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  1. LionIsland

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Pil et al, the actual scales (certified hanging single cell with remote read out) is the easy bit. However, having something to hang it (and obviously the boat- derr) from/with, say a crane, is the trickier bit. Well it’s not that tricky just a bit costly and needs organising but your boat (I believe) and most trailerables will hang from a “Franna.” So with the cell, either book ahead a little to rent a cell from a hire place, say Kennards, or get MYCQ’s one down here (I don’t know much about that one- Mr Hackett?) and we’ll hopefully make some more use of it over the next month or so. Also, definitely read all the MYCQ guff online about OMR, weighing (eg sans all fuel and water, comprehensive inventory etc) and preferably have someone experienced and definitely an independent party to check it all out on weighday and help you make sure that you’ve checked all tanks and compartments are empty and are open for inspection and take plenty of photos and don’t forget to subtract the weight of chains, straps, people etc who are below the weigh cell. Anyway, if you don’t get it done pre LCMR bring your numbers with you and some way of showing us where those numbers come from and if we and your fellow colleagues/competitors are satisfied we might be able to use them. But I reiterate, I’m all for accuracy. However, if we don’t put them in the “official” OMR pointscore we can still have some fun and plug ‘em in and see how things went. I think if you get the boat up to Pittwater and sail 4 races (or five including the offshore), weather permitting of course, have a beer or two, do the presentation etc and then get the boat and crew back home in one piece with out too much drama then that’s a bloody good effort with your “new boat” right there. Btw, we have a fair bit of performance hcp “history” for that (very nice) boat that we can transpose for your phs starting hcp.
  2. LionIsland

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Ah OMR. For the LCMR we will accept and encourage reasonable proof of weighing and measuring but if boats have been chopped and changed, new sails added and/ or replacing old ones etc then it’s not fair to your fellow competitors and the class to try to use old numbers. With the LCMR we’re trying to encourage multi owners to 1) take an interest in offshore racing and all that that involves with, you know, sailing on nice long legs, amazing scenery, with marine life around, great racing and “bigger picture” tactics, having a safe boat with reliable systems and practices on board (cat 4), while using waves and currents and a bit of navigation, 2) inshore racing fun for any cat 7 multi, encouraging not only some skill and competence in lining up for starts, boat handling, following a course, knowledge of the rules and simply to be involved in the socialisation of a regatta with a good number of multis where boats that have sailed above expectations and history get rewarded using PHS, and 3) for those interested, some semi-serious racing using OMR. So if you fancy yourself as a racer and want to participate in OMR pointscores in this and other regattas then you need to be more organised. Eg, boat optimised for racing, weighed and measured in advance of the regatta. Note that the Wangi regatta, not to mention more serious offshore racing such as Pittwater/ Coffs, Brissy/ Gladstone etc are not too far away where there’s a lot more emphasis on OMR. When it comes to measuring your boat for OMR “Rough enough is good enough” weakens the rule, and isn’t fair to you, your crew, your fellow competitors or the class in general. Yes, OMR is a fairly simple equation and brushes boat designs with a fairly broad brush but it is pretty easy to apply and the rule has proven to reward well designed and developed boats that are competently sailed and in that it has met it’s objectives and served the Multihull class well. There are people far more technically and mathematically minded than me who attest to it. When it comes to the more serious side of racing and competition, if that’s your thing, unless you sail in a one manufacturer One Design class (and they are not without a history of heaps of problems) then it’s just gonna take some forward planning, time, effort (eg weigh bridge for trailerables, recording and weighing equipment inventories, measuring hulls and sails) and possibly some expense (every few years for a crane for non trailerable and/or bigger boats- but not too bad if a bunch of boats do it together) and it’s definitely worth it, me thinks. Point being, go on the MYCQ website, check out all the OMR stuff, get yourself sorted well in advance (I for one, being away until the LCMR regatta can’t be measuring sails and boats the day before this year’s regatta but very happy to help there after), get measured and let’s go racing. For the LCMR if you want to be included in the OMR pointscore (as well as the default Topyacht PHS one) and you can prove that your measurements and resulting OMR are relevant and true and you’re happy to present your boat’s measurements to your fellow competitors (and race organisers) then let’s weigh your crew, get your TCF and lets go (OMR) racing.
  3. LionIsland

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Thsts great! I’ll have to now read all the posts and find out all about this race. I had nil to zero interest in it until I read somewhere that “Pepeche” was leading. Sure, I’d been sailing for a few decades before I met Pepeche, loved the Frenchies and their offshore and mainly Multihull shenanigans, kinda set me on the Multihull path really, you know the Ormas, Vendee Globe, Jules Verne, etc etc. I enjoyed my sailing and thought I had a half a clue. I got nuffin. I was lucky enough to sail with him a bit and spend a bit of time with Pepeche many years ago and to this day I am still blown away what an unreal sailor he is and how generous with that knowledge he is and just the sheer ability of the bloke. I He’s in whole other league altogether. Sure he’s got records under his belt and he needs to prove nothing to nobody but I’d be stoked for him if he finishes this and especially if he wins.
  4. Will you accept the old OMR number from years ago for the LCMR...? The boat has a smaller rig now (2m) and is heavier with centre pod

  5. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Was thinking sooner than that. For the berthing:? Will look into that. This year the Rmyc is redevoping the Marina so we’re gonna have to make some other arrangements for visitors.
  6. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Bugger. I was going to try to chime in on that. J’ouvert was weighed a couple of years ago but I’m always keen for a reality check so I’m always in for a weigh. Might be a few takers with LCMR and Wangi and Coffs and Airlie/Hammo etc happening.
  7. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Just went to the Club’s Trophy cabinet and the “eagle eyed” and very lovely Club coordinator, Jaz, helped me find Blow Me on the trophy- are you ready for this? It was 19 years ago- 1999 BTW, we have the numbers. The LCMR Cat 4 Ocean race is definitely on. But the more boats the better, of course. Especially visiting boats. And it would be great if we could have a fleet of Multihulls (more than 2!) for the Pittwater Coffs in the 27th Of December.
  8. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Well, as it turns out, according to my mate you just “stole” the boat from, the boat is much better with the pod which is much lighter than he was lead to believe. So sounds like a good move. Good luck with the (re) mod. Cool boat. Let ‘er rip!
  9. LionIsland

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    As you know one of the advantages of cats n tris is the boom can be tamed by having the traveller eased right down on the full width traveller and having the lazy side cleated off and not having the mainsheet eased much and/ or pulling it right in prior to gybing. Accidental gybes can and do happen to both experienced and under experienced skippers. It shouldn’t result in broken gear. Yet even with a well tamed boom I’ve broken the head board out of the mast track a couple of times when gybing in a bit of a blow. Modified it, to stop it breaking and still broken it. Seems to happen more when reefed and the head isn’t supported in to the mast by the halyard. (It doesn’t help that it’s a shitty dumb designed bit of engineering by a big name producer that the stupid boat owner doesn’t change because he’s lazy or tight or hopeful that with mods it will work.) Point is I’m defending Ms Vags possibly poor steering because one should be able to (crash) gybe and the gooseneck not disintegrate. (And who knows whether the other legendary knowalls on board had the boom properly tamed.) Yes there’s big loads when gybing especially with a big headed main. And unfortunately shit does break and especially, cast metal shit, especially cast aluminium shit but it really shouldn’t in a fresh new boat and for mine that goose neck was way piddly and under spec or poorly designed for the probaly large rapid twisting force that was applied and it tore off. So there, my two bob’s worth.
  10. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    That’s a hell of a story or two there!!! Gotta laugh at the “Ms Palmer changing hands”!! You funny.
  11. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    I’ll try to check on that tonight. Btw, congrats on Cyno/ Panther purchase. Very nice boat- awesome. It’s a weapon. I hear you had a nice delivery run down the coast. And yes, well, a tonne less is a lot of righting moment gone, but makes for an exciting boat. Whatya gonna name it? Sticking with the animal theme and since it’s new home is in Shark territory maybe Shark related? Btw, we’re getting numbers together for LCMR Friday 28th September Ocean Race to make it worth while to run. Looks like we have the min numbers (5) but just looking for dead certainties before committing. Cat 4. You in? I hope so. Cheers, Stephen.
  12. LionIsland

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    That’s great. Thanks for posting that. We’ll have to print and laminate and display that if we don’t have it already. I think we’re planning a special trophy for the handicap winning Crowther designed boat in all future LCMR editions. Also it looks like we have enough takers (more than five) to make the ocean race viable. Stand by for announcements.
  13. Morpheus. Super nice looking tri. What is it?
  14. Ahhh bloody nets. The most important part and the biggest pain in the arse on Multihulls. Gotta say that I was surprised to recently hear the nets made by a specialist tramp maker for a well known large pod cat (see what I did there- no names mentioned) had zero take up space around the edge after the initial fitting. That would be rather disappointing as we know they always stretch and require further tightening. Anyways, I always used on Previous two tris black polyethylene (UV resistant) knotted cod nets. About 30- 40 mm holes. With 4ml strands. Heavy on knees but good grip. Cheap n cheerful. Light weight and doesn’t take up water, let’s the waves through and doesn’t cause capsize at extreme angles of heel. Available from fishing net suppliers Able to be tensioned nice n tight. Easy to re weave aluminium tubing or rope around the edge to take up stretched net. Possibly not the most Scmlick solution but can be quite neat if the left over edges are trimmed or bound to the perimeter In the other hand. Jouvert has front nets in 1 inch woven webbing stitched at each cross over , and sewn over an aluminium frame. Perimeter frame. Fairly recently replaced I was thinking of all the possibilities but just went with a replica of the existing nets. Quite naughty as the surface area is high and busting through waves loads up the atttachmebt points. But they are very comfortable and surprisingly light. When it came to replacing them I thought I’d save weight using another material but these weigh virtually nothing and don’t take up water. Neil Tasker could tell you what they’re made of. The French tris always seem to have enviable knotted quite large hole nets. I’ve always wanted to be able to get that stuff but it never seems available. Bloody French!
  15. LionIsland

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen! I mean honestly, what halfwit adds cheese to a perfectly good seafood linguini. That’s just uncouth. Totally ruined it. A waste of good seafood.