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  1. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They are half a mile north of Rangitoto light.
  2. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They have their mainsail(s) up.
  3. desprit

    Team NYYC

    Going back to base by the looks of it. Has a tender alongside rather than being towed on the foils like yesterday.
  4. desprit

    Team NYYC

    Main is down as well.
  5. desprit

    Team NYYC

    Got a guy up the mast.
  6. desprit

    Team NYYC

    Just changing foresail off North Head. We’re foiling pretty quickly out of the inner harbour just before.
  7. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yes definitely agree that that is the best educated guess as to what has gone on. We should have the answer soon.
  8. desprit

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    One has to wonder whether or not M&C are on the same payroll as Smackdaddy.
  9. desprit

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    No Nitro (yet). Running low on stock at the moment. Got 1 Pilsner. 2 Ipas a Porter an APA and an Elderflower Ale on Tap. Going to use the lock down to get kegs on the rest of the taps.
  10. desprit

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Here is my workbench. Very stable for those heavy duty projects but a bitch when it needs defrosting.
  11. desprit

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March

    Well done Honda Marine! Let’s hope they get to take the trophy back home and the Aussies have to up their game to get it back. That would be the best thing for the class.