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  1. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    You are aware sailors are largely responsible for the popularity of modern tattoos, right? If a tattoo makes you laugh or think of a memorable moment each time you see it that's a good thing. There are a lot of really shitty tattoos out there that people regret, but there are equally as many that are really artistic/cool. here are some people closer to your age with tattoos who are good examples of low-class people as examples... Teddy Roosevelt Winston Churchill King George V James Polk Andrew Jackson
  2. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    American Whiskeys

    Basil Hayden dark rye if you can find it.
  3. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    Beethoven is the genius of all musical geniuses. Very difficult to debate that. Trying to just pick out people doing stuff first, before anyone else or in such a different way that had/has never been done before. So much music has been made, anyone who's able to do something new deserves every bit of credit afforded to them. That's sort of the issue with stones/beatles even jimi/SRV/clapton. They did things way better or cooler or louder/new technology etc, but they didnt make new music per se. Some ideas i'll get shit on for: In rock: Agree with zappa. Genius King Crimson Animals as Leaders/Tosin Abasi Meshuggah Some modern jazz: Hiromi Uehara...Listen to her. Unreal
  4. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    Seems like people are going the blues route. Clapton on John Mayer pretty much sums it up: Also, Hendrix deserves every bit of credit he gets. There is no way to listen to the Voodoo Chile on Electric Ladyland and not say theres anyone out there much better now or then. George Harrison should be on this list too IMO
  5. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Honestly, it was one of those ones where you've been on the boat for months and you look out the window and just think "something aint right". Was just trying to find a way to describe it.
  6. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    We were at anchor just outside of the marine sanctuary in st john cruz bay harbor USVI. The port side was lower so at least the starboard hull looked a lot higher from laying down near the waterline. no clue if it actually raised it up at all.
  7. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Anyone say U2? Those guys can fuck right off. For a famous/talent ratio they have to be the lowest ever.
  8. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Captain on a big cat in the carib. Went to sleep one night, woke up, saw the starboard hull out my escape hatch was pretty damn high, then stepped out of bunk into ankle deep water. "Crew" (read...owner), had decided some boat washing was in order in the middle of the night and left the seawater pump running in the engine room all night. Put 1000s of gallons into that hull, trashed port side generator, the boat stank like hell and i got a good sized 24V shock trying to pull the F'ing starter off the port main before the water got to it.
  9. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Yep, it's a wide-fat. I like it a lot. This was right after the Gibson lawsuit ended, so they did some things to differentiate. the body is actually pretty thin with a thick cap and it's an interesting sounding guitar with the changes. It actually doesnt have much of a les paul sound at all. Lot of mids and fairly hot pickups relative to LP.
  10. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Gotta like how it looks for sure. Personally think this is one of the coolest looking/sounding/functioning guitars PRS ever made and this dude is an incredible guitarist.
  11. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Thanks man. Yea, every PRS I have or have played has just been a really nice looking, great sounding instrument. I like strats/LPs and even have a 7 string Ibanez, but PRS do everything well and a few things great. This is a model they only made a handful. It was called a singlecut trem. It's their bridge where the whammy bar sits in a sleeze and there's a set screw for the sleeve. Works great, but is a pain. I've lost the sleeve a few times so i just leave the whammy out for the most part.
  12. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Thanks. PRS makes an awesome guitar cleaning system with some really mild chemicals and it always comes out looking great and the fretboard feels a lot better afterwards. this guitar is about 12 years old and it cleans it up really well.
  13. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    1st Year...legal

    For sure. I react crazy strong to eating it, so i take a tiny bit of the gummy and feel real good...
  14. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    1st Year...legal

    The one for the dog is zero THC, called rosebud i think. The stuff i get from the CBD stores in chicago is zero CBD, but the stuff from medical places etc (currently using one that comes in a big syringe) has an un-noticeable amount of THC. Also like the 10:1 CBD/THC gummies you can get at medical places if it's legal where you are.
  15. EquusAsinusDomesticus

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Cool thread. I'm not a real musician like most of you, cool to see all the gear and hear the music. I really dig this new little mini amp i got for the boat. It's a VOX Adio Air. It's ugly looking as hell, but runs for a few hours on DD batteries, bluetooths to the phone and actually has some nice tones for a cheap battery powered amp (never thought that was possible...). At home, just picked up one of the early PRS high gain amps called a 2-channel "C". Really a monstrous gain tone, super clear across the whole EQ range, built in reverb, really nice cleans. Fun as hell to play. Going through a Mesa cab. Pic of my favorite guitar when i was cleaning it the other day: