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  1. nacradriver

    Random PicThread

    Yeah it did... and the tracks too...
  2. nacradriver

    Careful where you step...

    I thought this was abort all the street shit in San Francisco... carry on!
  3. nacradriver

    POS found DTS

    Wouldn't touch that skank with your ten foot pole.. Bad karma and all.. Yeah but, you'll be thinking about it now that the question is out there...
  4. nacradriver

    POS found DTS

    The book, you know the one she was writing while holed up in Paris, is probably going through editing right now.. and will be released the day she gets sentenced... what is she going to get a year or two after a few phone calls are made to sweep this under the carpet... which by there are we taking bets on her's? Clean shaven, hairy landing strip or Buckwheat in a Headlock?
  5. nacradriver

    Random PicThread

    The drove those mofo's.... and drove them like to stole them.
  6. nacradriver

    "Ride the Ducks" bankruptcy liquidation

    We did that years ago in Seattle... to our fortune the water was a little to rough that day and we didn't do the harbor tour.... never got on another since.
  7. nacradriver

    "National Cleavage Day"

    You're a sick puppy
  8. nacradriver

    Neither borrower nor lender be?

    I see a firing squad in someone's near future.
  9. nacradriver

    Prindle 19, Everglades Challenge Vet

    Check your PM
  10. nacradriver

    How did we get to this sorry state?

    Good point Keith but not entirely accurate.. The Trump campaign did not take anything for granted they way the Clinton camp did. Also to note,. Clinton was not able to energize the electorate. When they called Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan for Trump... it was pretty much over. Those were democrat strongholds with stagnating economies. IMPO... Clinton sealed her fate with the "Basket of Deplorables" statement.
  11. nacradriver

    Random PicThread

    Herr Friedrichs.... jha?
  12. nacradriver

    Rudder Alignment

    Thanks Astro.. good stuff
  13. nacradriver

    Prindle 19, Everglades Challenge Vet

    1985 hulls?????
  14. nacradriver

    How did we get to this sorry state?

    Hilary Clinton had the entire democrat machine behind her, she outspent Trump, etc.... and she still lost. Trump won because he bucked the norms and appealed to the everyday Jane and Joe, though it was BS... Is he rich, yea, but some folks just wanted an even playing field so they can have their little piece of paradise, and that is the is story he sold. If the democrats put up anyone else besides Clinton I would have voted for them over the pothead from New Mexico.. And I don't think I am alone here.
  15. nacradriver

    "National Cleavage Day"

    ennie meenie mynne moe ahh what the hell how much for the whole liter?