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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    New pogo 50 sounds like a perfect boat. 14 foot draft with board down, 4 with it up. spectacularly well sailing boat and designed from a starting point of shorthanded sailing. Definitely worth a look. Interior is quite comfortable looking despite being an absolute rocket.
  2. Interesting One-Design Classes only sailed in one area.

    Bahamian Sloop Raced in Georgetown Regatta once. really fun. Start is at anchor with whole crew pulling anchor up while raising sails.
  3. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    ah, makes sense. appreciate the answer. I knew the endurance had the chafe layer but I thought raw meant the full carbon blend. Thanks.
  4. Adding fractional halyard to carbon fiber mast

    Call mastmaker before drilling! Even a small hole can be structurally super significant. to do it right you have to ensure matrix strength and reinforce the area fairly heavily.
  5. Shoes for big boat racing

    Same here. tried a bunch of shoes. the new Zhiks kick ass. If you really beat them up and theyre wet a lot, one piece of rubber tends to peel off, but i'm a new pair each year guy and theyre my favorite deck shoes i've tried. If it's wet, wear boots, if it's dry the zhik's are great.
  6. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Yes, RAW is almost pure carbon while the other steps down have more aramid/dyneema as well as different fiber densities i believe. 3Di endurance is a slightly different product as it has some material covering it like a taffeta but not sure exactly what it is. The 3Di's are seriously durable and hold their shape immensely well. the ONLY issue we've seen at all is with chafe. they will chafe far more easily than other sails, and I believe this is what the endurance line addresses. Gotta be careful with chafe for sure...Agree that the 3Dis are a total game changer. One boat I sail on switched from a very high tech laminate from a different sailmaker to a 3di raw #1 and the performance difference was very noticeable in light air. And they're great as they weigh less and take up way less space. Just my opinion.
  7. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    North's prices were a lot higher relative a few years ago. As more people bought 3Di and the higher tech material the prices appear to have come down. North spent a vast amount of money to develop the technology and production...and the product is far superior to anything else on the market. Thus they're expensive. I talked to plenty of other sailmakers in the last 2 months about a main and north's pricing was actually cheaper on some stuff than the others. I totally disagree at least in my experience lately. For grand prix sails even, the total cost isnt that bad. 3Di raws have dropped in price with economies of scale and for the quality of the product you're getting, the value is very much there vs other sailmakers at a somewhat similar price. The production costs are actually far less (almost no stitching), just more of a way better material.
  8. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Just bought a sail from them a couple weeks ago. There was an added discount for trying the 3Di dacron. Price with discount was better than anything I looked at from the other big sailmakers (I was looking at stitched Dacron) and the product should be better. I also looked at 3Di Endurance carbon and it was actually competitive at that time/discount with the other sailmakers' highest tech products. If you get North at one of the added discount periods, the sails have become quite affordable in the last 3-5 years as the technology developed.
  9. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    agreed. w/l or distance i like my chances a lot.
  10. Installing tiller pilot

    it's easier if you have 1 networking system, but you can get anything to work with anything it's just a pain. I have NKE instruments (0183), B&G zeus MFD (works with anything), and Wifi and raymarine evolution autopilot (Seatalk NG). It was a bitch to get everything talking to each other, but with a relatively small amount of money (~$500 massively less than buying all new gear) it all works together (without passing through wifi) and the reaction speeds are fast despite the data conversions. Actisense makes some nice active converters and the rest can usually be done by taking everything down to 0183 at 38400 baud and working up from there. Time consuming and there are no instructions but it will work.
  11. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    So I grew up sailing beach cats (and monos) then moved to keel boats. When I first started as a captain, I ran a lot of bigger multihulls for the first time. Generally, the mid-size (35-50) RV/Family cats like the lagoons honestly sail about the same as a big mono as the stubby rigs are tough and the amount of backstay sweep hurts downwind (which is really where a cat takes off), but if you're doing coastal cruising and spending a lot of time at anchor, the flat boat on the hook/mooring is really nice, the minimal draft saves some fucking around in anchorages and passages and the space is great. Motoring these cats around is a pain in the ass. The deck slap has gotten a lot better in newer models, but they still tend to plow into waves and the noise and punch of the deck slap can be really disconcerting. I ran an 82' dufour cat for a few months and the performance was truly spectacular. It pointed, got up into the upper 20s of boat speed a few times and was really fun to sail in weather. Everything was massively oversized and faster than shit. That being said, as a lifetime mono sailor, trying to get a handle on the loads without heel is really terrifying. When stuff breaks on a big multi, it's spectacular and really dangerous (i believe the skipper before me was killed in such a situation). To address the point of the OP and to echo others, to get a multi that really hits the performance goals people are looking for, you sacrifice some of the comfort the RV cats provide. On top of that, you're looking at a massively wide boat that is a nightmare to find a slip, often times impossible to find a cheap/easy way to pull for repairs and IMO starts to really push the danger factor moreso than a similarly sized mono. If you're going to spend 6 months in the carib and 6 in the med and arent going to do a ton of sailing, the big cat is sweet and probably worth the extra money. For most sailors who really want to go out and sail and make passages, you save a lot of money and I personally (just my opinion) feel safer on a big mono than a big cat having sailed lots of both. I havent sailed some of the newer stuff like outremer, but they look quite a bit better than a lot of cats out there. I think the irma photos where you can see the hulls and cross beams of the cats intact but the house ripped off really tells you about the fluid dynamics of the charter cats as well as the construction. The new gemini looks like a better effort as a crossover that will fit in a normal slip, but when you see it sailing, it looks like it's not that much better than a 40 foot mono. Theyre great inside though...To each their own...
  12. In Over Our Head

  13. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    Then PHRF, ORR and IRC ratings all need to be changed because every single one disagrees with that statement. I like sailing 105s, I like the 10R. Only clarifying which one is faster boat for boat. NEPHRF: BENETEAU 10R 81 J 105 (110sm.150 Lp) 81/90 J 105 ODR 90/96 J 105 (89sm/150 Lp) 84/90 J 105 SD 90/99 J 105 SD ODR 96/102 LMPHRF Sail No Yacht Name Type/Class BHCP HCP NSHCP DHCP TOTCF CL CW Date Issued USA 37 ZippyR Beneteau 10R 81 81 96 78 0.954 10 1800 April 30, 2017 52983 Nirvana Beneteau 10R 81 81 96 78 0.954 10 1800 April 30, 2017 53534 Shaka Beneteau 10R 81 81 96 78 0.954 10 1800 April 30, 2017 04027 Black Magic Beneteau 10R 81 81 96 78 0.954 10 1800 April 30, 2017 Sail No Yacht Name Type/Class BHCP HCP NSHCP DHCP TOTCF CL CW Date Issued 00492 Sea-U J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 April 30, 2017 00301 Archelon J 105 87 78 96 75 0.959 10 1800 February 24, 2017 00643 Smokin'J J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 March 1, 2017 00480 Gangbusters J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 900 March 11, 2017 USA 507 Buzz J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 March 1, 2017 00325 Global Nomads J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 February 13, 2017 52105 Green Flash J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 February 17, 2017 00678 Bienfait J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 April 30, 2017 25436 Attitude J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 June 10, 2017 00060 Striking J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 February 28, 2017 00288 Angry Sloth J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 February 16, 2017 50638 Esprit D'Ecosse J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 June 10, 2017 00386 Y-not J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 June 26, 2017 00263 Manitou J 105 87 87 105 84 0.946 10 1800 June 26, 2017 00406 Black Diamond J 105 OD 87 87 93 84 0.946 10 1800 August 7, 2017 00528 Bedazzled J 105 SD 90 90 108 87 0.942 10 1800 August 20, 2017 ORR: USA 24 Gwhiz Beneteau 10R 34 Chicago Yacht Club 0.858 USA 52983 Nirvana Beneteau 10R 34 Midwest Open Racing Fleet 0.857 105 / Mackinac Cup Division Sail number Boat Name Yacht Type Length Club ORR AP USA 25436 Attitude J105 34.5 St Joseph River Yacht Club 0.861 USA 406 Black Diamond J105 34.5 Michigan City Yacht Club 0.861 USA 507 Buzz J105 34.7 Muskegon Yacht Club 0.861 359 Caught In Traffic J105 34.5 None 0.861 USA 50638 Esprit d’Écosse J105 34.68 Midwest Open Racing Fleet 0.861 USA 424 Flying Pig J105 34.5 None 0.861 USA 325 Global Nomads J105 34.5 Columbia Yacht Club 0.861 USA 377 Gonzo J105 34.5 Columbia Yacht Club 0.861 USA 52105 Green Flash J105 34.5 Little Traverse Yacht Club 0.861 USA 381 Peregrine J105 34.5 Burnham Park Yacht Club 0.861 USA 243 Phantom J105 34.5 Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club 0.861 USA 617 Pterodactyl J105 34.5 Bayview Yacht Club 0.861 USA 349 Sealark J105 34.7 Chicago Yacht Club 0.861 USA 423 Southbound J105 34.5 Chicago Yacht Club 0.861 USA 60 Striking J105 34.7 Columbia Yacht Club 0.861 USA 233 Tempest J105 34.7 Eastern Yacht Club 0.861 USA 384 Valhalla J105 34.5 Chicago Yacht Club 0.861 USA 104 Vytis J105 34.5 Columbia Yacht Club 0.861 USA 416 Windshadow J105 34.5 Bayview Yacht Club 0.861 USA 386 Y-Not J105 34.68 Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club 0.861
  14. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    No just suggesting a better all around boat in that range that is, according to every single ratings system, faster than a 105, less expensive than a 105, better cockpit for racing than a 105, way better rig than a 105 and the interior and structural wood isnt completely trashed on all of them. It's a massively better built boat that satisfies what the OP said. Just trying to keep people honest if you're going to come on here and say shit that isnt true.
  15. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    was simply responding to the fact that you said it was slower which is just not true. Great lakes are generally a light wind venue and the 10R will be faster (and will be rated faster) than the 105. Fake news dude...