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  1. Thanks! That seems like good advice. I don't think my wife will let me get sucked into continuously buying new gear, so I am trying get a lot of bang for my buck in the first go around. The problem I have is I do not know if any windsurf shops in my part of the world (New Orleans).
  2. I am looking to get into windsurfing. I am a very experienced dinghy sailor (Lasers, Sunfish, past college sailor...) but don't have any real windsurfing experience. What should I look for in a board and sail? I am 180lbs and reasonably fit. I am thinking of buying something used and cheep until I am convinced this is something I will keep doing. I don't know of any windsurfers in New Orleans, so this will probably be watch some videos and learn as I go kind of deal. Any advise would be welcome.
  3. keving

    Is this an I420 or C420?

    It does have the mast. It is a C420 mast, but l am not sure if it is the original.
  4. keving

    Is this an I420 or C420?

    Do you have any pics of those boats? This just does not look like any Vanguard 420 I have ever seen. Was it a special design for Brown?
  5. keving

    Is this an I420 or C420?

    Thanks for all the replies do far. I am still interested to know the builder. Does anyone have a list of 420 (international or club) builders from the 1970s? The lack of a serial number leads me to believe that it is from the 70s and not 80s. Was Vanguard the only ones making C420s at the time?
  6. keving

    Is this an I420 or C420?

    +1Old i420 had the open bow, maybe 20 years ago Did the old i420s not have a traveler? I do not see how a traveler car could ever ride on this one... Does anyone know who the builder of the boat was?
  7. keving

    Is this an I420 or C420?

    I am trying to determine if the 420 in the pictures is an international 420 or a club 420. Please help! The boat does not have serial number on the transom or any brand identification that I can see. The mast is not tapered and does not have internal halyards, but I am not 100% sure that it is the original mast. It does not have a traveler either, so my initial thought was that it is an old club 420, but I have never seen a club 420 with the thwart down near where the spinnaker bag is. The thwarts on the centerboard trunk are angled down, which I have also never seen on a club 420. Did the original Vanguard club 420s have these features?