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  1. nacradriver

    Shumer's faux pas

  2. Wow.... this does deserve some attention, they vandalized the original Starbucks... there were six other Starbucks on the same block and they picked that one... this shit has got to stop, it has gotten out of hand... they have destroyed the slacker mecca.... Guess someone fucked up the "Venti GTF [Green Tea Frappuccino], no classic or base soy to the second line, one scoop vanilla bean, one pump skinny mocha, 4 'VERY HEAPING' scoops of matcha, heaping grande scoop of ice, blended on 3, three times order
  3. If the good people of Portland are okay with this, then why should I care? It is their problem to deal with and apparently they are not doing anything about it.
  4. Seattle... who gives a shit. Apparently they don't. Why is this even making news?
  5. nacradriver

    The hotter Hot Lips

  6. Portland.... same shit different day...
  7. nacradriver

    The hotter Hot Lips

    A topic worthy of a discussion... which/who was the hotter Hot Lips Sally Kellerman Loretta Swit
  8. I thought there was some BS here for the PA Pavlovian Circle Jerk to suck on. .Even then, chances are they would have sent Marine 1 to do the job...isn't that what they use to go to Camp David? What 90 miles from Wilmington, DE to Wash D.C and put him down So Capitol Heliport or worse yet Regan National Airport..... the flight would have taken what 45 minutes. 45 minute flight in a super tricked out 747... lets see, rotate, gear up.. two minutes later running through the landing check list, gear down, stop... all for the economical price of $500K Didn't a lot of you here criticize Trump for leaving DC to go to NYC on the weekends to golf and the cost of using AF1 to accomplish this? Short selective memory we have.... Another question I have, can New Castle Airport, the airport that Joe was flying in and out of during the campaign, handle the weight of a 747?
  9. nacradriver

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    We call that "phuck you rich.." Car that much, I would be afraid to drive it.
  10. nacradriver

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    If only I had a couple million laying around..
  11. nacradriver

    Phil  Spector  DTS

    True... but many say he starting mentally going downhill after the car accident which is not an excuse for what/if he did.... up until them, they're is some great music out there with his name on it..
  12. nacradriver

    Phil  Spector  DTS

    Sad the way it ended..
  13. nacradriver

    Biden's First Day, 10 days, 100 days...

    First 10 days..... Missiles (Iran already saber rattling), Migrants (new train on the way), and Mayhem (there will be some some shit going on) Missiles, Migrants, and Mayhem oh my... Missiles, Migrants, and Mayhem oh my....