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  1. PJ_Tabarly

    Westerbeke 4107 won't start

    On my Westerbeke W-58 (4-154) The hose dried out between the lift pump and the high pressure pump, creating air bubbles. Replaced the hose, engine started after purging. Also it would take one minute of pre-heat and 10-15 seconds of spinning to get started, replaced the 4 glow plugs and relay, now starts in 5 seconds total including pre=heat.
  2. PJ_Tabarly

    jack the dull knife

    Southern Star will have to disagree, she turned 40 this year .
  3. PJ_Tabarly

    How Big Is Your Shaft?

    1 1/2 X 1 1/2 inches.
  4. PJ_Tabarly

    sailing from Kingston to Canso

    I have done Kingston to the Saguenay Fjord over the 40+ years I have navigated the river. You are going the right way with 2-3 Kn with you all the way and sometimes 5 - 7 Kn just past Quebec city. There are 7 locks that gets you to Montreal, you need to dock and call in or wait for the green light. Priority is for cargo ships so if there is one in sight, he will go through and you will wait, from an hour to 3-4 hours. Yo cannot spend the night on the Locks dock but there are plenty of marinas all the way to Quebec and beyond. Once inside the lock, the larger boat goes along the wall and they throw you two lines, never tie them, the smaller boats tie to you. Since you are going down, its easier than when you sit 30ft below the edge. The water can become very turbulent, especially in Beauharnois so you need many good fenders, some will carry a 12ft, 2X10 to ride between the concrete wall and the fenders, I recommend. Navigating in daylight, you can do Kingston - Brockville or Prescott - Chrysler Park - Valleyfield - Montreal - Trois-Rivières - Quebec - Cap-à-l'Aigle - Tadoussac and then you are pretty much in open water but you can still do day trips to Rimouski across the river and up the Coast of Gaspesie, the Prince Edward Island and so on. The tides are tricky past Quebec city and nowhere is it advisable to go against. You will have mainly SW winds directly on your back but if they call for 20 + Kn North East after Quebec City you will get wind against current, stay put, otherwise you will turn around I guarantee. You have a radar ? you will hit fog past Trois-Rivières and without a radar you are at risk, at the least have a reflector and if you see fog coming in, take refuge.
  5. PJ_Tabarly

    almost a boat yard disaster

    You are at the wrong end of the wire, so I won't attempt to explain furthermore.
  6. PJ_Tabarly

    almost a boat yard disaster

    Just run a green wire or a bare copper wire to the ground in the electrical box or straight in the ground hole in the outlet.
  7. PJ_Tabarly

    save a legend....Really

    August 2009 in Quebec City.
  8. PJ_Tabarly

    save a legend....Really

    I like old fucking boats, as a matter of fact, I own one !
  9. PJ_Tabarly

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Are we comparing Bernard Moitessier to those two ...?
  10. Yep, that's on the to do list also along with the running backstays but the big $$ on the rod will delay the conversion of it and all running rigging to Dyneema for a year .
  11. My inner stay, or babystay, is 19 X 1 although all of the standing riging is rod. It is mounted on a track and is used to bend the mast 1\3 of the way up. It is not critical in keeping the mast up and in storage, I remove it to make covering the boat easier, Its a 1978 IOR racer/Cruiser weighing 18t. This one appears to have been badly assembled and the swage must have cut in the wires. I have had rod break at the bend around lower spreader and am in the process of finding a source for a new rigging (rod).
  12. PJ_Tabarly

    Chris Craft for Sale (Wilmington)

    What does it rate ?
  13. PJ_Tabarly

    Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    That is exactly what we do, in 15 years with this boat I never took a reef, I get rid of the main upwind if the wind is above 20 and sail with No.3 or 2, whichever is there alone. I need to keep the wheel a few degrees to windward and track 30-35 degrees to the apparent wind, 5 less than with the main up, more than enough to keep up or pass the newer white boats.
  14. PJ_Tabarly

    Deep vs. shallow keel

    I like to think of my keel being a wing and although symmetrical has a slight angle Windward thus generating lift towards the wind and helping me progress in the wind. It is a tapered Peterson fin with a nice profile, thick one third aft with rounded leading edge and thin trailing Edge. I can hardly imagine the airfoil shape of a full keel, too wide chord for the thickness so it acts mostly like a plate to keep the boat from drifting sideways. There are so many parameters influencing the design of wings that taking one feature (aspect ratio) without consideration for the other factors is an incomplete exercise. One of those important factor being the evolution in materials and engineering that has allowed higher aspect ratio foils to sustain the stresses that only short and wide foils could endure when built of wood or riveted aluminum.