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  1. Enjoy https://vimeo.com/82770956
  2. Add me to the list as well... was not a big NFL but this sort of sealed the deal for me..
  3. My point exactly
  4. And for the $100 bonus round question, can you tell us how many of those 250,000,000 weapons in the US are AK-47s?
  5. Brother has a 1992 300 TD Wagon with 5 speed that he bought new in Germany before coming back to the US... Never an issue and the thing is a frigging Panzer... still drives it as a weekend car. That said if the OP wants to up the spend... could get himself one of these
  6. Lets see; the Russians have claimed to have invented, electricity, bread, chocolate, tampons, television, Coca-Cola, and a few other things... Why am I not the least bit surprised at this news flash? But they did invent the drum machine... maybe because there is no rhythm in Russia???
  7. He was special! From what I have read; almost all the presidents with the exception of Johnson and Roosevelt hated him... but he also had the goods on them so......
  8. Really.... Nixon was the only one to do this? Do the names Clinton and Obama mean anything?
  9. Such as?
  10. I believe the real battle will be with the tree luggers over the NIMBY's Or, they could just let it sit, become a problem, and then let the feds come in a fix it... Of course there will be fines to So Cal Edison, but I am sure they will amount to no more than nickle on the dollar compared to the cost of dealing with this themselves. That said you have to give credit the folks in Pennsylvania.... at least the can make light of the situation
  11. They say the same thing with Nixon and Watergate
  12. Yeah... but!!!! There is a special irony with this and the California Coastal Commission... if you have beachfront or adjacent property to the beach out here you can't even plant a bush in your yard without their permission... They have no problem beating the shit out of Harry Home Owner when they can over simple stuff, but..... The way I am getting this story is that the casks must resist earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, temperature extremes and other scenarios. Where they are now... 2 out of the 4 "what could possibly go wrong scenarios" can't be that bad. Nor, should we be the least bit concerned that the canisters could be susceptible to corrosion and cracking, given the plant's marine adjacency. I am sure they are taking every step possible to make this safe.... I just feel it would be a little bit safer if it was moved temporary space at a remote desert location with a no-fly zone and it is guarded by trained personnel.. But hey, that's just me
  13. Why use three words when one word would have worked?
  14. Like stated I offered this with no judgement, and you got your point across with your first rebuttal... posting this is just making me think you're just an ____________.
  15. Keep going Dude, you're on a roll