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  1. my past is far too colorful to bother with running for public office. I'm leaving the Bay area as fast as I can build my way out, hopefully escaping before the inevitable crash
  2. The second saddest aspect to this whole thing, after the criminal negligence showed by Cuomo et al in housing infected patients in nursing homes, is the pathetic politicization. High density, and at risk populations have and will have more infections. Distancing and sanitation at an institutional, and personal level reduce spread. The attempts to label this is indicative of why those who are casting blame should never be allowed near anything resembling political power.
  3. LionessRacing

    The Covid-19 conspiracy thread

    Generally hours that the polls are open. The location of polls, staffing etc is again variable by state/county/city. Supposedly there's some basis for setting them at every certain number of voters inside a city by "precincts or wards" and in smaller rural regions generally in each village/town center.
  4. LionessRacing

    The Covid-19 conspiracy thread

    Most places in the US polls are open 0600 - 2000, some states vary. Many get election day as a negotiated holiday, others choose to stand in line before/after work. or file an absentee ballot.
  5. LionessRacing

    are umpires good enough?

    Bullies tarnish many sports, though intimidation is part of them as well. In sailing, knowing your boat and your competitors well enough to maneuver with authority in what seems to be a likely collision can be exhilarating. Having the audacity to choose a port start, tack on a lee bow or otherwise sail aggressively within the rules is a great part of the fun of competition. None of that involves yelling at the other boats, or barging into starts, or sailing below a proper course. Hailing something that's not accurate is poor sportsmanship, distracting at best and dangerous at worst. Requiring umpires, or video replay for adjudication is not a viable answer. As noted the stentorian observation from the back of the awards ceremony can be quite effective.
  6. LionessRacing

    Sailing downwind

    Presuming that this is more than mere idle trolling. Your lack of even knowing the right questions suggests that you are no where ready to make the trip.
  7. LionessRacing

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Mine was actuated from the mechanism that moved the needle up/down, I think it worked fine in reverse, never noticed an issue.
  8. LionessRacing

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    i put one (< $50) on my 30 yr old Husqvarna and it made a mizzen staysail (0.75 oz), a dodger, and sail covers. Keeping the correct tension on the bobbin was my biggest challenge
  9. LionessRacing

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    And you definitely want a walking foot.
  10. LionessRacing


    Well, that's a marketing decision, and it's your loss of potential market. Good luck
  11. LionessRacing


    Rosalie, we understand in this era that features evolve and it takes time to find and fix bugs. (And EVERY complex system has bugs) Can you post even an outline of what your pdf will be ? I could see this as a portable display/tactical pad for my tactician, it would need to interface to H5000 & Expedition including the pings, race timer etc to supercede Ventus Pro
  12. LionessRacing

    The Covid-19 conspiracy thread

    When you quote a total (64 million) it missed the point that the vote was 306 or so out of the 538 cast. (1 elector per Senator(2x50=100), 1 per Representative (435), and Washington DC gets 3) so the actual result that matters was 56.5%
  13. LionessRacing

    (Intra)Coastal Floor Plans

    This is "the low country" and the swamps are generally named. Image shows the two ICW inlets at Little River and Georgetown, south of Murrels Inlet (Waccamaw river) Not sure if the elevation along the ICW near the marker is indigenous or was filled and graded, the actual embankment was clearly smoothed to be consistent in the developments. The Waccamaw river flooded the city of Conway 15-20 ft if I recall (top left of image) due to Hurricane Florence rainfall backing up in September '18.
  14. LionessRacing

    The Covid-19 conspiracy thread

    Two fallacies: averaging/popular vote is meaningless in the US with the federal system and electoral college, and for good reasons. In a similar fashion the veto that Luxembourg wields is equal to that of France, and proportionally much more powerful, though it only takes a majority of the electors, not a unanimous consent. Choosing not to vote is a choice, one typically made more often by less committed cohorts.
  15. LionessRacing

    (Intra)Coastal Floor Plans

    Generally for oceanfront you want the flow thru on pilings. In this case the embankment to the ICW is > 20' higher than max recorded flood stage including recent major hurricane. Agree on elevator, and would size it large enough to fit furniture or a wheelchair, not just a phone booth size. Currently have ground floor master and only reason we have to go up is the laundry... With a long thin design to hit 2000ft^2 per level in 30' width you have an interesting aspect ration problem, approaching layout of a large boat. Putting guest bedrooms sequentially down the 70 ft length, with central 6' hallway gives 12' gross, 11'2" interior, interleave closets at 4' depth and you get 4 bedrooms in 30' x30, leaving half of the floor for baths and upstairs bonus/guest living space.