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  1. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Woodward gets it

    More evident Trump is the truth teller and the Fact checkers are the partisan liars.
  2. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Trump Blamed for California Fires

    I see the T
  3. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Woodward gets it

    I would add # 6 to that list You can not query pick arbitrary measures to judge a lie. Example In the Video KIS linked to they list the top five lies. One is Trump saying things like "it is said the economy is the strongest it has ever been", "Maybe in our history" eighty different times. They rate that as 80 lies with this explanation. What the fuck is "according to key data". What key data? GDP? DOW? Because all of those are at record highs under Trump. There must be a few thousand ways to measure the state of the economy. "key data" is itself a lie. there is no defined "Key Data" that uniformly compares the economy throughout history. Depending on what you value the measurement is different. Certainly, if you place a high-value on increasing Black and Hispanic employment" Then this is the greatest economy in the history of the US. The wapo list is journalistic stupidity. The idea they would devote a well-staffed team of people to parse every Trump utterance for crumbs like the above is insane and truly TDS at its worst. You probably lack the insight, honesty, and independence of thought to see how ridiculous the WaPo , governail and you really are.
  4. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Woodward gets it

    And if they parsed every word out of Obama's mouth with the same single-minded animosity his list would be as long. But I did notice you completely failed to identify a Trump lie that comes even remotely close to "You can keep your plan." A political lie needs the following ingredients It must be intentional The liar must know it is a lie and not just a mistake or a misspeak It must be consequential not some inconsequential and obvious hyperbole or exaggeration It must not be an attempt at a joke It can not be an opinion That eliminates 99.9% of Wapo's ridiculous list. So, are you able or unable to identify a Trump lie that qualifies and approaches the rank dishonesty of Obam's Healthcare promises?
  5. Nailing Malarkey Too


    You are exactly the angry hateful Democrat I'm talking about.
  6. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Woodward gets it

    He neither lies nor is he an idiot. A crude spoiled New Yorker? Guilty. His policies have been exactly as he sold them in the election. No, "Keep your doctor" lie for you point out. Go ahead point out his "keep your doctor lie."
  7. Nailing Malarkey Too


    Fascism like making conservatives sew a yellow "T" on their jackets so decent citizens can kick the scum loving Trumpers out of restaurants and bars. Mark their right-leaning Christian business so the can be driven out of business and to label them in demeaning terms. Yup got it, Democrats, are Fascist. The even have their very own Goebbels wannabe.
  8. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Woodward gets it

    “In the news media there has been an emotional reaction to Trump,” Woodward said, later adding, “Too many people for Trump or against Trump have become emotionally unhinged about this.” “The remedy [isn’t a lawsuit],” he argued. “It’s more serious reporting about what he’s doing.” NBC News's Dylan Byers first tweeted Woodward's comments. Woodward has cautioned reporters covering the president in recent months, once telling The Atlantic that the American people “see the smugness” of some in the press and that “following the facts” without injecting feelings and opinions into reporting is one way to help regain the trust of the public.
  9. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out

    BD I await your list of fake Fox stories about Obama. There must be some after 8 years.
  10. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out The nearly 2,000-word Post story, which ran on August 29, made the explosive charge that the Trump administration was systematically denying passports to Latin-Americans along the border, accusing them of using fraudulent birth certificates. The story got huge pick up by other news outlets. But was riddled with errors. So much so that even the left-wing, virulently anti-Trump Huffington Post felt compelled to expose its flaws. False Facts "Bombshell Washington Post Story On Trump Passport Crackdown Withheld, Distorted Key Facts," the headline reads. Among many other problems, the Washington Post reporter cited several policies as evidence of Trump's crackdown. Turns out all of them predated Trump. The story also claimed that Trump officials had been increasingly denying passports to those with birth certificates signed by midwives suspected of peddling false documents. But State Department data show the opposite. This type of passport denial peaked in 2015 — when President Obama was running things — at close to 1,500. These denials had dropped to just 971 last year, and are on course to be even lower this year.The Washington Post ended up making several revisions to the story, which now includes a lengthy editor's note explaining all the changes. But as the Huffpost notes, even with those changes, "the Post's report remains misleading." "It relies on anecdotal evidence to make an explosive claim that's contradicted by official data ― and doesn't make that fact clear. It implies that years-old practices are new. And the paper consistently refused to correct the record unless it was called out by other reporters." This is a rare, and brutal, takedown by one liberal news outlet of another's horrid reporting. So, kudos to the Huffington Post for running this fact check, particularly since doing so meant it was — gasp! — defending the Trump administration. But the Post story points to a broader, and very troubling trend in the news media. The mainstream press decided long ago that Trump doesn't deserve to be president. And it's been on a relentless campaign ever since to discredit his administration. One Way Fake News Not surprisingly, the result has been a serious erosion in journalistic standards when it comes to stories that hurt Trump. Facts get jumbled, false assumptions made, unreliable sources quoted. And as a result, prominent news outlets have repeatedly had to amend, fix, or retract many other "bombshell" stories that make Trump, or his administration, look bad. One of the more recent examples: CNN reported that Michael Cohen had information showing that Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting. Devastating if true. The story claimed it was based on several unnamed sources. But there was only one source, Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, a devoted Hillary Clinton backer. Davis later admitted he was wrong. Yet when Trump tries to point these glaring journalistic failings out, the same press attacks him again for supposedly undermining the First Amendment. Bashing Trump For Calling Out Fake News Two days after the Post's error-riddled passport story ran, for example, the same paper's opinion writer Greg Sargent complained that Trump's criticism of the press at a rally was "more alarming and dangerous than usual." What did Trump say that so alarmed Sargent? "Today's Democrat Party is held hostage by left-wing haters, angry mobs, deep-state radicals, establishment cronies and their fake news allies." But Trump is absolutely right about the Democratic Party's lurch to the far left. We've been pointing this out for years. And anyone who's been following recent news knows that the existence of an anti-Trump "Deep State" is far from a paranoid delusion. So what's left? Trump's claim that the media are allies of the Democrats? The only thing alarming and dangerous about that claim is the fact that so many in the media refuse to admit it.
  11. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out 1. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman claimed on the day of President Trump’s historic, landslide victory that the economy would never recover. 2. ABC News' Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral with false report. 3. CNN FALSELY reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks. (via Fox News) 4. TIME FALSELY reported that President Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office. 5. Washington Post FALSELY reported the President’s massive sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in. 45.2K people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy 6. CNN FALSELY edited a video to make it appear President Trump defiantly overfed fish during a visit with the Japanese prime minister. Japanese prime minister actually led the way with the feeding. 7. CNN FALSELY reported about Anthony Scaramucci’s meeting with a Russian, but retracted it due to a “significant breakdown in process.” (via 8. Newsweek FALSELY reported that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda did not shake President Trump’s hand. 9. CNN FALSELY reported that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim that he was told he is not under investigation. 10. The New York Times FALSELY claimed on the front page that the Trump administration had hidden a climate report. (via
  12. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out

    Your list of what fox made up about Obama, please.
  13. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out

  14. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out

    Unlike CNN, right? published, deleted, and then retracted and apologized for an article that claimed Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was the subject of a Senate investigation for his ties to Russian bankers. After an intense public backlash, three key members of CNN’s investigative team resigned over their role in the retracted story. The network pulled its investigative team off the Russia story shortly afterward. CNN ran a story on June 6 that claimed former FBI Director James Comey would use his testimony the next day to refute President Donald Trump’s claim that Comey had assured him three separate times that he was not under FBI investigation. That story was debunked the same day when Comey’s prepared remarks were released to the public, showing that Comey would actually confirm, rather than refute, Trump’s assertion. The botched story had four bylines, including those of three veteran journalists: anchor Jake Tapper, chief political analyst Gloria Borger and executive editor Eric Lichtblau, who had recently joined CNN from The New York Times. CNN was forced to rewrite the piece with a correction noting the error. During President Trump’s visit to Japan last month, CNN spread two false narratives about the president. The first false narrative was that Trump committed a faux pas while feeding Japanese koi fish by impatiently pouring out his entire box of fish food. CNN zoomed in close on Trump while he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were feeding the fish, appearing to show the president making the embarrassing mistake. The video went viral and Trump was mocked on social media. The full video, however, showed that Trump followed Abe’s lead and only dumped out his box of fish food after his host had done the same. CNN published what was touted as the first evidence that the Trump campaign was given a heads-up about documents stolen from Democrats. The email also offered access to emails that had been stolen from former Sec. of State Colin Powell, according to CNN. But a copy of the email provided to The Daily Caller shows that Erickson sent the email on Sept. 14. That date is significant because WikiLeaks provided a link to a batch of stolen documents on Sept. 13. The group touted the release of the documents, which were stolen from the DNC and published by Guccifer 2.0.
  15. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Jim Acosta...out

    Or how Obama labeled FOX as not real NEWS