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  1. Streetwise

    Don't Anchor Here

    I came here to share that same article! It was probably one of the best pieces ever published in Wired, and relates nicely to Cryptonomicon, and the Baroque Cycle novels.
  2. Streetwise

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    I am finally getting to these updates. Are the counts the same? BC: 11 Northwest: 8 Thanks
  3. Streetwise

    Condensed View

    I checked my web console, and there was some JavaScript error.
  4. Streetwise

    Condensed View

    I can't get the New Content view to stay condensed and not expanded. Anyone else? Thanks
  5. Here is what Jan said: "Thanks for sending this along. One of the previous owners put the new cabin top on as he lived aboard while working at the Mystic Museum. The new cabin gave the boat standing headroom which she does not have now with the original cabin top restored (unless you are less than 5’8”). Cpt. Nat believed the only activities down below were sleeping and eating and those did not require headroom. The present cabin top was made in Maine by French and Webb and is exactly as the original was."
  6. Streetwise

    Moovie Review Threade

    Excellent. Check back when you finish! You may want to watch it again, in fact.
  7. Streetwise

    EPL 19/20

    I feel like all I have been doing this vacation is watch the Premier League and do chores. I love it! I'm happy Man Utd has been better, and finally a clean sheet.
  8. I just emailed George Darling and Jan Rozendaal, so let's see what they say! Cheers
  9. I found some Mashnee photos I took at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center.
  10. Restored in my hometown of Charlotte, Vermont: Raced on Lake Champlain and then donated to MIT. Cheers
  11. Streetwise

    Retrofit a spinnaker retrieval line?

    Have you taken a look at the Viper 640 setup? The retrieval line is attached at one point, passes thru a loop maybe six feet below, and then into the boat. The sail is reinforced in both those areas. I can't really measure anything since my boat is in storage for the winter. You can get the socks from North, Doyle Boston, or this option:
  12. Streetwise

    That's a Sport Boat?

    When I first starting looking at getting a sportboat, I spent a lot of time admiring the Rocket 22, especially since it could carry both symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers. I'm still hoping the boat from Lake Memphrémagog will come to Lake Champlain for a race! I have heard that the Double Damned is one of those races where a symmetrical would save you hundreds of gybes. We would certainly welcome any style sportboat in our fleet, which is why I like a very soft, ambiguous definition, followed by a local list. We also use displacement in our class splits for several series, since there is a rating overlap with medium-fast cruiser/racers and sportboats, Etchells, J/80, J/27, J/29, J/92. Our Spin B boats excel in flat-water, and Spin C, (think C&C 99, J/105, J/110, Pearson 37), do better in chop. This minimizes complaining. Weekend Classes: Jib and Main Spinnaker A (PHRF < 081) Spinnaker B (PHRF 081 - 126, Displacement < 7500 lbs) Spinnaker C (PHRF 081 - 126, Displacement ≥ 7500 lbs) Spinnaker D (PHRF > 126) Cheers
  13. Streetwise

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    D10 requires external battery or power, right?
  14. Streetwise

    EPL 19/20

    Ok, I am joining the existing thread. Time for the weekend! Cheers
  15. Streetwise

    English Premier League 2019-2020

    Sure thing!