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  1. Team NZ

    How about graphene?
  2. Team NZ

    I have heard quite the opposite. His actions tend to back that up.
  3. Team NZ

    Ben knows which way the wind is blowing. He is in it to win this thing - which he will one day. Cammas did not do himself any favours with that move.
  4. Team NZ

    Here is a goodie from Stuff: Burling told to hide his starting talents.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    Gotta feel for Spithill.
  6. Live Racing Thread

    Looks like we were moded for lighter airs today. Good to see Oracle back in it.
  7. Kiwi sailing 1974

    Great boat! Play this from 17.00 onwards. - those were the days.
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Read Coutt's book where he describes how they convinced everyone that NZL 32 was slower than NZL20 in order to dissuade other teams from pushing that corner of the design envelope. He was clearly very much a part of that strategy.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    Same here. Coutts is the master of misdirection. Remember NZL 32 being a dog and the Tri being no good in the light air.
  10. Team NZ

    I wondered if this was for real so checked his Facebook page and found the following: "Worked at ORACLE TEAM USA"
  11. Live Racing Thread

    Gotta figure out how to watch NBC is NZ - finally a proper commentary.
  12. Team NZ

    I agree with all of this. Its important to note that Japan had an ex 470 sailor grinding and could still do everything they wanted hydro wise. So it looks like their and Oracle's hydro systems are way more effective than say BAR's where the grinders were stuffed before the end of the race. If on the other-hand OR now modified their boat to do all the things ETNZ is doing then their hydro might start falling short.
  13. Live Racing Thread

    It is a crap shoot but we are playing with loaded dice.
  14. Live Racing Thread

    Blaming your bad start on a software issue is not a good career move if you are on Oracle.
  15. Team NZ

    I see you are talking the same trash as Graham Brown. You must have a lot in common.