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  1. LionessRacing

    Scoring boats that modified mid series

    PHRF NorCal only supports a single rating at a time, and discourages toggling it between configurations. If you update your boat in the middle of a series, you might argue to have it scored at the more aggressive (Lower in PHRF) for the entire series and not be unreasonable. We'll be coming out of an unscheduled haul with a feathering prop, so the topic is of interest, (un)fortunately we didn't get to sail in any of the initial races... we are expecting to consider an extended spinnaker pole penalty from a sprit to which we could tack a genoa offwind (and remain in the non spinnaker class) and have already a correction factor for that change should we do it.
  2. Headed out of town till 7/5 and boat will probably be re-launched by then. If time permits when back home I will take a stab at it.
  3. Mine's a bit different scale, and would have to survive being immersed for a few years... maybe next time.
  4. Ok, I'll "bite" what's a good way to seal the slot (~2" wide) for the centerboard, so that it can be raised and lowered? Overlapping mylar/Neoprene with a slit? Anyone sell such a thing?
  5. LionessRacing

    Putting Boat on the Hard suggestions

    Have the yard "service" all thru hulls, including lubricating and operating seacocks, checking hoses for cracking, clamps etc. Then go through yourself and check that they really did it, seacocks and gate valves should operate easily. (never leave a gate valve "all the way" open, always leave it a fraction of a turn from full on, so that you can twist it that 1/10 rotation and feel that it was already open, keeps someone from putting pliers on it to free a stuck valve) Check keel bolts and keel/hull joint look for any local blistering (coin sized) indicative of osmotic absorbtion, not sure if that vintage of Schock was susceptible or not. If the boat is cored, take a plastic faced hammer and tap over the hull, listening for any "dead" spots, alternatively a moisture meter would be a good thing. Especially check near your thru hulls. Depending on your expected use, budget and yard policy: Consider whether you need to barrier coat, and if you do, what level of gelcoat removal & fairing you want to do below it. Discuss bottom paint with your diver, and apply two different colors sequentially to have a signal on wear. Add a partial third coat on leading edges, and within a foot of the waterline.
  6. LionessRacing

    Sailing to Halifax

    I visited in 2004, and remember walking to town, and enjoying the scenery and library especially. As I noted, I may have cut across in dinghy or with a launch, don't recall the details. A 5 mile level, paved walk at sea level is not a big deal to me even now at age 62 We walk every evening 1.5 miles at a < 18:00/mile pace and on weekends do 3.3 miles in an hour on the flat, slower on hills.
  7. LionessRacing

    Sailing to Halifax

    Quite reasonable to me at the time. perhaps we took dinghy across the arm or had the launch drop us.
  8. You are describing placing a flap to cover the rudder’s leading edge to keels trailing edge, where the rudder is hung ? (On my boat, the clearance is perhaps a 1/4” radiused to accommodate a ~2” thick rudder.) you ask about 5 min in 10 hrs (600 min) that’s 0.83% Let’s for calculation purposes let the modification be estimated at 3 sec a mile per PHRF protocol. (E.g. 3 blade Fixed in aperture vs feathering prop) assume a folk boat can do 6 kts tops on a race course, setting the max distance for your 10 hrs So 60 miles * 3sec = 3minutes gives 0.5% which is less than your 5 min difference a 40 mile race sailed at 4 kts you would need 7.5 sec a mile. Unless your boat is crudely built there, I’d look elsewhere for the 6-8 sec a mile.
  9. LionessRacing

    everybody doin' it?

    As Snaggles said, you have to be East of Eggemoggin.
  10. LionessRacing

    everybody doin' it?

    Yeah, so you’ve been East of Penobscot. You make it sound like a big deal.
  11. LionessRacing

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    regarding Casco, getting North of Cousins or Chebeague ? Up the Kennebec if you have time
  12. LionessRacing

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Portsmouth, NH/Kittery Me you would want to go up river, note that the currents can ebb at 5-6 kts in places
  13. LionessRacing

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    If someone will only race because there's a chance of winning, that's tragic. I race for fun, and we win our share. Winning is generally more fun than losing, sailing well is always more fun than sailing poorly. If we sail well and get killed on handicap, we don't whinge and fuss, we enjoy our day on the water, and know that sometime in the future the weather & handicap will align and somebody else will be the "loser", but in the mean time we have enjoyed the process as well as the result.
  14. LionessRacing

    Rules Question...

    Sail your race, to make your best start altering course appropriately to allow windward boat opportunity to keep clear. Note that if you wait too long, and allow him to get too close and a bit forward, you may have to bear away as he "cant't keep" clear if you then head up as his stern will swing i If you have to avoid, protest.
  15. LionessRacing

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    If you don't race because it's not your ideal conditions, that's tragic. Good sportsmanship is you run what you brung, and congratulate the winners. Some events such as the RBBS here probably wouldn't accept our entry, though we meet all published requirements, as we are "too slow" which I get reduces the number of races you can run in a day. We used to go to the NE PHRF championships out of Marblehead back in the day, and the first year we were not DFL was celebratory. Our Holy Lady of Prismatic Coefficient, hallowed be her name...