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  1. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    i took lots of pics as i stripped mine but not sure if they will help i think the red lines are the relevant ones on the pics following
  2. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Hi unfix8r, what is going to be the problem with my plan to use 3 windsurf rigs, one in the front and then 2 in parallel like a biplane behind that?
  3. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    ...having to make them smaller and only do one at a time
  4. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    not sure what the admins have done but loading pics is much more difficult than it used to be
  5. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    rear floor glassed and undercoated
  6. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    finally the rear tanks are all glassed and painted so the decking can commence
  7. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    not yet, getting closer, has been slow few months with bad weather and then had to work away from home a lot, I am doing all the boring fiddly glassing bits at the moment, takes a lot of time but not much to show for the effort picture wise. Should have the back tanks all done in next few days and will put some pics up then.
  8. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    thanks wcb but that link is dead, I think the class is dying in NZ despite the worlds in 19, it will probably be the last gasp.
  9. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    thank you guys but the link from the yachtingnz site to facebook page appears to be dead I did briefly meet probably the top FD sailor in NZ Andrew McKee just after I bought the boat and he gave me a few good tips which have been helpful in the rebuild.
  10. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Thanks John, do you have a link for it? spring sprang briefly then fucked off again and i am away working once more so progress has been minimal unfortunately
  11. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Hi again, 4mm meranti ply, did some glassing in the rear compartments today but nothing worth a picture
  12. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    bit more done today and mocked up rear deck curve
  13. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    and another one