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    New boat construction - JPK 38 FC

    Hi Stuart Thanks for the thread - very useful stuff. The JPK 38 (along with an older Cigale 14) are on the top of my list. Have heard differing opinions on upwind and light air ability of these type boats. This may refer to the off the wind optimised racing boats (JPK 10.80, most Pogo's, Django's,etc) rather than the fast cruisers of this type of boat (JPK 38, RM's, Pogo 36) Based on your now 3000 miles of sailing her three questions please : 1. Her light wind performance - light displacement but big hull drag - which wins? Do you sail her well heeled to reduce that drag? 2. How does she sail upwind.Typical angles? Better VMG with sheets eased? 3 .Sailing upwind how does she handle the steep short waves of the Med in say 20 knots (slamming) - compared to say Salona 380, Arcona 380, Solaris 37 type fast cruiser? I understand that all boats are compromises and that the thrill of sailing these boats offwind could well offset any upwind disadvantages. Or has JPK created the ultimate allrounder? I know that a test sail may answer my questions but none of these boats in Australia yet AFAIK so am relying on these forums to develop my short list before a trip to the boatyards in Europe. We will be keeping the future boat in Europe