factors shall be among those taken into account: (a)By all vessels: (i)The state of visibility; (ii) The traffic density including concentrations of fishing vessels or any other vessels; (iii) The manageability of the vessel with special reference to stopping distance and turning ability in the prevailing conditions; (iv) At night the presence of background light such as from shore lights or from back scatter from her own lights; (v) The state of wind, sea and current, and the proximity of navigational hazards; (vi) The draft in relation to the available depth of water. (b) Additionally, by vessels with operational radar: (i) The characteristics, efficiency and limitations of the radar equipment; (ii) Any constrains imposed by the radar range scale in use; (iii) The effect on radar detection of the sea state, weather and other sources of interference; (iv) The possibility that small vessels, ice and other floating objects may not be detected by radar at an adequate range; (v) The number location and movement of vessels detected by radar; (vi) The more exact assessment of the visibility that may be possible when radar is used to determine the range of vessels or other objects in the vicinity.
  13. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    in Practical terms, they are... Any commercial vessel except perhaps a water taxi is either fishing, or restricted in ability to maneuver compared to a racing sailboat. Colregs: Rule 18 Responsibilities Between Vessels Except where rule 9, 10, and 13 otherwise require: (a)A power driven vessel underway shall keep out of the way of: (i)a vessel not under command; (ii)a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver; (iii)a vessel engaged in fishing; (iv)a sailing vessel; (b) A sailing vessel under way shall keep out of the way of: (i)a vessel not under command; (ii)a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver; (iii)a vessel engaged in fishing;
  14. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    If they hit commercial vessel, they are basically at fault.
  15. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Depends on the size of the border... Our southern one will be ~$US 20 Billion.