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  1. Nirie

    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    I also have a LiesureFurl. And second jacruders note. There is spectra lashing from clew that goes around mandrel. On our boat we have an Antal ring lashed to the padeye. We then have a line from clew, through ring and forward to cascade tackle so we can adjust outhaul when on full hoist. Very little load on the padeye.
  2. Nirie

    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Wonderful place to visit but little evidence of sailing. I heard there used to be a fleet of Hobue 16s but I have never seen one sailing. Shifty, very gusty.
  3. Nirie

    Trying To Move A Boat - Canada to US

    Last time I was in Niagara I was told Andrews still hauling. They took our J40 St Catherines Ontario to St Pete. Don't have phone number but check St. Catherines , Niagara on the Lake, or Virgil.
  4. Nirie

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    Nobody suggested taking an old Pearson Vanguard or C&C 34 or 35 . Or Cal 34 and giving it to a good yard. Saws-All the last 6 or 8 foot of cabin trunk off. Extend the cockpit seats forward. Bobs your uncle. Stand up HEADroom. Big cockpit. Stable for guests. No hiking required. No budget supplied so must fit budget constraints. Fast is a relative word, and with newbies sitting comfortably in cockpit thus not valid criteria. GfL
  5. Ok everybody. Where do I find a stainless, 1.5" dia, 1/8" backmount pressure guage to replace the dead one on my znavtec panel?
  6. Nirie

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    What's the story on the boats in Texas? Seriously, this is the day sailor I've been looking for.
  7. Nirie

    Another interesting boat

    Rod rigging. 1977 boat. That's 40 years old. Ask any good shop for a rod rig inspection on 40 year old and they will probably say they will inspect it, but for insurance purposes will not certify it. With rod its the number of cycles and weather related stress corrosin acceleration. On the other hand just budget 8-10K for complete replacement. Maybe less if you can use original mast fittings and change to wire.
  8. As explained up thread, there is an awful lot of mainsheet to bring in difficult to do when single handed. Much easier to sail well by the lee, put the helm over and flick the whole thing over. By then you are beam reachimg on the new tack and the main just luffs until you bare away or sheet in. Sounds challenging at first but works quite well.
  9. Nirie

    Coolboats to admire

    Disappearing propellor invented in Port Carling Ontario, 1915. For pictures, etc see
  10. J Boats/Volvo had a flex coupling between tranny and prop shaft. It consisted of 4 rubber hockey pucks with studs that fit between a plate on the tranny and another plate on the prop shaft. The pucks do not like tropical heat and salt water. Just replaced my second set in 6 years. I think I saw an elastomer ring flex coupling at some boat show. Anybody got any info on who makes them, sells them, etc? Thanks.
  11. Nirie

    Which Wind Generator

    There's lots more to the answer than which unit to buy. What's your typical daily consumption? How big is the bank? What type of batts? What's the charging method(s)? There are other threads here with good info. What works for me may be totally wrong for your program.
  12. Nirie

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Remember the daybreak start for the bendover. First and only time i was seasick. Bad case vodka virus.
  13. Nirie

    Soverel 33 Chainplate

    They were off quite a bit on my J22. When i had to do a bulkhead replacement I measured the other boats in the fleet, especially the fast ones. In the end i split the difference between the 2 sides on my own boat, added an 1/8th , drilled the new location, and set the bulkhead from there. Don't think it improved tune or speed but eliminated one more excuse!
  14. Nirie

    Which Wind Generator

    Have an Airbreeze. Puts out about 12 amps at 12v with 15kts breeze. Per previous it shuts off at high winds and when batts get sort of full- not 100 percent. Nose cone rattle but you can fix that. Any of the 3 blade gens are noisier than the better 4 blade units. Most of the 4 blade units are european. Do not have one so cannot speak to regulation, auto shut down, etc. We are in western caribbean and with solar and wind we seldom run engine for charging. But we only use 80-100 AHr per day.