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  1. Drip Drip Drip

    Flash floods and hail in Petra yesterday. You will be sad to hear we were successfully evacuated by the government and survived. Unfortunately it interrupted my climb to the monastery. Into Israel and the red sea today.
  2. Drip Drip Drip

    Coverup. Always worse than the crime. Bill never learns.
  3. Drip Drip Drip

    Remind me who the president is. Oh yeah, not Hilllary. Remind me who is on the SCOTUS. Oh yeah. Not Garland. Remind me how many times the left has failed to make something stick. Oh yeah, 65783 and counting. You better hurry because NK is looking promising and a success there could doom the Democrats and put two more on the SCOTUS agenda. Voters like winners not whiners.
  4. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Or maybe it is because a modern fighter is expensive. It is always referred to as the most expensive bla bla bla. Which is lefty hogwash that ignore the fact that every new generation is more expensive and that it is three distinct planes. Your brilliant alternative is no new plane and invest the 1.5 trillion in research and infrastructure? Let's see, over the 50 year lifespan that is 30 billion per year or about what Amazon and Alphabet spend. Today.
  5. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    How do you explain that the next tranche now costs less than a Eurofighter?
  6. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    BD asked the wrong question. Fully operational is not a valid concept. Because the F35 is so much a software platform it will never stop evolving. Already the processors used on he platform have been upgraded twice for production models and a few more times for development craft. One of the advantages of using Cots parts for the generic aspects of the electronics. Just as your cell phone gets faster every year while running the same software so too does the F35. On top of that better and better application software is added as new weapons and ideas occur to the weapon designers. stop thinking of the F35 in terms of dog fighting and think of it as the I-Phone of planes. No one could imagine all the 100's of thousands of apps people would come up with when the first I-phone hit the market. Every year the F35 will be doing things no one had thought of the year before. The F15 is just now getting the Raytheon APG-63(V)3 and AN/APG-82 radar systems. Was the F15 not fully operations for the last couple decades? Combat systems evolve over their lifetime. They meet the qualifications for being termed "fully operational" for most of their lives. The current crop of F35 is ready to go to war. Will it be more ready 2 years from now? Of course it will. And more again two years after that. etc You are word perfect users thinking WORDs WYSIWYG when never overcome the millions of typists that invested in memorizing the WP key shortcuts which WP prevented Microsoft from copying. Change is painful, no one likes a new learning curve. But ask an F15/16 pilot who has flown a simulation against the F35 which he would rather take into combat.
  7. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Who need a high capacity industrial truck for personal use.
  8. More than one way to deliver an atomic bomb. Commercial airliner, Boat, Submarine. Train, Ox cart.
  9. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    No reason to be curious. I do it because the plane is that good. It will reach it's full potential around 2030 flying with a semi autonomous drone swarm. It has features that are not even in its detractors evaluation. Such as a electric generating capacity for fiber laser gun.50KW range?
  10. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Why are you so painfully ignorant? Do you take lessons? There is no magical, there is only peddle as fast as you can and hope to stay ahead. No one thinks the F35 is a panacea all by itself. But it is a monumental leap in fighter technology. With a versatility unmatched. A hard to find, near impossible to target, flying supercomputer with sensors the Russians and Chinese can only dream about. If you can't understand the revolution of all eyes and weapons shared by all platforms where the one with a target can launch and direct any available missile or weapon then I can only assume your lefty Anti Military Bias blinds you to some simple truths. The F35 is a lot more than stealth. Stealth is the icing. The cost is high and it was a long gestation but it is no more that the alternatives. The Euro fighter cost more and the F18 Super with the avionics suite closest to the F35 costs about the same. And there is no other supersonic jump jet at any price. You don't want to admit your dislike if the F35 is political not merit based and that is just another example of your dishonesty. Mike(wof) drop.
  11. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Why do you persist in claiming canceling the F35 saves 1.5 trillion? I does not. The alternatives cost about the same and their inferiority will encourage enemies to tst our resolve.and capacity. That could cost a hell of a lot more than 1.5 trillion.
  12. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    No Shit Sherlock.
  13. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Everything you believe is true. Right?
  14. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Well I'm patient and the history of the F35 is not written when it is we will know the result. But the worst thing we can do is be weak. 1.5 trillion divided by 50 years is not all that much especially in future dollars.. What I know and you won't admit, is that it could be any other military alternative and you would hate that too. Hey did you hear the The GBU-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II is on track for F35 qualification.
  15. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Hey Genius. The whole Fricking point is to never need them. Build them so well that no one wants to challenge them. A superior military is expensive but dirt cheap compared to not buying one.