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  1. Nailing Malarkey Too

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    Why is the left hoping to restart the cold war?
  2. Nailing Malarkey Too

    He knew all along

    Loony Toon Town ... At no point in the election cycle did anyone seriously expect Trump to win. Connect the dots anyway you want and you never get to a point where Putin was trying to get Trump elected. Everything the Russians did or did not do was aimed at weakening Hillary as president. Not electing Trump because no one believed that was even a remote possibility. Collusion ? Why? If Trump had next to zero chance what was Trump capable of offering Putin for Russian help? Makes no sense. The collusion theory is hogwash, The Manchurian candidate is BS. Russian dirt of Trump? Probably, I just assume they collect and mine for anything they can get on every president. Their Hillary Dossier is probably very thick. The Russians are getting full value for their efforts. Thanks Mueller; the real Russian Puppet.
  3. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Of course not. I'm certain I was mocking his typo. Out of curiosity, are you aware of my stated position that I let each of you write your own forum rules? Which I then abide by. However, there are some rules you created that I choose not to enjoin. I consider your family off limits as a good example. I have never attacked a posters personal religious faith is another. Yes, that does make me better that those of you who go that low. Anyone schooled in the psychological sciences will tell you such extreme political hatred is a mental health condition. It would be labeled an -ism except for the lack of an identifiable group association.
  4. Nailing Malarkey Too

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    The number of people that voted for Obama and Hillary is shrinking daily. How easily they forget.
  5. Nailing Malarkey Too

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

  6. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Trumpy is now back pedaling - "would" = "wouldn't"

    I for one don' t follow his view on this matter I did my own research, read the Intel community assessment and the indictments and still doubt it was the Russian who hacked the DNC. I really have an opinion on who did the Phishing attacks or the propaganda effort.
  7. Nailing Malarkey Too


    Who is the enemy in this act? Is Russia, who we are at peace with, an enemy in the context of article 3 section III of the constitution?
  8. Nailing Malarkey Too


    Threats of violence. You looking to test the stand your ground laws?
  9. Nailing Malarkey Too

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    So you can't or won't explain your flip flop? Fine I'll go first. I have always held mixed views of the CIA and NSA etc. In general I support the need for such agencies not always their methods. That changed when for the first time the leadership displayed signs of partisanship. Sorry but that is a red line in the sand for me. I have always taken what they say with a grain of salt. Now I'm outright skeptical. I am also quite computer save and know a fair amount about hacking and Phishing. I read the intelligence community assessment and I encourage everyone to do so. It and the indictment are almost a joke. from a technical perspective. Remember also their failures , Iraq WMDs, failure to find Osama for so many years, missing 911, completely missing the Arab Spring. They are hardly infalible. I think this may be another such case. And I don't expect a real answer from you. I don't believe you are capable of anything other than a messenger attack.
  10. Nailing Malarkey Too

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    You should have spent your teen years around very powerful people in NYC. I'd sit at dinners thinking "are all Americans this uninformed". To this day my very wealthy mother spouts the most ridiculous right wing nonsense as fact. Is she stupid? Hell no, she is one of the savviest stock traders I have ever met. Is she a mean greedy person? Also no. She gives most of her income to charity. Disney and similar corporate supporters of local Hospitals are her charitable peers.; . Trump is so familiar to me. What you see as lies and error I see differently. As powerful men age they start to repeat and embellish the stories that worked well. like a comedian honing his material. As the son of such a person and being exposed to similarly powerful people all the time I came to just except they did this. I grant that it is very strange to see in a polished life long politician. That why Obama Clinton are is completely different. I see my father in the way Trump talks off the cuff. It took me a long time to realize that my father was a very intelligent and effective man in his profession and business life. He is also why I detest the Republicans almost as much a Democrats We never saw eye to eye on politics.
  11. Nailing Malarkey Too

    trumps incredible deal with Putin-Mueller investigation..really?

  12. Nailing Malarkey Too

    No matter what was said this reaction was built in

    What words will you use next week? You've all worn out Racist, Nazi, Traitor is there anything epithet left stronger that those? Worse than 911, worse than Perl Harbor .... Ever wonder what tha average American voter who is not engaged in politics daily, like we are, thinks of such ridiculous exaggerations?
  13. Nailing Malarkey Too

    No matter what was said this reaction was built in

    Hardly. My Guy is president and your Guy is Hillary.
  14. Nailing Malarkey Too

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    Exactly You explain your flip flop and I'll explain mine.
  15. Nailing Malarkey Too

    The Russians have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

    The left is all hot for a return to the cold war. Trump (you can disagree with his strategy) is at least trying to make peace with long standing enemies and the left is calling it treason. Just when you think there must be a limit to their politically expedient hypocrisy they surprise you. A year go Trump was the guy who was going to start a nuclear war. The one nation he is taking a hard line to is Iran and the left is up in arms over that.