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  1. EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    The innovations in personal kit seem to be coming quickly, seeing the PFD as a system a lot like the military ALICE vests. Integrating short range communications, some type of camelback bladder and sufficient storage for necessary on deck stuff makes sense. A long way from Hanging a rigging knife and pinning a strobe on.
  2. Is this bad?

    You could have colored the bits by donor engine, just for the fun of having a mongrel. The pink and aqua will show oil leaks quickly.
  3. EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    Jack, Lioness carries a “4G” continuous wave Radar, it’s good for finding large objects, and ATON which mount cube corners or beacons without much power draw. Running on an interval to peek ahead that was calculated based on speed, and sea state would be sensible, but expecting an AI to decide if there is a return amidst the clutter would be a moral hazard Having an offline discussion on using AIS position as a waypoint/racing mark, which would be effectively a homing mechanism. If the AIS beacon for the crew were to be activated (MMSI) then sound alarm, and perhaps after 10sec put boat head to wind until crew overrides.
  4. B&G to Expedition

    Look for a NMEA2000 & 0183 to Ethernet and plug Ethernet into your WiFi/router. Or use one of these http://www.yachtd.com/products/wifi_gateway.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=WI-FI Gateway&utm_term=%2Bnmea-wifi&utm_content=General or for a bit more coin https://www.bandg.com/bg/type/chartplotter/vulcan-7r-no-xd/
  5. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Most of the the ~40 B-40s in the “B-40” shed are in the water 3 months, and the shed 9. Back in ‘06 the August discount on a varnish job was $5000.
  6. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    I do... Lioness has not been varnished in more than 10 yrs, and is decidedly scruffy. Last time we stopped in SW Harbor the service manager begged me to leave her for the winter, so they could make her “right”. That would have involved peeling deck, wooding all trim and his estimate was >10x annual maintenance budget. So we sail, instead of hours of varnishing. retirement in 5-8 years and perhaps I’ll have more time.
  7. VIRB 360 and instrument data - it works!

    The garmin guys at boat show admitted their virb doesn’t work with their GNT-10 NMEA-ANT converter, it requires a Garmin MFD. Guess that’s one way to get people to buy their plotters.
  8. EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    Thanks for the responses. Went to the Pacific Sail & Power boat show yesterday and looked at a few of the items they had displayed. Ocean Signal was not represented, so very good to know about them. First chance I had to put hands on a spinlock 5D PFD.Had the missus with me, who is supportive of the investment, so that was provident as the kit adds up to better part of thousand US per We have a fold down boarding ladder that I deploy when solo, and I have the blue tooth AP fob. (Never tested its range from in the water astern...) whether I could in fact swim to a boat that was hove too, and climb it or not while in foulies is perhaps another question. For crewed sailing, thats why the Vang has a snapshackle at bottom and the camcleat is up at boom, it’s the hoist for the life sling The AIS MOB system from Ocean Signal includes an alarm, not clear if that also generates an MOB PGN to Mark the position. Will need to investigate interoperability with B&G Zeus/H5000; looks like,there is a relay output so that should work, could be both a MOB closure and interrupt the power to AP if done reasonably i was quite surprised that the price of rafts has dropped significantly since I last looked them up. No reason to hang on to my old one (pre 2000) and have it repacked given the sub $2000 price points.
  9. AIS on racing marks

    And yet they are apparently used to mark corners of trawls that are continuously moving... I’ll call the Navcen as well as “local” (Pacific USCG) and see if their opinion has changed.
  10. AIS on racing marks

    Any examples of modest cost solar powered AIS transponders deployed on racing marks ? Thinking it would be useful in low visibility/night. Message 21 would be appropriate, and USCG has a form for it. Found these
  11. Boom vang loads?

    Ok, so you are talking about this ? I think your question is about the rating on the tackle that pulls the strut in towards the gooseneck. If you look at the load as a torque around the gooseneck, then the vertical component of force at the Vang strut would need to be 4.3 x the downward force of the sheet tackle. Assuming that the vang strut attached to the mast at about the same height for a 45 degree angle as shown in diagram, then the solution of a free body diagram would give you a load on the tackle approximately 1/cos(45) * 4.3 or more like 6 times the downward force of the Main sheet tackle. if you have a sense of the amount of force to pull in your main when hardened in (say 100lbs) * 3:1 tackle that would give you a working load of about 1800 lbs on the pull in tackle round it off to 2000 to account for some friction. Disclaimer: I took mechanics back in 1975...
  12. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Possibly interested in a 2018 Monhegan Race charter: 30' range non-spinnaker suitable for double handing would be ideal. Will be short on time, flying in from West coast so prefer to pickup/deliver in Portland/Falmouth +/- 50 miles to best enjoy the weekend. Alternatively two berths for self and son would be fun, we used to race Lioness '04-06 and did well there.
  13. Come inside a 1961 Alden Challenger lazarette.

    Looks familiar to the 1962 B-40 lazarette, including the haze grey paint, though we have a hatch in the deck and you can fit inside if you are < 250 lbs and can go in headfirst in a pike position to service the mizzen wire connections, before you learn to make longer tails and bring them to the cockpit lockers ahead of the mizzen. Instead of glassed in beams, Hinckley used glassed on half rounds for stiffening, and a layup for the hull/deck that was consistent with their wooden designs without the ribs. We store maintenance supplies, spare anchor and rode and life jackets/cushions in that order to keep weight minimized, while allowing deck access to a stern anchor.
  14. EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    As we gain crew experience, we'll probably venture out and do some open water coastal cruising/racing again. "Lioness" came with an old pre-gps EPIRB back in 2000, and I have long since tossed it when we moved from NH to CA, as it was past usage date and ran on the old frequency. We have an AIS class B transponder, DSC VHF and older ICOM SSB with a cockpit MFD to display AIS hits on. Used to have the 6' whip flag, drogue, dye packet and horseshoe buoy, with a lifesling and a 4 part boom vang tackle that could be used to hoist aboard, I think the MOM-8 and DanBuoy has pretty much replaced that? At some point we should invest in automatic beacons for boat(raft) and crew (PFD) and potentially for a throwable MOB buoy What's the current state of technology and recommendation for both boat/liferaft (EPIRB 406 MHz) and MOB (SART/PLB AIS vs ) beacons? Are there any sensible interfaces to Autopilot (i.e.B&G H5000) that will "auto stop" a sailboat, e.g. put it head to wind in the case of SART/PLB activation for singlehanding? This is out there to kill engine Recommendations for hardwired/NMEA2000 MOB button vs PFD fob? Do you use different PLB type for PFD and MOB buoy?
  15. Wind transducers - tall vs short

    The low end stuff going direct to NMEA at the sensor makes it easier to just plug and play and in that regard, mix and match between vendors is trivial though calibration is limited. As separately discussed, the improvement of boat and wind speed measurements, and the correction of wind angle measurements are significant challenges: minimum valid speed to have a credible reading ("zero" setting) Linearization over range at (multiple) values correction for heel, leeway and trim as a "constant" effect Sensor angle to flow changing coupling change in flow over rig/hull correction for roll, yaw and pitch as a "dynamic" effect small signal modulations around steady state due to periodic and random motion correction of angle for measured wind speed at various angles (Upwash) calculation of a credible TWD and TWS in a current field and while tacking as an output Jack FWIW we sail all year in SFBay area. Only concession to season is we don't race mid week evenings until May, and the winter "prize hats" are fleece not mesh ball caps.