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  1. Piginwater

    What to know about buying a Flying Dutchman

    I haven't yet. I haven't given up on it, but he kind of left it up in the air and still hasn't gotten back to me. Since then I lost access to my trailer, lost a friend who died, my motorcycle got stolen and then recovered, and I got swamped with orders for my company. I still have it in my mind, I just need to set out a full day when I go get it, and then see if he still has it. Thank you for the offer, I'll take both of you up on it when/if I get up there.
  2. Piginwater

    What to know about buying a Flying Dutchman

    That looks great, thanks! He's taking a long time to get back to me on it, I don't think he's in a huge hurry to sell it. It seems like it's in good enough shape for the price, maybe I'll just give him a deposit to hold it for a few weeks, then go up and get it. Thanks for the help wannabefd!
  3. Piginwater

    What to know about buying a Flying Dutchman

    According to that video that wannabefd posted, it's sail number US-1039
  4. Piginwater

    What to know about buying a Flying Dutchman

    My idea is to replace my Hobie 16 and my other dinghy with the FD. I'm hoping to simplify the rig enough so that I can dry sail it and launch it in roughly an hour. My goal is to have a fast, powerful planing boat for two that can be a thrill ride and can be trapezed, while still able to depower it enough to relax occasionally. Is that doable with the FD?
  5. Piginwater

    What to know about buying a Flying Dutchman

    Yeah that's the one. It seems really cheap to me, compared to what I can find elsewhere. Thanks for finding the video! Fire retardant, was it on fire or something close to it was? It will be about a 4.5 hour drive each way for me to go get it.
  6. Piginwater

    What to know about buying a Flying Dutchman

    I feel pretty silly, I completely forgot there were wood as well as glass boats. I guess that should be my first question to him when I talk to him again! A year of it would be nice too. It seems like it's been raced in the last year, so I'm assuming it at least floats. It's very cheap (to my mind) but cheap in the short term can mean expensive in the long term. I'll post pics when he sends them.
  7. I've had my eye out for one for quite a while and one finally came up that's at a very reasonable price, although it's a fair drive from me. Right now I'm talking to the seller for pics, and then if it looks good I'll make the drive to look it over in person. It has two sets of sails, one set supposedly pretty new, and was owned by a club for racing. It's supposed to be setup for racing. I'll just be using it for playing around with my girl, a fast fun daysailer that she can trapeze on when desired and we can play around with. So I don't need it to be up to specs for racing. What should I be on the lookout for? What should I ask about on the phone/email before I make the drive?
  8. Piginwater

    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    From a layman's perspective, I had been considering joining our local club. Local club is $400 a year, $150 application fee. Slip fee is $1 a foot a month, so for me that's a whopping $22 a month. Membership requires two 4 hour work Saturdays a month. It's a 45 minute drive each way, so that's 11 hours a month. I don't believe they offer races, it's a power/sail club, with a clubhouse and nothing else for amenities. They haven't updated their calendar or website in 4 years, and don't really return phone calls. Even if a person only made minimum wage of $10 an hour, the work days would add up to $110 a month or $1,320 a year additionally. If I loaded up on the trailer and only moored there for 6 months out of the year, I'd be looking at a basic total of $532 yearly, plus donating 112 hours a year, and giving up two Saturdays a month. Alternatively, I can pay $110 a month for a marina that is the same distance for me, but about 20 minutes closer to friends and family that join us. If I use it 6 months out of the year I'm paying $660 a year, no hours, no Saturdays lost, and friends and family are coming along more often. I'm really struggling to see any real benefit from joining the club.
  9. Piginwater

    What are the rules on traffic sailing through a race?

    Okay about what I expected then. Just alter course to stay out of the way where I can. be predictable, and the rules of the road apply. Is traffic a problem that comes up fairly often in racing? Do racers get mixed up about who is racing and who isn't?
  10. I've tried googling this and can't find anything. On the local river I frequently see fairly large races going on, although as of yet not at the same time as I'm out. If I'm just out pleasure sailing, what are the rules, official or unofficial about sailing through?
  11. Piginwater

    How many lines are on your boat?

    So that's why it looks so good, lots of money thrown at it. It's the best looking Dragon I've ever seen! Congrats on picking it up.
  12. Piginwater

    ASA Classes in Puget Sound

    No they don't offer any certification, and I haven't found any reviews on them, which makes me pretty hesitant. The one thing I DO really like is that they go out over the Columbia River bar. I had read over the past few years that ASA certs were being disregarded by charter and insurance and wasn't worth much anymore. I'll steal your advice for Blackie and try out the boat show for a discount. Does anyone know of any GOOD schools here in the Portland area? My plan first is to toss the girl in my old chrysler Man O'War dinghy and let her learn the basics first, then try out a school where we could both probably benefit from keel boat instruction. Blackie, you might try posting in the Crew forum for some keel boat time. I tried once a year or two ago and had no luck, but it's worth a shot.
  13. Piginwater

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Absolutely gorgeous. In and out of the water. That's an especially pretty one. What year is it? What builder?
  14. Piginwater

    ASA Classes in Puget Sound

    I'm south of you. I've heard varying opinions on whether ASA is worth it or not. I'd like to hear others chime in. Down in Portland (Oregon) I've been looking for reviews on the Portland Sailing Center, http://www.portlandsailing.com/sailingcourses.shtml Should I be looking for a school that offers certification, or any of them worth anything at all?
  15. Piginwater

    How many lines are on your boat?

    You do a spider proud. What are the bowlines for coming out of the deck? I've never seen a setup like that. Although that's not saying a lot, there's far more that I haven't seen than I have.