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  1. Daily Missing Headline

    'If' does not always imply the subjunctive mood.Reorder the clauses and you have "if the march wasn't about him, then it would be funny." The "if "clause introduces a hypothesis or supposition, therefore a verb in the indicative mood. I suppose that is the problem with most Jr High English teachers. The subtleties are beyond most students so they teach to the lowest common denominator and that usually ends up being a mostly correct set of easy rules. Only mostly is not the same as always. You saw "If" and that always means subjunctive mood to a rule bound lowest common denominator.
  2. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Are you forgetting killer asteroids.
  3. Daily Missing Headline

    So, you agree it is stupid to make a sign saying "You probably think this march is about you" when the march actually is about him.
  4. Did I mention that they are all Democrats?
  5. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    Why are you mocking Indians? Are you Racist?
  6. Democrat Mission Statement for 2018?
  7. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE !!! CNN' TAPPER: "It’s not the just government workers, if the shutdown happens. It will have a real cascading effect on the economy." ... FOREMAN: "Meanwhile many services would be stopped or delayed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would back down its flu tracking program even as the nation faces the worst outbreak in years. Some senior nutrition programs would be paused. 200,000 passport applications went unprocessed in 1995. Congress funds much of the scientific research done in this country. In 2013, that meant some experiments went on hold in 2013 and suffered costly losses of data. In space same year, for more than two weeks, NASA reportedly stopped monitoring potentially dangerous asteroids.
  8. Fear Not. I think Unionized diesel locomotives might still have coal stokers and the 100 mile day pay.
  9. Daily Missing Headline

    I suppose that would be funny if the march wasn't about him.
  10. Daily Missing Headline

    And the left was all "Shocked I tells ya" with shithole/house.
  11. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    I wonder if they ever intended to build the coal plants. They gamed the tradable carbon credits called certified emissions reductions (CERs) system before. If the propose a coal plant and then scrap it for a lower carbon plant such as gas or solar they can earn tradable carbon credits called certified emissions reductions (CERs) which they can sell on the open market. Some of the 150 might just be paper projects to scam the UN with.
  12. Evidence of collusion?

    The Aussies just referred a fraud complaint to the FBI against my po Billy J. Aussie Complaint Tells FBI That Bill Clinton Misled Government Down Under The former president signed a 'memorandum of understanding' on behalf of a foundation he could not legally represent by Mark Tapscott | Updated 19 Jan 2018 at 12:18 PM Former President Bill Clinton apparently misled Aussie officials in 2006 when he signed a $25 million memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Clinton Foundation and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) in 2006, according to a complaint filed Thursday with the FBI. The MOU committed the funds collected from Australian taxpayers to the American charity for medical projects it agreed to conduct inChina, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam. The foundation also agreed to match the $25 million from its own funds under its Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative (CHAI). The problem, according to Michael Smith, an investigative reporter and retired Australian police detective, is that Clinton was not at the time a director of the foundation that was created in 1997 to build and operate his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton was also barred from legally representing the foundation for five years after his losing his law license in 2001 in connection with his false testimony to the U.S. government during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives in 1998. In a Jan. 18, 2018, letter and complaint to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Smith said, “William J CLINTON signed the document over the words ‘For the William J Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative.’ In a statement (emailed to me) DFAT advised that Clinton executed the agreement as the ‘Founder’ of the Clinton Foundation.” But Smith told Wray in the complaint, “Clinton was never the ‘founder’ of the Clinton Foundation, which was incorporated in 1997, nor of the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative Inc. For at least five years from 2001, Clinton was prohibited from holding a number of legal and/or trustee positions on account of his disbarment following dishonesty convictions in U.S. courts. Clinton held no role and had no fiduciary responsibility for the Clinton Foundation or CHAI until 2013.” During the formal ceremony announcing the MOU, Smith said “Clinton spoke as the decision-maker wholly responsible for the performance of the Clinton Foundation. He held no such role, and while he may have been confident in his ability to influence the board of the Clinton Foundation — his statements about control and establishment of the Clinton Foundation were false, misleading and had the effect of engendering unwarranted confidence in what turned out to be a false narrative concerning the foundation’s ability to deliver on its agreements.” https://www.lifezette.com/polizette/aussie-complaint-tells-fbi-clinton-misled-government-down-under/
  13. Daily Missing Headline

    "99%** of American working age women did not protest today" ** https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/second-women-s-march-draws-thousands-focuses-voting-n839476 Based on 750,00 protesters and 75,000,000 working age women.
  14. vs where they would be if I won?
  15. Trump is a racist. Any question?

    Is the number wrong?