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  1. And yet we bought a Boxster, in part because the salesman demonstrated that both trunks would hold a folded body
  2. Because the storm takes the Multihulls, bye world
  3. But enough bondo and it will be all faired out
  4. 76 EXCLUSION OF BOATS OR COMPETITORS 76.1 The organizing authority or the race committee may reject or cancel the entry of a boat or exclude a competitor, subject to rule 76.3, provided it does so before the start of the first race and states the reason for doing so. On request the boat shall promptly be given the reason in writing. The boat may request redress if she considers that the rejection or exclusion is improper. 76.2 The organizing authority or the race committee shall not reject or cancel the entry of a boat or exclude a competitor because of advertising, provided the boat or competitor complies with World Sailing Regulation 20, Advertising Code. 76.3 At world and continental championships no entry within stated quotas shall be rejected or cancelled without first obtaining the approval of the relevant World Sailing Class Association (or the Offshore Racing Council) or World Sailing. Clearly there should be a reason stated, promptly written out, that would no doubt be accompanied by a request for redress.
  5. en epic Snag down
  6. you post this as though it's relevant... the assigned rating of "0" seems to tell the story nicely.
  7. If the definition of big is the classic > 40 feet, there are many still in the Bay Area. if the definition of big is the boat's campaign budget? Perhaps not as many, though clearly there is sufficient wealth in the region. The working definition of big seems to be number of entries * entry fee, or the regatta budget. We debated entering, realizing in advance, that we would probably be DFL in ORR-C given the likely W/L courses, but could not really see the point as the regatta seems to have become more interested in hosting dozens of 20 -30 footers racing one design than handicap racing and it would be the only race for that rating, and the Notice indicated the right to refuse any entry, being likely significantly slower than anybody else (PHRF 174) I doubted we would be accepted and it's a three working day commitment for the crew with an SF commute/lodging tossed in. Back about 10 years we went to PHRF-NE championships run by the three Marblehead clubs, and had a blast. There was a Non-spinnaker course, and two spinnaker courses each with multiple fleets, divided by rating. Eastern, Corinthian and Boston YC's rotated which course each hosted. Great racing, stayed aboard, good parties and sensible costs. We improved from DFL to 6th over a few years, racing a 50+ yr old bigger boat.
  8. Commodity businesses are not allocation based except in times of scarcity (rationing) Luxury goods are not allocated, except by excessive pricing, in effect the definition of luxury is that it's available at the right price. Promoting luxury brands to prospective and current customers to maintain brand value presumes there are incremental purchases that can still be made. your argument that investment is done to keep the perception of value high is valid if there's a fashion aspect, and the brand could be abandoned, for alternatives, and it's necessary to encourage retention of the investment. in the realm of sports chronometers, Rolex and Breitling are iconic stable aspirational brands and not fashionable. Perhaps in a realm with High End vehicles and vessels as a portable symbol of attainment/status.
  9. If they are on allocation, then any promotional expenses or advertising are a waste. Since they have a significant advertising and promotional effort, the logical conclusion is that they have excess manufacturing capacity, or that they are incompetently managed
  10. Lioness, was the 24th hull built, she's got quite a bit of loose pigs scattered in her bilge near the main mast step. Figured that they were there for trim purposes, based on fit out. With the bow water tanks full, she's right on her lines with 600lbs in the cockpit
  11. they deduct it at retail, the expense is at manufacturers cost. If they (including distribution chain) are not making at least a 60% GM at retail they are doing some thing very wrong
  12. what if somebody frog marched the socks to the laundry?
  13. When the entry fee is $20/ft LOA the sponsor could afford to give one to each class...
  14. Then why not use "MC" at McCovey Cove back to #2 or 4 and then back to "W" should work for all if at mid tide or higher. reaching abound the 1,2,3,4 box clockwise would work. per your chart the pairs are at least 500 feet apart. W, 2, 1, 3, 4, with an upwind to W at end or W, 2, 4, 3, 1 and finish downwind?
  15. Hall effect is just modulation of resistor in a magnetic field. They may include some network to generate pulse from a comparator, perhaps a 555 running as a oneshot. (maybe something like this: http://www.dummies.com/programming/electronics/components/electronics-components-555-timer-chip-in-monostable-one-shot-mode/)