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  1. Or shaft drive with transverse v twin cylinders which do not look in need of viagra.
  2. LionIsland

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    I like the « designed by Bob Miller... » bit
  3. Oh yeah.That’s right. It only took me a few years to work out where the water was coming from. You were only trying to compensate for a shit design! « To replace windscreen wiper blades: Step one: Remove motor »
  4. « Then there is the person who designed the Ray plotter that forgot to let the night illumination level default back to normal on your next startup. Next morningyou fire up the plotter, the screen is so dark, you can't read the menus to turn it back to daylight illumination, that button only accessed through the radar screen functions a2 menus deep. No help by trying to adjust the backlight levels up it is already maxed. I had to use a damned towel over my head to see it enough to navigate the screen to re set it. » Yep, that’s your cruising, coffee in hand, morning amusement to get you laughing every sun up. One of my favourite engineering faux pas is the VW DAC DAC windscreen washer bottle that uses air pressure from the spare tyre pressure. A leaky tyre means no windscreen washer, right! Or maybe a bigger problem was the crap rubber hose and fittings on the washer bottle would leak which meant there was no windscreen washer pressure AND THEREFORE NO FUCKING AIR IN THE SPARE TYRE!!! YOU FUCKING MORONS !!!!
  5. LionIsland

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    I remember thinking how amazingly long the estimated time was to build new foils for the 50´s pre AC. it was something in excess of 3 months. I know they are super special but they have the best in the world on it and so that seemed very long to me. The boards don’t have many bits to them, do they? Are they solid? How are they made? 2female moulds? then glued together? What are the dimensions, weights etc. They must look amazing. Can I have one as a piece of art? Do they build them to be rigid or a bit flexy. Imagine the loads!! i think at one point the wonderful semifoiling ormas 60’s tried making cored C-boards and ended up with solid being the only thing that wouldn’t break. High high tech carbon, beautiful, but solid and so they weigh a shitload. Do we know how the Ultimes are controlling/maintaining « flight »??on their foils. and for that matter the GP50’s?
  6. LionIsland

    Team NZ

    Holy fuck!
  7. LionIsland

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta 2019

    You mean not wiping out anyone or vice versa? I know! Stoked!
  8. LionIsland

    Fatality off Forster

    No good. That’s the nightmare scenario when self inflating pfd’s make sense. (That’s a general comment and nothing to do with this tragedy, afaik.) Help pleb out here, please; what is WDS?
  9. LionIsland

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta 2019

    A whole lotta multihulling fun was had! Here are the race results for all but being there especially with all the visitors, and some great boats from outside Pittwater and a lot of good racing made it special. As was having the Crowther family on hand at the prize presentations dinner. One of my favourite moments, a highlight, one of many, was, in my opinion, meeting the (newish) owner and seeing and stepping on and looking through his amazing prestigous and pristine Chamberlain 14 “Roamance” (ex Incinerator). After its chequered history including an inversion many years ago which topically happened off the south side of Sydney, it’s recovery some months later off Norfolk Is. and it’s subsequent restoration, just to see it looking and going so amazingly good was surreal. As was watching it steam home up Pittwater with full gear up in 30 plus knots to the finish of the ocean race. (As did big Schionning Viento)! That’s some serious power there! Inshore races were at times technical and at other times very fast. Top Gun, what do you say? effortless and fast- line honours x 5 (And as it turns out, well sailed.) Cruising div- small (bit baffling that) but well contested. I think it’s a great event for cruisers. Hopefully, more of them next year. Full report and photos to come. (Check out Multihull World magazine.)
  10. LionIsland

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta 2019

    like 15 entrants at this stage. 6 for Ocean sail. Could be an interesting race with southerly change expected Still time to enter for inshore series.
  11. LionIsland

    Whatever happened to triangles?

    Of course you’re talking about on open waterways of which Sydley Harbour ain’t. So, unless you’re sailing a boat of yesterday (yestercentury) or a boat with only one or two sails where running square is de rigueur to get to the bottom mark, pretty much a windward/leeward is a triangle course in any case, because in any breeze above about 10 knots a wing mark is superfluous because most boats these days are gybing through about 90 degrees. Yes? Furthermore, I’d put it to you that it’s actually dangerous to force (especially modern fast) boats to reach out to a wing mark when they may well need to pull away to keep things under control. Most boats are in danger of wiping out (Multihull yachts especially are particularly vulnerable) sailing across the breeze. I kinda don’t miss those friggin wing marks either. Sketchy as fuck.
  12. LionIsland

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Talk on the “nose up” thread is hinting at having asy rudder shape on each rudder so that that will create (heaps enough) lift when the boat is heeled. Don’t even need a t- foil. Makes sense to me.
  13. LionIsland

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    Well, I feel like that Hydroptère project is part of my DNA having watched it for cripes!, how long has that project been going?, and if you guys can get that thing going again that will be an amazing achievement. Good luck and determination.