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  1. A what? Unless it was a Crowther designed one from the 80's/early 90's I don't recall seeing any fast and light Catanas. Big - yes luxurious- yes fast- not really light- hmmm not the froggy ones So which model ? For all I know there is large light fast Catana model. Just wondering. Pretty much agree with all your other sentiments however has the story stalled a little or something? Ad I'm still waiting for their boat to light up and do 20+knots like I'm sure it can but back your post about the Catana ...
  2. Instead of "competing" against each other why can't the clubs combine energies and have one start say on the 2nd and a finish line off Coffs for those who want to sail to there only and the full length racers carrying on to Southport. plenty of other sports events have long and short courses. The only bit I cant work out is can full coursers go through the Coffs finish line to get a Coffs result and carry on to Southport? I would say "why not?" And can intending full coursers simply finish at Coffs if they want? I would say "why not?". I'm sure Coffs harbour could handle a couple of extra boats if they had intended to go all the way but pull the pin at Coffs instead of carrying on to Southport. advantages: 1) clubs can work together by pooling resources and cooperating 2) more boats on one start line, 3) should increase the total number competing 4) provides a stepping stone opportunity for inexperienced boats to learn the ropes of offshore racing eg boat prep, crew prep etc without spending too long out there as well as attracting boats who simply don't want to sail too far or don't have the time to sail all the way or are allergic to Qld. 5) provides a safety net for intending full coursers if the conditions are yukky or their boat or crew is having issues reducing pressure to carry on when stopping is prudent. Seems like a reasonable solution to me. Opinions on this sought.
  3. Gee Jay. Most of you're arguments have lost me. Question: Why should it be, if it is, a mono only race? Answer: Because....? It's not a"specialist" monohull race is it? Or did I miss something? If one is running a race and not allowing certain types of boats based on their shape (or other reasons) that by definition is discriminating. Those ones in, those ones out. Somehow you're comparing one make/ one design races and regattas with a race that might be, or hopefully is, or should be especially since it's gonna be run by a club with Multihulls, open to all yachts that comply to the relevant SR regs. I'd be glad if they accept multihull entries but like I said I don't get why you'd need a fleet (not sure what number that is) to accept any. What difference does it make if there's one or two (likely) or 10 (less likely). Can't see CYCA rejecting Sydney 38's in the Hobart if there's only one or two and in that case they would be included like any other yacht. Or I can't see a Weta being rejected from say a Foster regatta if there's only one. And it should be noted, monos are most welcome to sail in the RMYC Multihull Division managed Saturday pointscore races. They will be treated fairly on handicap as Top Yacht doesn't distinguish between different shapes of boats it handicaps and scores on performance. Its not rocket surgery. Also, when you have had mono sailors at point blank range say "we don't like Multihulls" one isn't imagining discrimination. But that's their narrow minded prerogative. And I know there's nice people and dickheads sailing all styles of boats. I repeat, for a race like that as far as I can see whether mono, cat, tri whatevs, they're all just boats. One in all in I reckon. Some slow and comfy, some fast and spartan, some old, new, long, cheap, expensive, short and everything in between. I really don't think the activity of sailing can afford to exclude unnecessarily. My rant finished.
  4. What makes the AC so special and unique? i think it's 5things: 1) the history, country v country. They must bring back nationality rules, Shirley 2) the boats have always been unusual (the J's were breathtaking, 12's were slow ugly uninspiring but weird and unique things that they got rid of none too soon but the design rule was tight, the NZ big boat v Dennis's winged cat was a poorly executed bazarre mismatch, the 80 footers were beautiful but pretty boring, Valencia's mega BMW/Oracle tri v Alinghi cat was also a bazarre spectacular mismatch, the 72'cats of SF were amazing on so many levels not least because of the incredibly lucky and good fortune that the two boats left standing, USA and NZ, were so close in boat speed that it created that dramatic soap opera if SF in 2013 that you couldn't have scripted with more lead swaps than all of the previous ACs put together and finally the 50's in BDA with USA being just a tiny bit slower making it a dull final in comparison to the challenger series but there's not much you can do about that and I believe will be the most common AC scenario with really close match ups like 1983 and 2013 being the exception and not the rule. If USA had been less than 1 % faster in BDA it would have been a whole different series. 3) the exclusivity, its always has been a mega rich person's sport but it means they are spending money, 4) the match racing concept which is so different to fleet racing and is an integral part of the AC and 5)the uniqueness of having a challenger series finding a challenger to take on the lying-in-wait defender. (FFS!!! Please don't ever have the defender sailing in the challenger series again!!!- what a fucking stupid idea that was!!!) so, in conclusion IMO, whether the boats are butt ugly slow mono or state of the art foiling cats doesn't really matter to the matchracing aspect but I do think the boats need some "wow" factor if you're trying to get a wider audience. I get that the 50's were bloody quick and refined and amazing and jaw droppingly spectacular at 45 plus knots but to me they were just too small and too automated being sailed basically two up. I loved the 72's. Beasts! and was a bit disappointed when they were going to 62's and then really disappointed that it ended up with 50's. Still, they were mighty cool and I can't imagine any reaction other than a collective groan if they went to monos. Manually controlled 100'ers of any shape or configuration with no stored power or hydraulics/pneumatics on 20 mile courses with strong nationality rules.
  5. Not so sure about the dates of the two races north. Seems a bit clashy to me. I'd probably lean towards RMYC race as they have supported a multi racing fleet over the last 1/4 century. Mind you, RPA, amongst others, have always welcomed multis in various races including Coffs/Southport. I think making the destination attractive would definitely go along way in attracting (both multihull and mono) numbers. Basically, a big friggin fun family friendly party at the Coffs end. I haven't seen the state of Coffs lately but some certainty about berthing arrangements would help. Is it still busted? Maybe not being treated like ostracised outcast second rate citizens by some narrow minded mono gits could help us multis. Hammo welcomes multis with open arms and open legs and look at the positive response. Race organisers usually say "we need a fleet" so we can make a multi seperate division Honestly, I cannot get my head around the seperate class bullshit that still pervades. There is not one logical argument in practice or in phs pointscore that supports seperating boats of different stability systems. Keels, water tanks, manual swing keels (mind you, motors continuously or stored powered systems running keels etc seems a bit rich for a sailing sport) cat, tri, what fucking ever- they're all boats. I've had so many great close races (v monos) on the water and on phs over the years in races. seems just nuts to divide or exclude. What next? Only fair skinned, blue eyed, straight, male Christians can enter? Phs is simple for one in all in, and sure, seperate classes within the fleet makes sense. IRU, OMR, IMS etc. whatevs. But I'm not going to pretend that there's a massive fleet of offshore multis in NSW just chomping at the bit. Why aren't there more?
  6. Pity they hadn't figured that out in San Diego. Kiwis, slow learners but they do get there finally. Which puts them way ahead of us in Oz, Yeah yeah. 1983 blah blah blah. How many attempts did that take!? ( but who knows, come 2020, we might be firing!)
  7. How about the Kiwis design a 120' mono and the rest of us use wing sailed 60' cats. That would make tops viewing.
  8. What we've got!!?? Got nuffin. Although how hard can it be? The Kiwis did it! Aus winning it?, well, that's something else again. Possible? maybe. But probable? We must have a few successful well heeled, brainy, keen people over here who can put a campaign together, Shirley. Then we just claim a couple of our sailors back from other teams and Voila! a much sort after big silver trophyand some kudos! Simples. Anyway, it's yours, enjoy. You fuckers tore it up. JS was correct. You were at a higher level. Played hard, done good. Fuckers.
  9. NZ was so unlucky not to win in SF with the (unnecessarily short) time limit and with OR climbing up the oh so steep learning curve right at the llth hour. But you wouldn't be enjoying this win so much without that loss. Pains me to say it but there's NZ punching above its weight once again. Manually controlled AC 72's in windy Wellington, now that would be fun.
  10. Now that you got it back (felicitations!) try not to let some dumb prick hammer the shit out it this time, would you. It's quite pretty and a way more impressive looking trophy than say the set unimpressive tiny ashes urn. And who knows we Aussies might want to see it over here one day and it would be nice if it was in better shape than a flattened hubcap.
  11. Too easy. Can happen on any boat to anyone. Hard to imagine traffic issues on such a massive body of water but Murphy- loves that boating caper. Hope all recover well and let the drops of water roll off yer backs and saddle up again and get out there. Big bummer, yes, but you're not the first and won't be the last.
  12. And there it is... finally. Ep.92 Riley: it's been the best week of my life... figuring out ...how comfortable you can arrive not exhausted. and, "Honestly, when it was blowing 28 knots and we were were just absolutely flying along dead level and Elayna was cooking (dinner)...I blew a fuse- nothing will ever be the same." Sweet Elayna:"How good is this ( I'm pretty sure she means-"type of") boat!" I can't wait to go sailing again. Nice. Point is made with the genuine, unplanned, gushing, exuding enthusiasm from the two protagonists in their hallujah moment. Btw, it should be obvious, even to the most cynical, that I have zero agenda, zero invested, as I'm not pushing any brands, any particular vloggers etc, Ok, ok. alright then. Yes, I do prefer (most) multis. Derr. I'm just stoked for them getting out there (and all you other cruisers-, don't know how you do it, frankly. That lifestyle suits some not others, I guess), and especially now that they have found a better way (IMO) to do what they wanna do. And that is what I mainly originally wanted to discuss. They (cats) just make a whole lot more sense to me for every aspect of what they are doing (as long as one stays on top of the obvious multihull limitations of filling up all the space with heavy crap or going arse over) and now they are finding that out for themselves. Happy Daze. Anyways, Good luck to 'em.
  13. So Rudey or whoever of you who know (or pretend that that you do) about these things do they have to have humans on the grinders/cycles. Power to weight chimps excel humans don't they? but serially Why do they head up before finishing? I can't figure out why. They don't when it's a super close finish of course. Seems to be an adequate amount of landing strip. Maybe to wash off speed before looping up to park after finishing to reduce loads? But seems unlikely considering they seem to hoon about and chuck'em around willy nilly. It amazes me with the 45s and 50s and even more so in SF in 2013 how reliable they've made these things. Like many AC boats of the past maybe they'll make surprisingly sturdy and popular tourist charter boats. Imagine! But back to the question of heading up before the finish- what say you? Stephen
  14. If you look closely on OR you can see there's a loose nut on the steering wheel. Get rid of that nut, put DB on the wheel, NO on tactics and stop dumping the boat in the water. Voila! Comeback 2017.
  15. Rebuilt 30' trimaran on its first outing rounds the leeward mark and comes onto the first beat. Guest helmsman "NO HELM!!! NO HELM!!! Me, owner and rebuilder, looking back and seeing the broken rudder blade floating away: "That's because there's no rudder."