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  1. Raptorsailor

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Spindrift heading straight for an island, are they doing an Alex thomson?
  2. Raptorsailor

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    I hope they've left by now...
  3. Raptorsailor

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Here we go.... Good luck out there. They should put Peyron on it just for good luck lol.
  4. Raptorsailor

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Could be one to watch if they get a window to give it the beans, there's a solid chance they'll do it UNDER 40 days. Which as a mind blowing achievement. I can imagine the conversation the designers had last spring. Should we put a mast won't fall down? No, too mainstream. Better foils? been there done that. New sail wardrobe? Eh. Hey, why not put the fucking garden shed in the back. YES THATS A GREAT IDEA. Thats the only conversation I can imagine them having over the grotesque rear end.
  5. Raptorsailor

    New imoca boats

    Based on the one gen 2 foiler we've seen so far I'd go as far as saying its more of a gen 1.5 than gen 2. More combining HB with the other foilers of gen 1 with some bigger foils in the mix. If anything its a compromise, something AT doesn't know, all or nothing. HB went straight to gen 2. I don't see how you can make an IMOCA go much faster. The next boat will be more about making it reliable than faster, even if that is the main goal. IIRC this HB has had more auto pilot problems than any other IMOCA of its cycle. If anything the RdR has been a show of force by ATR of just how strong/dominating their current boat and concept is and its pretty clear the french teams still haven't understood this.
  6. Raptorsailor

    New imoca boats

    The next HB will either be a dog with zero reliability or an unstoppable force that will leave the french eating humble pie for years to come. I hope it's the second won, the french have been on the throne for too long in offshore racing and AT deserves the VG, probably more than anyone. Problem is, VG's aren't won on merit. They're won by the fastest RELIABLE boat. No pressure.
  7. Raptorsailor

    Team NZ

    No idea, as I said, I have no idea if this is true, but I'd guess it would be the team of nerds that Dan Bernasconi is in charge of, IF they use this at all. I mean, it would be stupid to overlook machine learning as a design tool, I mean look at what Google have been able to do with it, human voice so realistic you don't know the difference is one result that stands out in particular. Then again Google has access to some, if not, the most powerful computers in the world and the worlds best programmers. But my case rests. Machine learning is probably involved in the ETNZ design process one way or another.
  8. Raptorsailor

    Team NZ

    I have a feeling that ETNZ's famous simulators/simulating tools are some of the most complex and accurate machine learning and genetic algorithms ever made. a bit like this . Only MUCH. MUCH. more complicated, if they perfected (or already have) the techniques, ETNZ's designers may now be able to create virtually unbeatable boats, opening pandora's box in a way. I can definitely see a design technique like this being banned in the future as it effectively takes out the human element of design once up and running.
  9. Raptorsailor

    Use of performance enhancing drugs in offshore sailing

    I think if races like the VG, RdR and VOR don't test then sailors have probably used them, I'm looking more at the VOR here since the design aspect is no longer an issue performance wise. But if the drugs are stopped in a controlled manner or even taken at regular interval allowing periods of rest, wouldn't it negate the effect of crashes after the drugs as you say? I can definitely see sailors using it if they have to send it to make the next weather train and have to be alert for 2 days or so in order to make it.
  10. Is there any recorded use of performance enhancing drugs in offshore sailing? More particularly singlehanded offshore sailing. Considering the enormous advantages they could give to an offshore sailor such as amphetamines(?) which reduce the onset of tiredness along with modafinil which is allegedly a cognitive enhancer, (although results are inconclusive) along with allowing to stay up for 40(!) hours without losing any situational awareness, apparently. Other more 'normal' PED's such as EPO, adrenaline and maybe beta blockers, but also powerful pain killers could also help out an offshore sailor on extreme races such as the VG for example. I'm surprised how little there is on the internet about this, considering that it could probably have a bigger impact than in any other sports due to the unique requirements and environment of the sport. Are sailors in big races even tested for this, it would surprise me if they are. If anyone could enlighten me and others that would be awesome, I feel that this is an important subject that has been ignored/sidelined (unless I've done my research wrong) and that deserves much more attention. It would be cool to see a test one day to see just how much of an impact they can make.
  11. Raptorsailor


    Even if we get no more challengers, having 3 super teams + defender is enough IMO, if they all build 2 ac75's thats 8 new boats. Now that's a lotta' boat.
  12. Raptorsailor

    Team NYYC

    Even ETNZ had 2 test boats, bought one, modified another, or the same one, hmmm.
  13. Raptorsailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    You sure a cattle prod is powerful enough?
  14. Raptorsailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    AT heading straight for the mainland now, please luff a bit to lower our heart rates.
  15. Raptorsailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    AT tacked, heading away from Les Saintes. Such a nail biting finish.