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  1. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I volunteer. Thirteen years running our club website, thirteen years on our Regatta Committee, four years on PHRF, started our sportboat fleet. I'm in this thread to offer help and suggestions from what we have done and learned. The biggest thing that helped reduced PHRF complaints at our club was doing some of our class splits with displacement and PHRF.
  2. Best Race Committee Boats

    Yup, that's our Race Tactician (and a PRO) for our Viper 640 Regatta checking the top mark and offset. He's an Etchells sailor, so he's got high standards for a square course! It was a beautiful day to be racing. Photo credit on both to Gerry Davis. More photos here: https://lcyc.info/racing/viper_640
  3. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I'm not in YRALIS. Our rules on Lake Champlain are much simpler. PHRF is free, registration is persistent, lifelines and motors are not required unless ODR-specified, class splits include displacement, and we have Etchells and Sportboat classes for all short-course events at LCYC. I still think YRALIS, New England, and North Carolina are wrong on the Melges 24 and Viper 640 ratings. I also think North Carolina is wrong on the J/70 rating. Cheers
  4. Best Race Committee Boats

    Here is ours:
  5. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I noticed in the February minutes for YRALIS PHRF that they are going to review ODR ratings, including Melges 24, and J/70. I think they should also review the Viper 640, as LIS is one of only three regions where the Viper 640 is rated faster than the Melges 24. The other regions are NE PHRF, and North Carolina. PHRF Sportboat Matrix
  6. Cabin storage fasteners

    I love it when someone gets a fix that doesn't involve putting more holes in the boat. I bet Ajax replaces all of them. Cheers
  7. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    We should probably update our description. I looked at the Sailwave file for scoring, and here is what I see: Sailwave: Setup/Scoring System/Rating System Use wind indexed rating values <10, 10-15, >15 Default A value: 670 Wind indexed A values: 720, 670, 600 Default B value: 550 Wind indexed B values: 650, 550, 480 What I see is that each A value is the corresponding B value + 120. You are right that we are moving each value, but I think we are doing it in the intended fashion. The formula description should be improved.
  8. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I need to check with our Regatta Committee about this to see if we are describing this correctly. Some of this stuff we address with our class splits: https://lcyc.info/racing/divisions
  9. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I’m on mobile, but we only change one of those, not both. We followed US Sailing’s recommendations.
  10. Best Race Committee Boats

    This thread has been great: What are your favorite boats for race committee? Our club has an Albin, not sure what model, something between 26-28. I wish it had some more stability at anchor, and faster access to the bow. If someone were designing an RC boat from scratch, I think it might be cool to have a totally curved stern with boarding possible anywhere along the back half of the boat. This would help with both mark boats and support boats, but also with the occasional competitor that needs to use the head, or get off for injury. I also think it would help with aggressive starts and lessen any damage. I'm just a sailor who is aboard a couple of times a season to do volunteer RC, with a volunteer PRO who runs the show. What do you folks like for this job?
  11. EC2018 Thread

    Go ZeroTheHero and LegoMan! My Viper 640 driver and his son. Zero is also the local HS Sailing coach! He also has a Seascape 24, super cool. We fill it with Viper 640 sailors on the weekends to race around islands and government marks. Cheers!
  12. Explain Cricket

    I appreciate all the responses. I have yet to catch another broadcast.
  13. Thor Ragnarok

    "Point Break"
  14. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    Thanks for starting this thread. I posted on the old thread to bring this up. I didn't have time to follow up.
  15. Thor Ragnarok

    I just bought this, but thanks to sailing, I'm really enjoying the Aussie/Kiwi humor.