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  1. save a legend....Really

    August 2009 in Quebec City.
  2. save a legend....Really

    I like old fucking boats, as a matter of fact, I own one !
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Are we comparing Bernard Moitessier to those two ...?
  4. Yep, that's on the to do list also along with the running backstays but the big $$ on the rod will delay the conversion of it and all running rigging to Dyneema for a year .
  5. My inner stay, or babystay, is 19 X 1 although all of the standing riging is rod. It is mounted on a track and is used to bend the mast 1\3 of the way up. It is not critical in keeping the mast up and in storage, I remove it to make covering the boat easier, Its a 1978 IOR racer/Cruiser weighing 18t. This one appears to have been badly assembled and the swage must have cut in the wires. I have had rod break at the bend around lower spreader and am in the process of finding a source for a new rigging (rod).
  6. Chris Craft for Sale (Wilmington)

    What does it rate ?
  7. Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    That is exactly what we do, in 15 years with this boat I never took a reef, I get rid of the main upwind if the wind is above 20 and sail with No.3 or 2, whichever is there alone. I need to keep the wheel a few degrees to windward and track 30-35 degrees to the apparent wind, 5 less than with the main up, more than enough to keep up or pass the newer white boats.
  8. Deep vs. shallow keel

    I like to think of my keel being a wing and although symmetrical has a slight angle Windward thus generating lift towards the wind and helping me progress in the wind. It is a tapered Peterson fin with a nice profile, thick one third aft with rounded leading edge and thin trailing Edge. I can hardly imagine the airfoil shape of a full keel, too wide chord for the thickness so it acts mostly like a plate to keep the boat from drifting sideways. There are so many parameters influencing the design of wings that taking one feature (aspect ratio) without consideration for the other factors is an incomplete exercise. One of those important factor being the evolution in materials and engineering that has allowed higher aspect ratio foils to sustain the stresses that only short and wide foils could endure when built of wood or riveted aluminum.
  9. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Shock wave, that’s the word I was looking for. Thank you I won’t have to go look for that fluid dynamic school book.
  10. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Foils that are designed for supersonic speeds answer to a completely different set of rules, it has nothing to do with aspect ratio but rather angle of attack.
  11. Deep vs. shallow keel

    It’s about the Reynolds number.
  12. New Sails

    You will need a larger sail cover, it feels and handles like cardboard when compared to cloth.
  13. New Sails

    We take care to keep it dry under the sail cover so no mold yet, I don’t see that it will ever stretch, it will die from other causes.
  14. The best sailing film for a long time

  15. Replacing the rod rigging on Southern Star

    Secured for winter. There is no rod swaging outfit close by so riggers send it out, I might as well pack the rods in my van and drive to the closest rigging outfit that does this work in the north east NY / Vermont area.