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  1. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    All the good "Geek" stores are disappearing.. Fry's electronics is one of the last hold outs, but their "Geek" department is getting smaller and smaller sigh...........
  2. Best Rock Song Intros

  3. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    Where they the big antennas off the Skukill Expressway? Let me see if my memory is still working 3 was NBC, 6 was ABC, 10 was CBS, and 12 was PBS... but who watched that.... then there was channels 17 and 48... had the cool stuff like wrestling, and Roller Derby, and where Stu Nahan got his start as Captain Philadelphia... and Big 5 Basketball announcer.
  4. AM Antena Anarchry

    Already did there Woodrow..... picked up a few new ones from Berlin and Munich... got me thinking in German again..
  5. AM Antena Anarchry

    That's OK Woody... at least I am not charging a hanging out fee...
  6. Happey Thacksgiving!

    For the first time in a long time Casa Von NACRA is not hosting the big bird... We're going to head up north and spend it with my uncle... this may be the last one for the old surgeon... I love to hear the stories he tells about he and my dad when they were kids.... some first class hell raisers.
  7. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    You have a straight shoot at Mt. Wilson with no obstructions... When I lived in LGB... for a while I didn't have cable... the antenna on the roof did a pretty good job.
  8. AM Antena Anarchry

    Gee wilikers there Woodman... like..... what do you think Google is for? There are only a few stations I listen to most of the time... KFI Los Angeles, KLAC LA Sports, KCRW Santa Monica, and WKPN Philadelphia... Once is a while I tune in KPFK for a good laugh... it amazing to me what the faaaarrrrrr left believes half the time... According to them Jerry Brown is a conservative Nazi
  9. AM Antena Anarchry

    I tried that from Trek... it helped a little, I like how it had the fine tuning knob, but still didn't improve the reception
  10. AM Antena Anarchry

    Last time I felt fidelity was many moons ago... it was infidelity and yes they were real and they were spectacular. Doesn't matter, I am going to hell anyway!
  11. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    FIL has one on top of his roof that he bought at Wal-Mart. He is picking up the Los Angels stations from Mt Wilson a good 70 miles away.
  12. Who is Ignoring someone MORE than anyone else ???

    You forget the raccoons... numb-nuts
  13. charles manson-dts

    Regarding the Romanian stew... My head was on a swivel when we were in Bucharest.. there must be something in the water there. Do they not sell bras there?
  14. charles manson-dts

    Tim McVeigh figured this out and chose the "pesky little needle." I would have like to have seen them give him the firing squad like he asked for.. made it a pay per view and give the money to the victims and this families.. Would have made a great Super Bowl Half Time Show.
  15. AM Antena Anarchry

    Hi.. Schmi... can't remember the lat time I heard Hi High Fidelity