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  1. Wee Dram

    New Annapolis/Baltimore Fort 2 Fort Races

    It's certainly an intriguing idea, forwarded it to the skipper. It was hard to tell from the website whether any boats have actually run it yet or are planning to. Might be nice if there was a "scratch sheet" for interested boats. I also didn't see anything about a prize. Obviously would'nt be anything substantial, but a perpetual trophy or plack with boat names/types and finish times would be cool and might encourage participation.
  2. Wee Dram

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    No VG connections and not French, but my buddy and fellow race crew works at NASA and does have some involvement with the ISS. I'll mention this to him and see what is thoughts are. Could be anything from "hmm let me pass that one up the chain" to "neat idea but no way due to reasons" haha.