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    I helped the original owner of Mondo (I’m assuming it’s the same Mondo) pull it out of the water at the SDYC after a SF-SD race (?) back when the boat was new. There’s a hoist near the entrance where all the trailerable boats are. We were in the big O’Neill 4wd jacked-up van towing the trailer designed for the 33. The Highway Patrol gave the owner a daylight only permit to get the boat from SD to Santa Cruz. Pulled into the hoist area early in the morning and the owner went to get the boat from where it was to the hoist. He was certain the hoist (at least the one that was there back then) would be able to handle the load (obviously - who’d want to knowingly break a hoist?). All the boat owners standing around started wondering what we were up to. When they saw Mondo motoring towards the hoist, and the truck, and the trailer, they started speaking up about how this doesn’t look like it’s going to work - you can’t do this - wait while I put my boat in the water. Word spread so a bunch of members hurried to get their boats in the water before we busted their hoist. All that time was working against us travel-wise, but we didn’t want to be ungrateful. Eventually the mast got pulled and secured, etc., etc., and Mondo got hoisted onto the trailer. Took awhile to inch the boat back and forth to get the bow and stern pulpits to measure less than overpass height. Drove away around noon with marginal taillight action. Looking out the rear windows all we could see was the keel. The first half dozen overpasses were real freaky but we figured after that many, what could go wrong? Along the way there was lots of interest from excited kids, guys giving us thumbs-up, and the nice guy who pointed out to us the MOB pole had slid out of its tube and was bouncing along behind us. We pulled into a gas station somewhere in the LA area and an old man out for a walk watched us deal with the pole and said as we climbed back up into the van that this was the first time he had ever seen the bottom of a boat. We made it to Santa Cruz around 11 p.m. Never saw a single Highway Patrol car. THAT’s how much the boat weighs.