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  1. Lowly Crew

    A big project!

    +1000 Nice to sit back and enjoy the process. Maybe learn something too!!!
  2. Lowly Crew

    A big project!

    Hey- fam, I was not inclined to respond to you but here goes: I thought your post inane, banal, pointless, etc., so I responded as my mood took me and is my prerogative. If a post entertains/informs me or someone uses profanity in a new and unusual way that might elicit a positive response. I have broken no rules. This is sailing ANARCHY. Perhaps you should not be such a snowflake, untwist your panties, HTFU, grow a pair, and then go sailing.
  3. Lowly Crew

    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    For all the Pissin' an' moanin on this thread, I forgot the humourous, sarcastic fonts. Wish some ed/mod could move it to PA so it disappears up its own backside. Not even a single like either!
  4. Lowly Crew

    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    I just knew it. Now official! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/hamilton-anarchy-symbol-1.4664192
  5. Lowly Crew

    Rules Query Gap Between Moored Boats

    Huh!!!! They are all sailing vessels that must obey the same rules. Tonnage not relevant!
  6. Lowly Crew

    Rules Query Gap Between Moored Boats

    So starboard B can merrily sail through the mooring field gap, shouting starboard the whole time, oblivious to the desperate straits of the boats hardening up as red calls for room at an obstruction to get through the same gap,
  7. Lowly Crew

    Rules Query Gap Between Moored Boats

    This is new information that is not in your original post. RHS and grounding not mentioned. WOW! Why are any of you sailing and racing if none of you understand the basic premise that you can't sail your opponent onto the beach or into any other obstruction. ROW goes to the boats that need to keep clear of the obstruction FULL STOP
  8. Lowly Crew

    VG Tracker

    Hi Stief, Are you this guy? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/saskatchewan-winter-too-much-for-one-cbc-radio-listener-1.2840916