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  1. square top


    Hey Bottman, she's a great old tri. I've never been on her but have admired her for many years. Which company is she currently insured with please?
  2. square top

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    As a former competitor at this regatta, all be it some years back now, it frustrates me and I'm sure others who are on the couch looking for the daily results. This is the only regatta that I'm aware of that in the past 5-10 years never makes results available until after the end of the regatta and that no one knows their PCF handicap until after the results are published. The sailing instructions states that results will be available on line on the Saturday night, which I couldn't find anywhere. Any chance of one the organisers could advise why this regatta is done the way it is where this one off handicapping method of after the regatta is used?
  3. square top

    Help identifying Crowther design

    doubt its a Crowther or a Grainger. people selling unknowns often try to pass them off as Crowthers because he's no longer around to say they aren't and Crowther designs are proven and sort after. to the best of my knowledge, Lock never designed any chine hull cats and I'm pretty sure Mr Grainger didn't either.
  4. square top

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Looks like a fast fleet forming with Top Gun, Quickstep and Sixty Six at the front end of the fleet. It should be interesting for line honours between these three cats. I'd have to think Sixty Six has the most potential being the lightest and probably as powerful if not more so as in power to weight. Although Quickstep could be around the same weight as Sixty Six which id think would be around half the weight of Top Gun. As alway the Top Gun guys should sail this evergreen Lock Crowther cat well. Any thoughts on this battle for Line Honours?
  5. Any big multis going or is it mainly trailerable types?
  6. square top

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    Out of Interest Plywoodboy, just been looking at the latest OMR spreadsheet and I think you might want to update Rushours OMR details. It says they have feathering props, I'm pretty sure she has twin outboards, e.g. out of water props. if this is correct it does makes a little difference to her rating, in their favour.
  7. square top

    Near Capsize

    Are you guys sure this cruising orientated boat was meant to be driven like an out and out race boat? Seems seamanship and the boats design purpose needs to be reviewed. The rule i like to observe is when you think about reefing, reef. My belief is that Multis don't need to be overpowered to perform.
  8. square top

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    Any photos of this packed up on its trailer ready for towing please?
  9. square top

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Is there a photo missing? i can't see one where Rushour is on Starboard in either of these two photos. Unless I'm seeing this incorrectly i think the top photo is pretty much what Oats did to Comanche in this years Hobart race. By the look of the sails and tell tails it seems that Fury is on the wind, not reaching and in my opinion has full rights over Rushour who is still completing a tack.
  10. square top

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Should you start a new thread for your recent regatta? isn't this a thread about B2G? Speaking of B2G, I hear Top Gun is out for family reasons, that makes it a bit easier for the front runners and anyone chasing an OMR win.
  11. square top

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    How come you are you only at 85% Bushsailor? Have you lost some sails or put on weight? is there any issues from the recent capsize? All the best for the coming regatta and B2G. is there anywhere where us punters can see the entry list?
  12. square top

    Suggestions? Sell carbon mast, sails, boom, etc

  13. square top

    Tri for sale in NZ

    Anyone know anything about this tri that is for sale in NZ? It's weight, mast height, previous sailing ability, condition, build quality etc. thanks https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-1524488166.htm?rsqid=2cc8b33dc64d4e8886a20f2031308430
  14. square top

    2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    As you say you've only ever sailed other peoples boats which must have been top end boats and funded by owners who could afford to put their boats on the water and were constantly changed to meet the rule changes. We'll be interested to follow your progress when you start tearing up your own cash to remain on top of the rule as it changes and then you can back up your claim about getting out there and competing, "but at your own expense". From what I hear the winners usually pour heaps of cash into boats to keep them current, Mad Max/Ullaman Sails is a very good example of an endless spend and time modifying to get it to where it is and theres plenty more like Morticia, Indian Chief, Trilogy and the others that were previous Div 1 winners over the years that spent plenty to keep at the top. It's the owners that back up year after year i respect, not the freeloaders that just turn up to sail other peoples boats and then talk up how good they are. As for OMR, it has some way to go if you want growth of multi racing, IMO. If one looks at what the mono fleets do, sports boats don't race against ocean going IRC boats on handicap or around the course for that matter. Surely that method should be looked at for multis if you are to attract all types because i cant see the likes of Rushhour competing against a stripped out foiling race tri on OMR if both are sailed well.
  15. square top

    2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Not many entries compared to previous nationals at Wangi. I can't believe the Nats were organised the same time as the Crowther regatta on Pittwater, which is held the same time every year for the past 20 or so. It seems to me (as an ex NSW boy) it's a bit of Queensland ignorance and/or lack of respect for the Crowther regatta. Lock Crowther was and still is Australia's, if not the worlds greatest multihull designer who also sailed and raced his own designs and own boats. I wonder if he's up there smiling at the Queenslanders from his post over Pittwater. :-) At this point the Crowther regatta has a few more entries than the Nationals. C'mon surely the organisers of the Nationals could have looked at the sailing calendar outside of Queensland.