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  1. See if you recognize this one, hint SORC 1978. Picture taken this week-end.
  2. Tri-Radial Cruising laminate with full batten on the main. I will not go back to Dacron.
  3. Update as of 3 pm today Thursday Sept 7: Little or no cell, power or wifi coverage in VG, but some calls are getting through. East End of Tortola without power. FLOW, LIME, CCT, and Digicel partially up on Tortola. AT&T is allowing free calls to the islands. Road Town is flooded with many roofs ripped off. Moorings looks bad from pics I've seen, and Paraquita Bay is really bad. Village Cay is pretty bad, too. Even Scotia Bank and Pusser's in RT are destroyed. The police station is destroyed and the fire station is badly damaged. Branson is ok on Necker, but lots of damage to the island. Ivan's on JVD is destroyed, as are adjacent buildings, it appears. Trellis Bay is damaged but people are safe. Sugar Mill beach bar is gone, and the hotel roof is off, but thankfully, staff are safe. Tamarind Club people are safe at Josiah's Bay. Half of Maria by the Sea is destroyed. Sea Cows Bay hit hard, with most of the homes in rubbles. VG has no power, wifi, or cell, but Oil Nut Bay has a bunker of people that are safe, but have heard nothing from them since 10 am this morning. Reports that there have been no loss of life on VG, but Island is a wreck. All telephone poles are down. Fisher's Cove lost the roof. Tree House and Dockside is destroyed. There is a FB check-in for those who can access it. Peter Island peeps are ok, but island is wrecked. Were trying to evacuate a few people off the island this morning. All at Scrub Island are safe. Ivan's at JVD is destroyed, as it appears all adjacent buildings. Cane Garden Bay is 80% destroyed- all of the bars and the fuel station. Roads are bad but an excavator is working now. Everyone evacuated to the police station during the Eye. Roof is off of Myett's and Quito's is gone. Carrot Bay is flooded and the roads are destroyed and not passable. Many graves have come out of the ground and some are open. There was a house fire. No reports of any deaths in Carrot Bay. Cappoons and Little Apple roads are impassable. Nanny Cay hotel and condos are intact and roof is on, but there is flooding. Nanny Cay has boats piled atop each other and the sail loft building is destroyed. Leverick Bay dock in VG is gone. Eustacia peeps ok but Island is a wreck. Frenchman's Bridge is now gone. Soper's Hole docks are badly damaged. Harbor Market is damaged and was looted. West End was badly hit, and very few reports from Long Bay- a few staff stayed and are ok. Reports are that most of the hotel is damaged. Homes in Belmont seem mostly ok, and homes with generators have lights on. Home near Smuggler's is reported ok, but no mention of the Cove condition. Sandy Spit is gone. Navy ship, RFA Mount's Bay is reported to be diverted to St. Maarten area prior to BVI. Most of Anaegada was evacuated before the storm, and the ones that stayed are ok but requesting assistance. Most of the homes were destroyed. Cooper staff on island are all safe, quite a lot of damage but buildings still standing. Please note that Hurricane Jose is a category 3 storm and is expected on Saturday. New update from JVD and WEST END SOPERS FRENCHMANS: All boats have sunk (nicole, branson, pajamas, music, kendall) people are looting Harbor Market and marine store. Pussers is GONE. Indigo house looks ok. Inspirado house GONE. Blades house roof gone. Sharns travel lift down. All boats on the hard have been damaged knocked over or on top of buildings. Ottertude catamaran is on top of Betito's building. There is nothing left on JVD. Gertrude medivac'ed out. Peter Sean and Kendall are in a tender heading to JVD to rescue. They spent hours just trying to get to the tender moving telephone poles and cars and trees. Update for VG: For everyone in Virgin Gorda waiting on news: There is a team equipped with sat-phones, some relief supplies including solar chargers arriving on VG tomorrow with the NAVY, their MO is to give sat-phones to community leaders, light triage, and direct information on Jose and approaching weather on Saturday. More communication with the team around noon tomorrow.
  4. I sail in Burlington, where is that boat so I dont come close with my 7 foot draft ?
  5. Laser when he or she weigh 90#.
  6. Souther Star, (now Émotion) going back in the water next month .
  7. Tethers and life jackets are not adapted to this situation, what they need is a wireless kill switch that will turn the boat around if the fall overboard and even then...
  8. I have the same powering my dingy, please stop giving this guy wrong advices, he is going to Alaska !!! and the advice about planning for good weather,,,scary . you guys must live in paradise with flat, warm water and warm weather, even my 58 hp westerbeke looses 20rpm when the fridge turns on...
  9. It depends where you are sailing and the intended use of the boat. I have used every ounce of the power and fuel economy of my 25 HP Volvo diesel in my 29 footer and the same with my 58HP Westerbeke in my 48 footer sailing the cold waters of the St-Lawrence river, the Saguenay fjord and the tidal, wind against current conditions such location brings. But if it is to sail on a lake like condition or to push out of the marina for a day sail, yes the outboard will do.
  10. If IOR boats were so bad, why is my 1978 Gulfstar/Hood SORC racer cruiser runs circles around Beneteau/Hunter/C & C ?
  11. And very few tacks...
  12. 2001, 48 ft from Tx to Canada, 12K plus expenses for a delivery captain and crew, 6K for trucking. 2 Months VS 6 days. You choose. 2016, Lower St-Lawrence River to Lake Champlain, 3 weeks by water, 24 hours by road, about 4K . Both required dismasting. I choose road, thank god. PJ
  13. My Boat, former Southern Star (1978) , now back in US waters on Lake Champlain after 14 years on the St-Lawrence river.