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  1. square top

    New Corsair 880

    You've been plastering this shitheap on so many threads that are totally inappropriate. take it off and pay for advertising you cheap skate. i saw someone have a go at you for doing something similar on facebook and you argued the point. this is a corsair thread.
  2. square top

    Multihull Insurance Australia (again)

    I would think Insurance for a motorbike is a lot less risk than a 200k multihull with crew on board. I wouldn't recommend buying a trimaran or a racing catamaran because of this ongoing insurance issue.
  3. square top

    Older fast Aus multies

    for what i hear was an insurance write off she looks in great shape. isn't most of the work you're doing separate to the capsize, as in extend bows? financially you must be laughing as id have to guess the actual repairs to get her back as she was wouldn't be all that much. good for you.
  4. Surely its a floating tack and the main hasn't been pulled all the way up? The sail looks like its on the boom so should be able to go up and have luff down adjustment. If not the sailmaker needs a measuring tape.
  5. square top


    Been reading this thread. OMG!!!!!. The boat is a mess from what i've seen and have been told by a few experts who probably did trespass to check out this poor old legend of Aussie multihull history. Bottman, do you really feel good about holding on to something thats beyond you? I think you should feel ashamed that you have missed an opportunity to help this iconic tri be saved by a guy that can, and has done previously with his current green boat. I believe boat owners are only minders of such creations until they must pass on the responsibility to someone else with new enthusiasm and capability to continue the care of such remarkable items. Multihulls like BF have a heartbeat! Don't let it stop beating over ego and to try to prove a point and then realising its not worth it after its too late. My advice is you should take Hangtimes cash and play with something else. God Bless BF.
  6. Interesting you say horsepower won't be an issue. At 1.4 x boat length it seems fairly conservative for a 10 metre wide tri compared to say XL2's new rig at 1.6 x boat length. Standing by to see the power to weight ratio as XL2's is very high at 3.2 tons weight and 60 foot rig for a 38 footer. If Venom is 43 foot and 4 tons it could be considered underpowered by comparison. Greater waterline length and the trimaran factor will come into it. It may struggle against the likes of Rushour though.
  7. square top


    Considering you paid less than 90k for the boat five or so years ago, why do think its now worth more than double now? Seems all you've done is fix what should be right in any worthy boat. Let's face it few boats ever grow in value, particularly old tired trimarans.
  8. square top

    Transpac 2019

    I agree, i reckon had Paradox got out of the blocks and through the light weather at the start as quick as Comanche did she may have been a lot closer, even in front of the claimed "worlds fastest" monohull, which was well and truely beaten, again.... by all 3, 70 foot tris and all cost under 2 million and are 12 years old! Now there's bang for buck IMHO
  9. square top

    2019 Rolex Fastnet Race

    What you've mist is the big battle at the very front between the 100 foot foiling Trimarans, Macif, Gitana 17 and the brand new Sodebo. Theres three of them aiming at ultimately averaging speeds of 40 knots. The old, non foiling Sodebo now called Actual Leader is also on or just off the pace. Although these amazing machines are still very much in early development they are going ahead in leaps. no motors running, can be sailed single handed they are amazing. The likes of Rambler and Scally will be days behind these rocket ships. Here's a bit of footage to wet your appetites for speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93CqBBBaOcQ
  10. square top

    Extreme Sailing Series DTS

    I have to agree with Corley, In my opinion it became boring with the foiling boats compared to the 40s. personally i prefer non foiling as a spectacle over foiling cats. Foiling cats just don't seem to have the hull/boat movement through the water to keep it interesting. have you ever watched a moth foiling across the water? its cool for a while but in my opinion only, becomes boring as a spectator.
  11. square top

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Believe so. saw it in the water on Sunday. apparently mast goes up today. be a bloody miracle if they get the finish line. Avalanche is out.
  12. square top

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Why don't you do it? The boat is there and it would be ready to go?
  13. Don't know much about the Tennant but i agree about the evergreen Top Gun. Saw on its facebook page its on the hard getting even more love including a few after lightning hit repairs.
  14. Looks good, she's had a few lives. What bigger race boats? there's plenty of bridge deck cats that go ok but i can't think of a good and bigger race multihull in Australia that comes to mind.
  15. square top


    Hey Bottman, she's a great old tri. I've never been on her but have admired her for many years. Which company is she currently insured with please?