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  1. LionessRacing

    Economics of owning a trailer

    Six knots for a week.
  2. LionessRacing

    SF Bay moorage - dry or wet

    Depending on how long you want that slip. Check whether the land and water rights are owned or leased and as such subject to development. Oakland YC owns it's docks and land and won't be evicted as happened at Alameda Marina... S
  3. LionessRacing

    Economics of owning a trailer

    Up the Hudson to Troy, drop the mast, motor to Oswego via Erie Canal, restep in Sodus....
  4. LionessRacing

    Economics of owning a trailer

    Be aware that generally 9990 GVWR is a limit. Above that you likely need a Class A CDL except for local agricultural use.
  5. LionessRacing

    Front Page - Angry Red Planet -

    The drag of a hull, without a "Step" (think Hydroplane powerboats or floats on a sea plane) will never diminish to the point achievable with foils. Those examples work due to very high power, that gets the boat up and planing, and reduces the skin drag. Even with a step, you won't likely get there, especially in any kind of waves using sail power. A simpler hull form will be cheaper, easier to understand and always slower for the same amount of wind and sail area.
  6. LionessRacing

    Simrad 4g radar

    The scanner data is on the RJ-45, the Scanner power is on the green power connector... A loose screw in the terminal could be giving you intermittent power to your scanner
  7. LionessRacing

    LONQR 2

    pompous Brit wanna-be
  8. LionessRacing

    Battery / Charger replacement

    +1 on the Noco charger. They are good at de-sulfating and can charge a deeply discharged battery where most won't S
  9. LionessRacing

    Public Address System Anarchy

  10. LionessRacing

    Public Address System Anarchy

    Refining the PA questions a bit: likely going with the Behringer XR18 digital mixer; more than sufficient inputs, tablet control of 6 aux sends to allow hybrid speaker use and monitor mixes. Have available a Bose FI stack and an older L1 Compact. Initial venue is 25x50x16 foot on 2nd floor of a 75x75 foot building with open central staircase Model List Hi watts Sub watts Weight Inputs Lo Speaker size Low -3dB Speakers Bose L1 Pro 8 1200 60 240 40 3 7x13 45 Bose L1 Pro 16 $1,800 250 1000 55 3 10 x 18 42 Bose L1 Compact 900 200 30 2 8 60 Bose Sub1 800 480 35 2 7x13 40 Bose F1 812 $2,000 1000 45 2 12 48 Bose F1 Sub 1000 55 2-10 38 Looking towards the L1 Pro 16 as it's got nearly the same bottom end as the F1 stack, but weighs half as much. Should we be fortunate enough to be playing larger venues, the F1 stack can be replicated.
  11. LionessRacing

    Public Address System Anarchy

    Here's a compilation, sorted by tempo, Not Necessarily in performance order. Exigencies of tuning/capo and building momentum need to be observed.
  12. LionessRacing

    Sailing instruments for 30' sport Boat

    As an adjunct: you can take NMEA data from most anything, and get it to a laptop/tablet/phone/watch/heads-up smart glasses From there many choices on what you do with it, and where you display any more sophisticated calculations. Spend your money now on reliable, accurate sensors, and basic low power draw displays. Wind speed and angle, Boat Speed Depth (temperature is nice and usually comes with) GPS position, COG/SOG and heading, heel, trim (i.e. B&G ZG100) Add in something like Expedition with more sophisticated calculations and displays when you are ready for it.
  13. LionessRacing

    Possible new job - $ question

    Updated to match updated data: but will leave answer for what it's worth. Very open questions: so somewhat open answer Should another position come along: Does the company have a crony/buddy reputation ? Do you have a mentor/champion in this company? With 30 years experience in industry, you have perhaps 10-15 years of earning left. Do you reasonably expect that you would get raises in the Level 15 position that would be bringing you into the upper levels, and how fast? What is your opportunity cost of declining? Will you be expected to manage more people in more places? Will you need to relocate in the position or in the track that its on ? At higher levels there tends to be bonus and equity participation, you don't mention them... Are they beyond your ken, or did you forget? Are there increased requirements for travel, extended work day/week? (Our executives at VP & above are traveling > 20% of time between sites and internationally) Are there "perks" that add value ? Additional vacation, club memberships, traveling in business vs coach etc? Calculate a Net Present Value for the cash flows, parameterize the taxes, interest and inflation and that as a tool
  14. LionessRacing

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    Independent of the "twist" of a puff descending from aloft... I think from first look at vectors, that you are correct... My clear recollection is in sailing in light stuff with patches and holes, that a velocity increase required trimming in, (perhaps from stretch and sail sag) and that as boat accelerated we would come up in speed, which brought AWA tighter...
  15. LionessRacing

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    An alternative view: Lioness has a drifter made in Nylon with a miter cut and a "light #1" in miter cut dacron from the 1960's. We set them similar to our 2018 Mizzen Staysail (Nylon) free flying. Forget pointing, you only care about keeping the boat moving towards more wind. If you can get up apparent wind to tack through 120 degrees, you will have higher VMG that the guy trying to point and going half as fast with more leeway, stopping on every wave (Sin 30 = .5, sin 45 = .707...) If the helm has enough boat speed to try to point, change to a genoa, remember that puffs will be headers at low TWS and you should not steer quickly enough to chase them We Tack the light sail as far forward as you can get it (I use a spinnaker pole as a "Selden sprit and paid a 9 sec penalty for reaching on the Estuary) Heel the boat, so that the sail has gravity induced curvature and you are not requiring wind pressure to make it foil shaped. Smaller sails, set without overlap in ultra light fabric have narrow ranges of AWS, but if you use one to get out of a hole, that may be enough. Set the luff to be stable, whether on an integral wire/rope, top-down furler or foil does not matter to "stable" at low wind speeds. It matters to how quickly you can change back and forth, which will affect how often you use it, and how long it lasts. If your genoa can be hoist/furled without delay, you will use it as the wind comes up. Setting the windseeker as a staysail, that you can drop into a turtle allows that, whether in front of or behind the genoa luff