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  1. Streetwise

    I'm such a Dawg

    I approve the choice of the Vermonter. I like it with Granny Smith slices, or any other tart varieties.
  2. Streetwise

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    There are many brands entering this sector, but Velocitek has a proven track record of reliability and endurance. ProStart with magnetic compass is sweet.
  3. Streetwise

    My season just ended, and...

    I only got to sail once this summer, and not even on my own boat. I brought my Viper 640 to the club in May, and never even unzipped the cover. I brought her back to the barn in September. We did one race on @ZeroTheHero's Seascape 24, and then there was a positive test at the sailing center where he works. Our club started a dinghy racing night for the first time in years, and got a bunch of Lasers and Aeros out every Thursday. I got jealous watching and occasionally filming from shore, and bought a used Aero last month. Apparently, there are now five, so I helped build a fleet without sailing. I must say that @dylan winter reminds me a bit of Guardian cartoonist David Squires for the clever wit. Cheers
  4. Streetwise

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Order placed. I love the Velocitek gear. Thanks. I am working on getting a Nautalytics Aero-bracket re-drilled for a a Shift. I would rather just buy a unit, if possible. Cheers
  5. Streetwise

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Will this unit ever gift lift/header numbers or indicators? It seems like the only thing from the Shift that I would be missing. Perhaps let us toggle between heel and shift indicators, or some other way. Then I can just have the new ProStart on my Viper 640, and leave my Shift with my RS Aero. BTW, I did confirm that the Shift is class legal with the RS Aero with all features. Thanks
  6. Streetwise

    Melges 20 - Monster Garage project

    Maybe he would part them out. The salvage or insurance company only wanted the hull, apparently.
  7. Streetwise

    Melges 20 - Monster Garage project

    I heard that he found a really nice used boat, and I would guess that the mast, keel, and rudder are in his garage for backup.
  8. Streetwise

    Melges 20 - Monster Garage project

    I know of this boat. It was raced for a bit, and then the engineer who owned it stopped racing it as much and started developing electronic control systems for different parts of the boat. It usually lived in his garage over the winter, and on a hydro hoist in the summer. He took good care of it. I found out that it was in a port-starboard collision while just out sailing this summer! Insurance totaled it and only cared about the hull, so previous owner likely now has any spare parts as backups for his replacement boat.
  9. Streetwise

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    Every PHRF region is different. Many complaints can be alleviated with thoughtful class divisions.
  10. Streetwise

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    I have missed our family's C&C 99 since it was sold a few years ago. I haven't been cruising since, which is part of why I was thinking about trailers!
  11. Streetwise

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    I can do this all day. Two or three number rating systems would kill every low-budget region. Our PHRF committee operates on zero budget, all volunteer, and we have great participation per-capita. Look at the population of western Vermont, upstate New York, and a slice of QC, and look at the registrants for one club: Cheers PS, every PHRF region is different. Stop lumping them all together. Volunteer.
  12. Streetwise

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    We use ToT almost exclusively for PHRF, and have for years. When I was recruited for our PHRF committee, I wanted to fix some things, and we did. Complaints dropped, appeals dropped. Most of the conflicts I dealt with came from folks with the biggest budgets who didn't think they were beating as many people as they deserved to beat. Joe and Jane public were happy that we could provide a provisional rating in days, so they could take the leap into racing. Other issues can be addressed with class splits, for which we add displacement as part of the equation, but those are outside of the PHRF Committee.
  13. Streetwise

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    US Sailing has been using VPP for National Reference Ratings for a decent number of boats. You can read about it, and see the ratings, along with all the regionally-reported ratings. It has made life much smoother for our PHRF committee. I know that in our area, anything besides PHRF would be too expensive for all but a handful of boats. We provide PHRF for free here.
  14. Streetwise

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    I'm just going to throw out a wacky, untested idea for moving a dinghy in these circumstances: how about one of those pop-up gurneys, or whatever they might actually be called? You could roll the boat and stay above the railings.
  15. Streetwise

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    I keep coming back to the Poldrop unit. With the roof kit, I would think you could put an Aero or Laser on the top.