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  1. Streetwise

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    I found something interesting online:
  2. Growing up in America, I learned and used imperial measurements, but also metric for science, track, plus all the different numerical representations for computer science, (my favorite is probably a ratio in Common Lisp), and a few necessary sailing units. Canada was right next door, so we had some other metric training. Later, I learned units for HTML and CSS. I used to wonder why metric wasn't adopted universally where it was an option. I was searching to re-read the piece mentioned in this thread. Here it is, plus some other cool pieces on the topic I found along the way. I thought it would be cool to discuss this further. I think unit choice is more nuanced than I used to. Music is also an interesting part of this topic. Cheers
  3. Streetwise

    Fareast 19R

    Best wishes buddy. I hope you have sailed more than my one sail this summer.
  4. Streetwise

    Fareast 19R

    J88 Alchemy, whose post you quoted in your reply, was not a dealer. He was a friend of mine and a fellow sailor on Lake Champlain. He sadly passed away this spring from a brain tumor. Congratulations on insulting a dead man on the internet. I will leave it at that.
  5. Streetwise

    EPL 19/20

    Dear Liverpool, best wishes from a Man Utd fan. Keep J├╝rgen Klopp for as long as you can, and enjoy the success. Cheers
  6. Streetwise

    Protection for carbon spinnaker pole ends

    It was the same kind of gray leather you would use on wheel cover, I think. I guess it can get dry. We were on freshwater, so we didn't have to worry about salt. The stitching was a useful way to quickly identify the orientation by sight or feel. Anyway, it was great, and made my foredeck work easier. I might still have a photo, since the boat has moved on.
  7. Streetwise

    Protection for carbon spinnaker pole ends

    We had leather sewn around each end for our C&C 99 carbon pole. It also made it easier to handle.
  8. Streetwise

    EPIC: Full Plane Bitches

    Having fun with my Viper 640.
  9. Streetwise

    Train hits boat

    I love all the names. I can drive from Moscow to Berlin in 45 minutes. (VT)
  10. Streetwise

    our next victim

    Scot and Bob, that was really nice. Thanks.
  11. Streetwise

    Aquarium Anarchy

    I did marine in the past, but not to the level of buying corals and running a sump. One reason I went with freshwater planted tanks this time, is that they are so low maintenance if you get the bioload, substrate, filtration, and lights right. Mostly I just feed and top-off water. I'll do a little water change so I can rinse the mulm out of my foam in a bucket of tank water. I love having tons of plants, big pieces of Mopani wood and spider wood, and some cool nano fish, but the coolest thing is having shrimp breed. A couple of my 3.5 gallon tanks just have shrimp and snails for livestock.
  12. Streetwise

    Aquarium Anarchy

    I am up to ten pico and nano tanks now.
  13. Streetwise

    PHRF Spinnaker Vs. Non-Spinnaker Ratings

    We only do one rating. With that rating, you can race Spin or JaM.
  14. Streetwise

    PHRF Spinnaker Vs. Non-Spinnaker Ratings

    We only allow one configuration and one rating. A competitor can choose Spin or JaM per series. This is not a game.
  15. Streetwise

    PHRF Spinnaker Vs. Non-Spinnaker Ratings

    This thread seems to be about big regions, but let me add another perspective. I serve on an all-volunteer club regatta committee, and also on an all-volunteer lake-wide PHRF committee (with free certs, and no yearly renewal paperwork), as well as run our website with race registration. We only have the resources to handle one rating per boat, and (at our club level), competitors can pick Spinnaker or Jib and Main, with one choice for Wednesdays, and another for weekends. Anything else would be too much work for our volunteer efforts. All the PROs are volunteers, and all club-member racers have to sign up for RC duty for one race a year. We only pay college kids to set marks, and all racing is free except for local non-members on Wednesday nights, which is $200 for the season. We also do persistent registration, so your boat stays registered until it goes away. I would say our priorities are maximizing participation, minimizing volunteer workload, while providing fair and fun racing. PS, Spin and JaM do not start together. Cheers