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  1. Streetwise

    All Hail Ed the King

  2. Streetwise

    Game of Thrones

    Watching again. Bronn wields Chekov’s crossbow.
  3. Streetwise

    Game of Thrones

    Knowledge from the Citadel!
  4. Streetwise

    Game of Thrones

    New racing maneuver: the scorpion douse—shoot a projectile through your sail!
  5. Streetwise

    Game of Thrones

    I need to watch again. Did they have the ability to fully rotate those scorpions?
  6. Streetwise

    Game of Thrones

    I have an idea that Qyburn might reanimate Rhaegal. I might have to see if anyone wrote up a theory.
  7. Streetwise

    Game of Thrones

    Let's see whether Euron got the hints that Tyrion dropped.
  8. Streetwise

    Hold my beer...

    There are a bunch of subreddits with related themes:
  9. Streetwise

    Color Printer Anarchy

    When we replaced most of our printers and copiers a couple of years ago, we ended up with Toshiba and Kyocera, based on cost per page. They use toner cartridges that are basically just plastic canisters with no electronics or moving parts, so you are paying less for refills.
  10. Streetwise

    Fareast 19R

    There was an Open 5.70 in Shelburne Bay for a while; one of the guys owned it. He might still have it, but never raced it. There is or was also a Rocket 22 on Lake Magog or Memphremagog. I think the owner might be on this site. Cheers
  11. Streetwise

    Aquarium Anarchy

    Here is a high-tech example. People like the CO2 especially for growing carpets.
  12. Streetwise

    Aquarium Anarchy

    Clean, I did a bunch of reading and looking at photos here: Diana Walstad is the low tech pioneer, and a lot of people consider her book ('ECOLOGY of the PLANTED AQUARIUM - A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist') to be the first really good resource. I also talked to a science teacher I work with about his multi-tank (connected) aquaponics setup in his classroom. I really wanted it to get close to a self-sustaining ecosystem. I'm sure you could pull off a Great Lakes tank this way. I though about trying something like that, but I wasn't sure if local fish would outgrow the tank too quickly. Regarding plant-eating fish, that bacopa grows so fast (even without dosing CO2 [aka high tech]), I've had to cut it in half and replant the cutting probably every other month. I wonder if it would win the race with those fish!
  13. Streetwise

    Aquarium Anarchy

    dreadom, that looks really nice! Tom, it must be fun to have that pond. Clean, what a bummer! This is my easiest tank ever. Three inches of organic compost topsoil (no human food waste), topped with about an inch or two of sand. A bunch of plants, maybe a about twenty fish now, various tetras and rasboras, some ottos, and about a dozen shrimp. With the soil setup plus the fish, the plants get tons of nutrients without having to add fertilizer or root tabs. It runs with a small in-hood filter, and I don't even need to bother with carbon anymore. In fact, it is so stable I could probably run it without a filter at all. I've never even had to clean it with a siphon, and I've only done water changes to reduce the tannins from the driftwood. Actually, I just realized that driftwood was from my first or second tank as a kid, probably 35 years ago! My ghost shrimp have cross-bred with my red cherry shrimp, so now I have red and clear striped shrimp. I thought the shrimp would be boring, but they are so much fun and quite speedy swimmers.
  14. Streetwise

    Aquarium Anarchy

    My previous saltwater tank got flooded by Irene in 2011. I finally got back into the hobby with a low-tech freshwater planted tank. Any other aquarium folks here?