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  1. Marching along here. Got the second coat of fairing compound sanded and a third round down. Also got my exhaust wrap for the riser. Hope it mitigates the heat well. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OBAKHJB4mCo/WUupXWrhgXI/AAAAAAAAF9s/Xo7zJWs9GZQAUtZLXrZsgRci5STWfxBkgCEwYBhgL/s1600/IMG_6580.JPG Back at it today - when this rain quits!
  2. Whimsy is looking good, Tom. Congrats on the new rudder. You're making me think I should grind out a the area around the rudder shaft, clean it up, and fill it with 5200 to give my rudder a bit more life. I'm finally back at the boat work, I think. At least I've made some progress on Blue Jacket in the past week, and I hope to make more progress in the weeks ahead. I got my last two layers of glass on the deck before the mast was stepped this past Wednesday. Now I'll fair it and prep it for paint and nonskid. Hopefully the weather this week cooperates. I still have loads to do before this boat can sail, but give me a few days of focused work, and I can make some decent progress. All the best to you and the crew here. I'm off to watch your new video.
  3. The original Morgan 30 rigging specs called for a headstay of 3/16" 1X19 wire. If your furling unit will accept it, I recommend you go to 1/4" wire - not for the strength, but for the wear resistance and durability. Your cap stays should already be 1/4" wire - but the headstay is probably the most heavily loaded wire in the rig. I am happy to carry the extra weight of the 1/4" wire in the headstay - I think it makes the rig more "idiot resistant". Tom, You know, I verified early winter that my furler will accommodate 1/4" wire, and I have some Sta-Lok fittings ready to go, so I'm right there with you. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Yeah, I'm looking at replacing the headstay anyway. I noticed that halyard wrap at some point slightly unlaid the wire near the upper swage. No bueno.
  5. Thanks, Tom. Yeah, having one made out of stainless would be a fairly straightforward proposition, I think. My slip neighbor had a guy fabricate something similar for his Catalina 34. He has nothing but praise for the guy who made it for him. I'll give him a ring and see how much we'd be talking to have two fabricated. It's not something I'll do this season, but it won't hurt to start planning and get an estimate. I'll do as you suggested and use the aft pin, which is in decent shape. Once again, I appreciate you input. I tried to start my engine yesterday to test my new exhaust system. Alas, she wouldn't fire. I went ahead and ordered the Pertronix system this morning. I'll install it later this week and give her another try next weekend. Fingers crossed! David
  6. Tom, Interested in your perspective and advice. Blue Jacket's headstay stem fitting has abnormal wear due to improper pin sizes over the years. I have three options, I guess: 1) Continue to use it as it is (not too keen on this option); 2) attach the headstay to the aft pin (assuming it's the proper size and there's enough material there to handle the loads); 3) have the headstay hole filled and redrilled. What's your advice? (If Bob Perry wanted to weigh in here, too, I wouldn't object) Thanks!
  7. Good to hear. Thanks!
  8. Tom, Are you running an electronic ignition or traditional points and condenser? I've heard some good things about Pertronix, and I'm thinking about adding it to the Palmer. Just not sure I want to mess with it now - unless it's a vast improvement that will save me aggravation down the road. Thanks, David
  9. Bummer about the jerk in the channel. A bad day on the water is better than a good day in the boatyard, though, right?! Got most of my exhaust system in. Maybe - just maybe - I'll make it to the water in a month or so. More on the blog: http://morgan30sailboat.blogspot.com/2017/04/exhaust-and-engine-progress.html
  10. Congrats on your progress. Looks good. I just updated my blog with some information about my exhaust progress - which isn't much. One thing potentially of interest here: a 6' section of 1-3/4" ID exhaust hose has a maximum volume of 1 gallon. What remains to be seen is how much water volume is being expelled from the waterlock during normal engine operation. Undoubtedly it is significantly less than one gallon. I plan to trial my system and measure the amount of water in the waterlock upon shutdown. This weekend is looking good for some progress. Love the shots of Whimsy, Tom. She's a beaut.
  11. Rats! I need to get rid of some sails. I leave them folded up neatly on the back patio, but for some reason, my wife doesn't see them as "stylish" as I do. Tom, I'm interested in a working jib. Got an extra? David
  12. Looks good. Converting a sail to roller furling isn't too difficult, but it does take a special machine to handle sewing through layers of Sunbrella and corner patches. Things get pretty thick in those areas, especially if there's webbing involved. How much did you have to throw at it, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. You're spot on. I could have left several things alone - the water tank, the electrical, the rudder - but having those things done the way they should be brings satisfaction and eliminates potential sources of stress while sailing/cruising. What was wrong with your mast that it had to be replaced? Corrosion at the foot?
  14. David, I am impressed with all the projects you are juggling - looks like everything will be coming together soon! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Tom. It dawned on me yesterday that I'm trying to do in one winter on the Morgan what I did over a period of 13 years with the Cape Dory. And I'm feeling the burn. I fluctuate between elation and desperation as I finish a major step in a project and then realize I still have many more ahead of me. Hopefully all of this will come together before the first week in June. Fingers crossed! And I still have a few things to take care of aboard Ariel, the CD36, that I won't even mention here lest it be confirmed that I've lost all shreds of sanity. I appreciate your encouragement. Thanks. David