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  1. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Supersubs might be more apt.
  2. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Watch out you are starting to make sense.
  3. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Pete and Blair are away for a couple of weeks. Will Te Kahu go out and if so who will be on the helm?
  4. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Maybe the fact that two of their grinders are away kicking it in the Finn Gold Cup at the moment has something to do with it?
  5. desprit

    Random PicThread

    Saga is back at Clyde Quay. It’s for sale if you are interested.
  6. desprit

    HOT! HOT! HOT! (Peppers, that is)

    Here is an oldie but a goody: Carolina Reaper - "The Worlds Hottest "Pepper"
  7. desprit

    Best nickname for Trump?

    How about Agent Orange?
  8. desprit

    Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    Honda overtook a lot of boats down wind and the commentators mentioned that their kite was much flatter. Maybe their sail design was a factor?
  9. desprit

    Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    I think if you investigate further it was 15 days not hours. In fact the kiwis did a very large amount of practice and this was the main reason for their performance difference.
  10. desprit

    Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    Today’s race was a ripper. It’s well worth checking out the replay at
  11. desprit

    Oracle Team USA

    Read Coutt's book where he describes how they convinced everyone that NZL 32 was slower than NZL20 in order to dissuade other teams from pushing that corner of the design envelope. He was clearly very much a part of that strategy.
  12. desprit

    Oracle Team USA

    Same here. Coutts is the master of misdirection. Remember NZL 32 being a dog and the Tri being no good in the light air.
  13. desprit

    Oracle Team USA

    It's always been there to stop JS going over the side during tacks it just that he was starting to enjoy it too much so they came up with this other use for it.
  14. desprit

    Oracle Team USA

    Max. I think you have put forward a balanced view of kiwi sailors. What does need to be pointed out however is those of us kiwis on here who are acting like dicks are at one extreme end of the bell curve and places like this are where they can express themselves. If they tried saying some of the stuff said here in any yacht club in NZ they would be ostracised. I was at St. Francis on the first day of AC34 when it looked like the USA could lose the cup and just out of shot of one of the photos you posted above on the last and attitudes of the members of both club's were equally respectful and well mannered.
  15. desprit


    Has to be one of the best videos so far. Quote of the day from NO "that is the first time I have driven a boat with a wheel"! These guys deserve to be there.