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  1. In Over Our Head

    RESPECT THE SLOT! make sure the jib leech isn't closed off too much choking the flow between the jib and backside of the main. I sail on a farr 40 and can attest that a closed slot is very slow upwind. jib in-haulers and car position are adjusted as much as the sheets on the jib. RESPECT THE SLOT!
  2. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    well said sir !
  3. I Made A Mistake....Wanted J22

    +1 for sure! boats that are raced usually have a better sail inventory, more updated rigging, and are definitely better maintained than most non-raced boats.
  4. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    theres a t-10 for sale in kalamazoo on craigslist on the cheap. been for sale a while so probably open to negotiations. pics show her sitting on a trailer. not sure the real condition or the story but its worth a look. also saw one for sale in chicago on jack stands for $3k.....
  5. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    Trust me that boat crossed my mind as well. I think I would have a hard time finding a well maintained boat that would not require much work to get racing on the cheap. Less expensive examples do exist but are usually neglected with wet core and no trailer. T10s are great boats for the Midwest, ive had loads of fun crewing on one and the cost is low for a 33ft racing boat . Furthermore I wouldn't be able to dry sail it at my club as our lift is only a 2.5 or 3 ton capacity, id rather not have to pay for a well to keep her in the water or deal with wet sailed boat issues.
  6. J/39- Headroom? Any Other Comments?

    there was one around here that races phrf and had a very tough time sailing to her rating, not sure if that was a crew/ boat issue or just a tough number. she was for sale earlier this season. I assume as most j boats this vintage (beamy) they sail better with weight on the rail. not sure on the exact height of the cabin but I stepped foot in the local one and was not cramped at 6', seemed nice for a weekend. no the most simple rig to shorthand, symmetrical kites, big overlapping genoa, and check stays on the mast to help sail shape and support but not a big deal. J boats are quality boats and sail well, as always check for core and bulkhead rot.
  7. Farr 40 salvage auction - Endorphin

    there is a dibley 25 for sale on there too
  8. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    I don't think a new genoa every 25hrs will be necessary for local club one design racing. don't plan on doing nationals unless they are in my back yard because I have the F18 for a travel boat, tows easier and requires less crew. the J24 would be just for local 1D racing when there are no catamaran regattas to go to.
  9. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    j22s are not very popular in my neck of the woods, so no one design racing. also no life lines which would not allow me to race in many races around here. around these parts for 1D keelboats the choices are T-10 or J24. I love traveling and racing my F18, but local one design seems fun as well. you know- race what everyone else races
  10. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    If everyone is going the same speed, yes its good competition. ive stepped foot on a couple j24s, never sailed one. only time ive seen them on the water, I was racing my Formula 18 catamaran on the same course, so they looked very slow but its all relative. link for the polar chart dosent work on my end btw.
  11. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    so, I found a well priced, solid j24. there is a resurgence in the lake erie j24 fleet, several teams are leaving their PHRF boats at the dock and racing j24 instead. looks like fun, although relatively slow fun. So for the $5500 question, are are J24s still fun to race? the one design aspect and low cost is appealing. the speed, not so much. everyone also likes to complain about ergos. whats the upwind/ downwind boatspeed in say 10-12kts wind? hope not to stir up too much S#!t with the initial question but if you must, flame on...
  12. fair price for a j24?

    main bulkhead is rock solid no water streaks or soft spots, decks are stiff, couldn't find any delamination, no hull blisters, only visible damage is a small ding on the stern rail, starboard side.
  13. fair price for a j24?

    is this boat priced fairly? http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/66553 I know there is a lot of variables but the boat is very clean in person especially considering its age. the south shore of lake erie has a developing fleet and I was considering joining the one design fun because phrf is... well you know. not sure I have the time for it but they sure do seem to have fun on them in port Clinton and Sandusky....
  14. looks like the Michigan f18 fleet is prospering , 12 F18s for a local weekend regatta on lake erie . thanks to awesome promoting from CRAM sailing (catamaran racing association of Michigan) cheap second hand boats grew the fleet this year getting some guys off their hobie 16s. if last weekend was any showing it will be truly close racing too. great hobie 16 fleet and Portsmouth fleet as well. if anyone lives in ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Ontario or other Midwest locale come by and play, 1st regatta is on the house( FREE) MAKE SAILING GREAT AGAIN! http://www.cramsailing.com/regattas/schedule
  15. Viper 830 for sale

    how much are you asking and where are you located?