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  1. Streetwise

    World Cup

    Mexico: bravery Belgium: chemistry England: perseverance
  2. Streetwise

    Open 5.00 for Racing

    We had one at our club for a couple of years. It rated 165, but there wasn't much to go on. It looks faster than it is.The local owner sold to someone from Aspen, I believe.
  3. Streetwise

    UEFA Champions League

    I was a neutral for this game, but it was heartbreaking to see Salah exit and to see a win based on errors. The epic Bale goal was special, and made the victory more meaningful. I will quite cynically give Sergio Ramos man of the match for taking out Mo Salah. After the match, the statements from CR7 and Bale really put their futures in question. As a Man Utd fan, it would be amazing to see him return. He is not ready for MLS quite yet. Cheers, Jason
  4. We use displacement as part of our splits to separate furniture boats from pure racing boats. We are also lucky enough to have enough boats for a Sportboat class, and and an Etchells class, but they both join the Spin B fleet for all but one weekend race.
  5. Streetwise

    PNW small boat ORC

    Many J/29 FR boats also use a longer spin pole for -3, which is why you might see 114. All the J/29 FR models on Lake Champlain are like that.
  6. Streetwise

    PNW small boat ORC

    There are US Sailing National Reference Ratings for many of these boats you guys are talking about. 171 - J/24 ODR 111 - J/29 MH OB 72 - J/35 72 - Schock 35 69 - J/109 PHRF 66 - C&C 115
  7. Shelburne Bay, Vermont, USA, Lake Champlain. If summerizing is the opposite of winterizing, this is it. We pull the docks and moorings every fall so they don't get destroyed by ice. We put them back in the spring. Google Maps view:,-73.245807&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=44.413252,-73.245807&spn=0.005748,0.013379&t=h&om=1&iwloc=addr Video Credit: Marc Gamble Cheers Jason
  8. Streetwise

    UEFA Champions League

    Real Madrid v Bayern Munich was pretty crazy tonight. I think Liverpool will prevail over AS Roma, and the final will be CR7 v Mo Salah. Cheers
  9. Streetwise

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    Oh, not the same truck.
  10. Streetwise

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    Texas sailor loading up for CRW 2009?
  11. Streetwise

    Hall Spars CF instrument hangers (mast base/gooseneck)

    Do you have anything that would fit a Shift and a ProStart on a Viper 640 mast?
  12. Streetwise

    Sportboat Dry-Sailing Parking

    We've been doing it for several years now. The club just wants to formalize the setup to some degree.
  13. Streetwise

    Sportboat Dry-Sailing Parking

    One of our members has a commercial drone license, and I hope to have him drone photo our property on a busy night. All that green in the middle gets filled with four columns of cars, and every row (except the exit lane), gets filled down to the shrubbery (which I want to remove). The turnaround you see is so that the cars leave an exit gap to get out of the grass parking. I doubt we will ever get approval for keeping dry-sailing boats anywhere except the southern-most row. At that end of our property, we have a two foot drainage ditch and a line of trees before we meet the town hiking/walking/biking trail. Vermont has some regulations about surfaces near water, so grass is better compared to gravel. If we try the diagonal, I am worried that we will lose the space we get when sailing, where we can put the end of the boat-less trailer over the ditch, and up to the trees there. We would get maybe half the benefit on the ditch-side, but the vehicles would block more of the lane. Again, I appreciate all the suggestions, because they may benefit others. However, maybe I just need an answer to my first question: how much space between boats for our 90 degree launch setup?
  14. Streetwise

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Sweet. I'm glad that we all value a nice race committee boat!
  15. Streetwise

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    It looks like the minutes are private again. I liked reading them as a PHRF rep from another region. Always great to see what other regions are up to.