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  1. Had dinner with my 95 year old uncle right before Christmas.. we got to taking about things mainly my own father and some of the crazy shit he did as kid etc.... kind of lets me know where I got that gene. Anyway he started to tell a story of one of my other uncles that was the oldest of their family.. He passed away long before I got a chance to really know him.... My Uncle Karl like many others was snatched away from a surgical residency program months prior to D-Day and attached to one the first medical units to hit the beach. I think my other uncle said he was on the beach D+1.. He went on to tell a story how one day while in a hospital in Lerouville, France they were packed up with some of their supplies and we driven to Buchenwald. They were there day after it was liberated... Because he spoke fluent German he was the first line of contact for triage... the stuff that he saw... . It wasn't talked about much like most things were of their generation but my uncle, and my dad too though he never said why, that this really put the zap on him.
  2. nacradriver

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Or, they could have flown to Camarillo (KCMA) picked up a clearance for the RNAV Y 26 and picked up a Urber.... Or even Van Nuys for that matter. Helicopters have thei own flyways etc... in that area the minimum MEA for IFR is 5000... there was plenty of room. But then again hovering is balancing act... hovering in IFR..... you better be practicing this a lot.. Yes, I have 20 hour of rotary wing time... They were flying Special VFR.... for phuck sakes!!!! Sorry about the verbage,... best I can come up with now. Getting a hold in Southern CA is almost un-heard of and this should have had alarm bells going off in the pilots head.... Last time I got put in a hold it was going in the Carlsbad many moons ago... one of those fast moving advection fog marine layers came in and they had four or five G-5 types and a couple commercial aircraft to contend with and my little 172 could wait... fourth lap in the hold I was given a further release time of 20 after the hour... it was 10 to the hour... I opted to head back to Long Beach and call it a day... even then Long Beach was just at minimums.... my available fuel pucker factor was pretty high...
  3. nacradriver

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Maybe required by the insurance company.... Most private aircraft are not required to carry a them..
  4. nacradriver

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Meh!!!!!! those are paved runways... Try this
  5. nacradriver

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Fixed for ya... Once they do the investigation they turn the findings over to the FAA.... kind of like cops and district attorneys
  6. nacradriver

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Thank you ... if you read through it, it proved my point... Good day
  7. nacradriver

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Many of them use a Lycoming IO-540 engine and it has a 2000 hour recommend rebuild... I have seen some of these engines go way beyond this recommendation and when we finally tore them down much of their internal parts were still within the oratory tolerances. Robinson Helicopter company still users this engine for many of their helicopters that are sold to police and news operations... But what they know.. right..
  8. nacradriver

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    No you don't.... Do tell?
  9. nacradriver

    Who have you been mistaken for?

    Fiksed four you
  10. nacradriver

    Who have you been mistaken for?

    Hell no... crazy ass red head.... kind of looked like a young Juliana Moore.
  11. nacradriver

    Cooking Elk

    I have some Stags Leap Old Vine Zinfandel... what time is dinner?
  12. nacradriver

    Who have you been mistaken for?

    Back in the late 80's I was having dinner with a date when these two hotties came up to our table asking me for an autograph and were telling how much they loved the the show... I am certain one of them would have let me autograph her bodacious breast and more..., but what is the saying, 'a bird in the hand is better that two in the bush.." Anyway I scribbled some stuff on a napkin handed it to them and off they went. Afterwards I was asking my date who they thought I was... her remark... "they were just screwing with you, you don't look like anyone.."
  13. nacradriver

    Terrified police shoot and kill unarmed dog

    A properly trained dog will just get up and walk way to a new position in the room... they will keep doing this.. the most aggressive thing they will do is bark and that is to let their owner know something is afoot... Similar situation... Roar one of my brother's Schutshund trained shepherds had the gas company guy pinned up against the wall for an hour... he caught a lot grief about it from So Cal Edison... but, there was a sign on the gate with a number to call to gain entry, he had sent letter them earlier explaining that there is a trained K9 on the premises and not to enter unless accompanied... Did the meter guy read the sign or his notes or even care... I think not! Thank goodness for those new radio meters.
  14. nacradriver

    Terrified police shoot and kill unarmed dog

    There fixed for ya... of course you'll disagree.. Just keep this in mind.. that dog may have been trained to protect that child.. Yes this can be done
  15. nacradriver

    Terrified police shoot and kill unarmed dog

    Like I said irregular.. it sounds to me like that dog was treated to be afraid... Full disclosure, my father was breeder... he did shepherds, weimaranes (long before Vegman made them popular) , and short hair pointers.. I have seen K9 that have been trained to rip you into a 1000 little pieces and yet will let a 2 year old grab their ears and pull their whiskers and enjoy every second of it..