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  1. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Bad Attitude, Vic Carpenter 28, racing on Labour weekend on Georgian Bay, Canada, 3dl genoa self-destructed at the windward mark 7 miles upwind.
  2. Ed.M

    Topsides Help!

    Mr clean magic erasure sponge, they work amazingly well on lots of fibreglass stains.
  3. Ed.M

    White racing finish - no antifoul?

    Interprotect 2000 barrier coat followed by VC performance epoxy, white, hard finish with Teflon, great stuff, have used on many boats, only con is antifouling paints do not adhere to it, has to be removed if you want to paint bottom at a later date.
  4. Ed.M

    Upgrade from Merit 22 to S2 7.9, worth it?

    If you look at the 7.9 check the hull well, they are balsa core below the waterline, I have replaced the core in a couple, expensive job.
  5. Ed.M

    Vic Carpenter Boats

    I wondered where Spad had gone, I thought it was in Thornbury, The original mast was lost, so I understand, It would be great to have a Carpenter reunion at the Invitational, need to track down Gleek now.
  6. Ed.M

    Show your boat not sailing

    Not sailing, just drifting on Lake Huron, from the drone
  7. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    We were experimenting with inhauler, little over done in this photo.
  8. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Bad Attitude, cold molded Carpenter 28
  9. Ed.M

    Wooden boats thread

    1974 Vic Carpenter 28
  10. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Stuart sold this without telling me???? Yes, he did, happened quickly, I bought the boat and sailed her from Midland late October 2016.
  11. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    My first job was building Sirens in Owen Sound , Ontario back in 1978, later we got a Sirius 28, the Sirens big brother (Sister?)
  12. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Is that Carpenter as in Vic Carpenter ? Not sure about the first name. Yes, Vic Carpenter.
  13. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Interesting boat, the builder must have cursed the designer with all these curves around the bow! I love cold moulded boats, light strong, beautiful, environmentally friendly, it is a shame that there is so much labour involved in building them! In this case the designer, Vic Carpenter is also the builder.
  14. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Not sailing, but better pic of transom and spoon bow.
  15. Ed.M

    Show your boat sailing thread

    My boat, Carpenter 28, photo is previous owner, 2011