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  1. So Rudey or whoever of you who know (or pretend that that you do) about these things do they have to have humans on the grinders/cycles. Power to weight chimps excel humans don't they? but serially Why do they head up before finishing? I can't figure out why. They don't when it's a super close finish of course. Seems to be an adequate amount of landing strip. Maybe to wash off speed before looping up to park after finishing to reduce loads? But seems unlikely considering they seem to hoon about and chuck'em around willy nilly. It amazes me with the 45s and 50s and even more so in SF in 2013 how reliable they've made these things. Like many AC boats of the past maybe they'll make surprisingly sturdy and popular tourist charter boats. Imagine! But back to the question of heading up before the finish- what say you? Stephen
  2. If you look closely on OR you can see there's a loose nut on the steering wheel. Get rid of that nut, put DB on the wheel, NO on tactics and stop dumping the boat in the water. Voila! Comeback 2017.
  3. Rebuilt 30' trimaran on its first outing rounds the leeward mark and comes onto the first beat. Guest helmsman "NO HELM!!! NO HELM!!! Me, owner and rebuilder, looking back and seeing the broken rudder blade floating away: "That's because there's no rudder."
  4. Rebuilt 30' trimaran on its first outing rounds the leeward mark and comes onto the first beat. Guest helmsman "NO HELM!!! NO HELM!!! Me, owner and rebuilder, looking back and seeing the broken rudder blade floating away: "That's because there's no rudder."
  5. Be interesting to find out how and why the hull got so flooded. And of course, it goes without saying, although I will anyway, that's really impressive stuff from the rescue chopper crew. Mind blowing. Cat crew didn't even get their socks wet! What a relief to know that sort of help is at hand when the pooh hits fan. And for what ever reasons, it surely had.
  6. As told to me by an insurance company, it's much easier for them when boats just simply sink to the bottom. No salvage, no towing, no repairs. Less work. Write a cheque, next! Non sinking multis might be safer but insurance don't like 'em. Pains in the arse, apparently.
  7. Swamped in one hull, yes. But doesn't look anything like sunk to me. Just saying.
  8. Swamped in one hull, yes. But doesn't look anything like sunk to me. Just saying.
  9. Tough conditions for electrics. Having exactly the same issue. I'm no expert but my thoughts were if you have an "alarmed sniffer why bother with the cut off solenoid?". Just turn the gas off at the bottle until the flame dies. But in reality, am I and everyone else on board gonna do that 100% reliably after each cuppa tea, each meal, each shower? Not if my slackness is any indication So then I thought, in an emergency, say, if one gets called away from earshot of the alarm, the flame snuffs out, the gas continues. Come back, relight- boom. Sigh, my conclusion on whether to reinstate the solenoid: extra expense- yes, but safety first especially with gas- yes. Camping stove with a back up cannister or two (the so called omelet cooker), on standby if all else fails- yes. Good luck.
  10. Before JS shuffles back to his lonely park bench with his bottle of cheap booze mumbling and grumbling his misinformed, largely incoherent, negative, cynical and snide tirades I should point out: When I searched in the cruising forums on SA for a topic on the La Vagabonde videos, oddly enough the 'room' "Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place" wasn't an obvious place to look- if that's the room that your ranting was referring to. As it turned out, had I looked in that thread I still wouldn't have found any or practically any discussion specifically on LV except very briefly in passing. Eg. The first page of that thread doesn't have any discussion on LV at all so despite "being dumb as batshit" I don't think I was unjustified to start a discussion specifically on LV for those many thousands who are into it. And for those who aren't, such as yourself apparently, despite, ironically, you posting replies on it, the topic is clearly named so that you can overlook it and pass on by. Simples. Also, if by troll, you mean someone who appreciates watching videos of two gutsy young interesting attractive people go in search of adventure on aboard a small sailing boat with virtually no initial experience to far flung places?- guilty. Appreciate that they fling themselves quite courageously at the mercy of unknowns and unpredictable factors such as weather and human nature and come across as quite unaffected and unpretensiously?- guilty. Appreciate they are having a crack where many people can't or don't make those dreams happen?. Guilty. Appreciate they make and share their videos free of charge to us, probably knowing there are (only a few I hope) dickheads out there who have contempt for their efforts and success (called tall poppy syndrome)?- guilty. Wish them well, whether that includes them carrying on cruising, with or without sharing videos or not, whether going from the lead sinker to a cat is a success for them or not, whether they remain as a couple or not?- guilty. Right then. You can go now. Maybe get off the angry juice. Go sailing.
  11. Ok! It's just getting annoying now. Still holed up in Port on their luxurious floating apartment. "Ooh, looky, more storage space here, here, here and here." Back to my original post of wanting to see their reactions when they sheet in on their new 9 ton 48' cat, with daggerboards, and a big stonking rig, on a beam reach in 15-20 knots and they're sitting on 20's all day. That will be hilarious.
  12. Yes, well, ironically the things that stuff up most on sailing boats are friggin' motors (and toilets, and electrics, and everything else) but two raisable outboards give an all day cruising speed of 8 knots (more if needed) and give really great manoeuvrability in tight spots and a combined burn rate of about 6 litres per hour is pretty good I reckon.
  13. Mysterious. Definitely. HLV is shown as 2nd on line honours? My view is that the YB tracker was suppose to increase interest and hopefully therefore, as a consequence, make the race more, you know, interesting to the non- participants (and of course for the competitors too because they look at it for tactical reasons) and that interest, I propose, could jolt lazy slobs like me to take up the challenge and actually participate. But hey, we've had the YB tracker the last few years and with numbers of (dare I say it, only) 10 starters (who I must congratulate for making the effort of starting and it looks like it was a magical run they got for their efforts), I suppose trying something new like hiding the results until the presentation to maybe increase participation numbers at the preso might have some benefit???- (our club, too, hides the results of the last 3 races of summer twilight season for similar reasons but I don't think it works). However, for mine, I would've preferred the tracker to remain accurate. Or maybe there was a problem with it. Anyway, talking about B2G and good Ol' Crowthers with B2Gs under their belts I just saw good Ol' Kiska bobbin about on its mooring.
  14. "Some element of mystery" that's one way to put it. Currently YB can't get the line honour positions right as far as I can see.
  15. I thought there were 11 entrants but I'm only seeing 9 on the tracker. Noice conditions. Bummer for Rushhour.