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  1. nacradriver

    RAF 100 Years Old

    Never has much owed by so many to so few WFD Mate!
  2. nacradriver

    Calling for total war

    Using your rational when ANTIFA runs their counter protest and destroys others property, comes with weapons, randomly attacks people because they wore a red hat etc.... in all places Berkeley, CA where the whole free speech thing started... they deserve to be locked up and hung too?
  3. nacradriver

    Asian female driver

    Are you talking about Asian female drivers with with bumps and curves, or you referring to hitting those bumps and curves.. either way I'm in...
  4. nacradriver

    Yoo Hoo. It's the 4th of July

    As apposed to this Bogan with his hot date... relative of yours by chance?
  5. nacradriver

    Dive Destinations

    There is a cave in Thailand that can use a divers right now... too soon????
  6. nacradriver

    Cen$oring Google

    You left out George $orro$...
  7. nacradriver

    Jet-powered RIBs?

    get one of these....
  8. Is this shinny enough?
  9. nacradriver

    Calling for total war

    Tell me Raz'r... what were the Tokyo Trials about?
  10. nacradriver

    July 4 Barb-Ba-Que

    What ya have planned for the grill morrow? Casa Von-Nacra will be feasting on a couple slabs of baby back ribs and fill-lit mig-non from a local butcher... Some asparagus, shrooms, cocktail tomatoes, and garlic for the veggies... thinking either beans or garlic bread... why not both right???? Be safe out there... ND
  11. Hi,

    Nacradriver.... aka John...

    Can you tell me about your Outback...  I am leaning towards one of these as my 2002 Camry with 242K miles on it is staring give up some ghost that I don't want to spend money on..

    I am looking the base model... 2.5 engine



  12. nacradriver

    When science and feminism conflict.

    Let's not forget Bull and Hil too
  13. nacradriver

    Calling for total war

    First sentence good, the rest of the paragraph... noting by dither... try and keep up next time...
  14. nacradriver

    Calling for total war

    No he is... thrust me on this one.....
  15. nacradriver

    Calling for total war