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  1. nacradriver

    P-51 Crash Landing - cool video

    I watched this one happen... felt bad for the gal too... that was one sweet little airplane the never flew the same after this... so I was told. To me this is bad ju ju and requires a major exorcism by an archbishop if not the pope himself before I'll fly it... And this, I flew in the plane the day before this had happened... needles to say those nice people form the FAA and the NTSB wanted to have a chat with me and a few others that flew the plane prior to the accident... They pretty much asked the same five questions five different ways that pertained to the condition of the aircraft, my handling of the aircraft, and my overall impression of the owners of the plane and the operation, and the flight instructor...
  2. nacradriver

    P-51 Crash Landing - cool video

    Plus the chances of you walking away from it unscathed are greater....
  3. nacradriver

    P-51 Crash Landing - cool video

    They didn't teach ya how to make your own runway in pilot school.... younguns... heard at an USAF training base once "dang, six weeks ago I couldn't even spell pilot, now I is one...."
  4. nacradriver

    Flying under the radar is smart

    You won't see too many 747s' moving forward, with the exception of the freight haulers, they are being retired by many of the major airlines... Ever see a plane taxi backwards?
  5. nacradriver

    P-51 Crash Landing - cool video

    An on the way back they landed with half a wing shot to shite, a partial moving elevator... and a bunch of other 7.92 MM holes throughout the fuselage...
  6. nacradriver

    Trigger finger

    First scene was better
  7. nacradriver

    Flying under the radar is smart

    Maybe they were as dumb as a fox..
  8. nacradriver

    Lease or Buy

    Or, just another way of saying you really can't afford the car
  9. nacradriver

    Seattle: A City Threatened

    SI and family just got out of there... said the place is getting too bat crap crazy, and she thinks Bernie Sanders was a conservative.... what does that tell ya? When the unions are scratching their heads and saying WTF...
  10. nacradriver

    Well...You Brits Have Finally Done It

    Well done
  11. nacradriver

    Tom Wolfe DTS

    Though a very hard book to do an oral book report on in 9th grade back in the early 70's with out raising a few eybrows... The good sisters of the Immaculate Heart didn't get it...
  12. nacradriver

    Well...You Brits Have Finally Done It

    Bravo Mate... well done.. though I would like to see what the young lady with her back to us is sporting.. Looking at the arm pit crack, it appears she has the making of what we refer to in the states as a "world class rack... " Carry on
  13. nacradriver

    Lease or Buy

    In the US, you can't deduct the entire lease payment for a while now and there are caps on what you can and can not deduct on a luxury leased car in the US per the lease inclusion amount This is to put everyone on a level playing field when it comes to lease deductions... an M3 would fall into the "luxery zone" even if it is a business use vehicle. If the vehicle is being used for business, my advice to would be to run the numbers and look at actual expense including depreciation figuring a five year schedule or a short accelerated cost recovery biases, look at the standard millage expense predicated on your past three years driving history and see if this fits, or rent from Enterprise and just write off the entire trips expense for that specific business purpose.. Today, I am doing the Enterprise drill for my business use for a variety of reasons, one being cost, and the other being liability... yes, you better check your auto policy about use a car for business purposes....
  14. nacradriver

    Tom Wolfe DTS

    You beat me to it...
  15. nacradriver

    Lease or Buy

    Also, there is a new thing being saturated advertised... more like carpet bombed in the Los Angeles Market - Fair Car App... you can get the car you want, when want it, for as long as you want it, with no string attached... Guess this is how the younguns want to do it these days.. I like the one line in all the commercials.... "there is like no commitment what sooo everrrrr...." what great philosophy to carry through life... guess they are to distracted to run the numbers..