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  1. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    Quick and dirty, sort of works.
  2. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    Is there a rule allowing Ineos to ‘wax’ their ski/skeg... it’s even got a rocker.
  3. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    For the same wingspan you have a longer foil. So more lift, also means you can have a thinner, more efficient wing with a higher aspect ratio. The problem is whether the lower induced drag offsets the increased parasitic drag of having more wing... Also seems beneficial when heeling. I could be wrong.
  4. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    It’s their first sail. ETNZ had Exposed plywood on their AC50 during their first tests in Auckland.
  5. Raptorsailor

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Um whats changed? It’s not even chrome silver
  6. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    Well they must have found a way around the rule. What else is it going to be in that position.
  7. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    really shows the difference and size if the skeg/keel.
  8. Raptorsailor

    Team NYYC

    woot woot
  9. Raptorsailor

    INEOS Team GB

    Sure it's B1? Isn't B1 on a cargo ship to New Zealand?
  10. Raptorsailor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    get a VPN and get the BBC or TVNZ coverage. I feel sorry for all the aussies, having heard a couple complain about foxtel.
  11. Raptorsailor

    Team NYYC

    Is it me or the mast is very far back. Bow looks a bit like the Te Kahu test boat.
  12. Raptorsailor

    Vendee Globe 2020

    If he's got problems this late, he's most likely going to have problems in the race itself. Look at HB in 2008.
  13. Raptorsailor

    Team NYYC

    Is it too late to ask for more ?