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  1. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    That’s what I hate about boats. (Actually there’s lots of things but don’t get me started!) No frigging brakes! No frigging brakes! That’s gotta be dumb.
  2. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    I get it. Sailing races (even on these lumbering beasts) are a game. Games need rules. Without rules it would be sailing anarchy. I’ll get my coat.
  3. Moppie, I’ve furled screechers on multis my own about a trillion times. As far as I can see you have presented two issues: 1) the drum or feeder is spinning around 360 degrees so that the furler line spins around the furler and she no workies no more- very frigging annoying! 2) when you furl it’s not furling evenly with the foot furling tightly and the leech not furling enough and you end up with a big “hoof” in the middle of the sail flogging and flapping and carrying on. Very frigging annoying! Here’s my take: 1) The common solution of “fixing” the furler out there on the pole in a way that stops it rotating around itself by having it shackled or strapped down or attached in such a way that it is practically irretrievable is a pet hate of mine because it necessitates that you have to go out on the pole or get in a dinghy to attach the furler to the pole and then if you have a problem and you need to retrieve the furler it means you have to go out there whilst underway, Playing in Murphy’s hands there. You’re by yourself, things are already obviously going wrong, quite possibly because the conditions are up, you’re out on the pole. Not good. I guess a retracting pole could help but let’s assume we want to reduce the incidence of fuck ups to practically zero in the first place That means you’re hauling your furler out there on a tack line rope. Probably 2:1 is best with super strong, super non stretchy rope!!. Still, it’s very common for that tack line to slip a little. What you need to address “1)” is some bungy elastic or string attached to the furler with the feeding arm of the furler often being the most convenirent point of attachment for the bungy and tying the other end in the direction of the furling line entry a 2-3 metres away. Let’s say on your cat the furling line feeds through a couple of deck blocks from a position near the outer end of the forward beam or near the bow, then you’d attach you elastic at one end out there somewhere (so that it doesn’t interfere with the furling line) and to the furler, probably at the feeding arm, at the other end so that when you haul you’re furler out to its position on the pole with the 2:1 tack line the elastic tightens enough to stop the furler/feeder being able to spin around itself but not so tight that it distorts the halyard tension. Now, 2): enough downward pressure on the leach is necessary as you furl so that the top of the leech starts furling too. Firstly you need a good quality swivel in good condition. “Tightening your luff so that it’s maxed out plus a quarter turn” doesn’t sound like being kind to your equipment or ropes to me. It also means possibly readjusting halyard tension before you furl because a maxed out halyard and then some isn’t how you’ll be always setting your screecher’s halyard in light to mild conditions or in many other scenarios. Sails like that are often designed to have some deflection. In light conditions you might be tacking up wind with you’re big screecher thing with out massive halyard tension and tacking requires a fast partial furl While I’m at it, I don’t care what clutch you use on your tack line or halyard, or what promises the manufactures make, you will rip the shit out of rope casings if you leave the clutch shut when the screecher type sail is deployed in decent breeze. Maybe not the first time, but it will. And then you’ll be in all sorts of bother. (But you’ve got a serated knife at the ready always at the mast, right?! So you’ll be able to get out of that pickle.) The halyard must be on a winch drum or a horn cleat. The tack line too. Although 2:1 will delay the rope casing destruction process for a while. Rope constrictors? Well...Yeah....nah! Maybe. I like the idea but I haven’t seen them work that well. Maybe newer ones than mine. Jury’s out. Not sure. Right. Where were we? When you furl in breeze, above say 7-10 knots put you’re jib back up or out firstly for wind shadowing the screecher, and before you furl you’ve pulled right away to nearly dead down wind, right. Say around 150- 170 degrees TWA. it should furl nicely then. This is crucial. I have got no idea how you’re suppose to furl one handed while maintaining some pressure on the sheet with the other hand. It shouldn’t need any sheet load at all. Just makes furling it really difficult. If it really needs a tiny bit of sheet pressure you can let it slide under your foot but, really, sheet pressure gives you the wrong angle of load because you want just a little downward leech pressure no foot load at all. Normally just the weight of the sheets and the wind shadow from the jib provides all the down force on the leech that you need. It’s ideal if someone can walk the clew forward, of course, but since you’re on your Pat Malone and you’re just not getting a good furl you can always rig up a length of bungy with a block attached to the deck near the gunwhale about in line with the mast with the sheet running through that lightish block with enough give to not muck up sheeting but providing just enough down force when furling. c’est tout.
  4. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Camera boat not really a factor. But why head up now? I really think all was well for a close pass of the transom, he had him cleared (just) until Panick Pete spun the wheel up on the stb boat which swung the back half of the boat into the path of the ducking port tacker. stb has luffed far enough, in fact, that he’s back winding sails
  5. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    I’ll go a step further. Port tacker had seen stb boat, had eased main, was bow down, was definitely clearing stb tacker but was restricted to leeward by pain in the arse camera boat that thought now is a tops time to start heading up as me mate to windward is coming down to clear the stern of Stb boat, ie following steering instructions by old mate at the side stay. All was going well for a duck of the transom until Panic Pete on the stb boat spun the wheel up which swung the back half of the boat right into the path of the ducking port tacker. Stb boat Legally in the right, sure, but fucked it up for port ducker.
  6. LionIsland

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    I wonder: 1) at what point did they give up towing it by the rudder blade? 2) why is red so god damned attractive to all the little growing thingys.
  7. LionIsland


    They say pineapple juice can help with that.
  8. LionIsland

    Sleep management

    And that Mr Alan H is the crux of the whole thing. Could I sail and sleep on a 135 ft trimaran at full speed on my own arriving at the horizon in just a few minutes? A foiling 60 foot mono.? A 40 foot bridge deck cat? An S and S 34? A mini 6.5 Maybe yes for two of those smaller midsized boats...for a little while for an hour or two or a day in ideal conditions if feeling strong, in good spirits, well rested and feeling confident. On fuck all sleep for weeks? Unfortunately, no way. That’s why all those solo racers at the top end or not are revered by so many. What they do is way more incredible than just sailing. Oh and they can have it. i think cruising is different. I don’t feel good. I’ll just pull over here and crash out. Could I race/sail any of them around the world on my pat. No, I’d be completely fucked after 3 days of shitty sleep. it amazes me how the most basic tasks become so difficult when you’re tired. Put a reef in. Struggle Struggle. Grumble swear grumble struggle. . Get something to eat. Struggle.Struggle. Grumble swear grumble struggle. Take a reef out? Struggle. Grumble swear grumble struggle. . Keep a log. Struggle. So fuck it! Tidy up? Struggle. Grumble swear grumble struggle. . fix something Struggle. Grumble swear grumble struggle. . fix something else? Struggle. Grumble swear grumble struggle. . and it gets harder and harder and harder the tireder you get. Wish I could, can’t. It gets joyfullessive.
  9. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    1) I agree to that. Almost. If the stb boat held course it still doesn’t look like port tacker was going to get pulled away all the away in time for a clear duck. But agree that the stb tacker certainly panicked and suddenly turning up ended up making the situation worse. Pulling away might have avoided impact. Of course the port tacker shouldn’t be crossing that close. They’re not Lasers. I’d like to think it was just a fuck up and not a smart arse move gone wrong. Big difference. 2) I think you’ve been a bit harsh on the MOB. It looked like he tried to get out of the way and got taken out as the arse of the boat he was on moved quickly towards the incoming bow as Panick Pete on the helm decided or was told to suddenly helm up. (And I’m not saying I might not have made the same error in the split second, well, about 4 seconds by my count). That incoming bow really whooped him good. Could’ve been a much different outcome. Getting pinned under that bow as it ground over the deck... urgggh! I’ve had occassion recently to think, rules aside, if you hit someone with your bow you’re probably largely at fault, most times. You’ve hit them, right?
  10. LionIsland

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    Righto. I see. Vendredi Treize. It was mind boggling and the predecessor to the floating footpath. I was 8. Yet Pen Duick tri captivated my fascination.
  11. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Good idea. Call it 40m. That means you’re asking them, in affect, to keep off atleast a boat length. Doesn’t sound unreasonable considering what’s at stake and how big n heavy those things are. Sure, probably a bit hard to police but how often do these things race and if you take a picture of a give way boat obviously inside that zone then they should wake up. Almost incomprehensibly lucky the lack of injuries if those reports are right.
  12. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    my point is if it can head up quite abruptly in a desperate, reactionary but ‘mistaken’ attempt in trying to avoid the imminent collision in the last 5 seconds it could possibly just as easily borne away and pretty much avoided or highly reduced the impact force and the unfortunate forwardness of the impact (if not entirely missing maybe just clipping the back corner). Oh yeah, of course, if it was me steering, and let’s assume the steerer/owner was of a mature age with mature age reactions, and who was no doubt depending on forward spotters, young (er) gun tacticians and advisors on the boat and possibly also on an accompanying safety boat I would have definitely had that main eased and made the right instant decision to (it was quite possibly counter intuitively) pulled away not headed up. It all happened pretty quickly considering the dinosaur like size and speed of these things. There are, of course, zillions of incredible instant reaction examples of near misses. Unfortunately, no such luck here. Still on of my faves is from many years ago in a World Rally Champioship race (on it’s own a literal endless supply of amazing escapes by highly skilled drivers with lightning quick reactions) when an airborne car jumping over a hill top was faced with the prospect of hitting, between it’s headlights, a mad spectator standing in the middle of the track on the blind side of the crest about a car length or two further on than where the car was going to land. The driver threw the bum of the car sideways, just avoiding hitting the spectator with the front of the car (and no doubt killing him) and so the side of the car glanced and shoved the guy off the track with little or no injury. Lucky as fuck.
  13. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Both fair points.
  14. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    I don’t excuse the port tacker, bad misjudgement, or on board communications fuck up or something (all too easy) , but it looks to me stb tacker made things worse by heading up in the last moments and shoving his counter under the incoming bow of the port tacker. It might have just about completely missed if stb tacker had taken the opposite action, ie pulled down hard and moved his counter away from the incoming bow.
  15. LionIsland

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Yes big heavy slow fuck up. No good. But ça n someone explain to me, on the filming boat, why so much panic and why we all had to run downstairs?