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  1. Raptorsailor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Nando's Team UK has a nice ring to it.
  2. Raptorsailor

    Random PicThread

    Yellowstone n bears
  3. Raptorsailor


    what the fuck
  4. Raptorsailor

    Team NYYC

    Note use of the word 'appear'. NYYC have had and will probably continue to have the smallest media footprint of all the AC teams.
  5. Raptorsailor

    Team NYYC

    Either that or they have a new boom. Although the centre pod endplate thing looks different.
  6. Raptorsailor

    ski season 2020

    Look up photos of queues in Vail. Glad I don't live in the USA sometimes. Heard from people there's 3+ hour waits this weekend.
  7. You are the legend we never asked for!
  8. Raptorsailor

    Random PicThread

    2nd part of the Aiguille du Midi cable car. Sadly more of a tourist attraction than a gateway to high altitude these days... Aptly named Pandora's arch somewhere near Jackson Hole. Maurienne valley following the extension of the motorway to the Frejus tunnel.
  9. Raptorsailor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Very flush and clean deck.
  10. Don't worry, rudder has us covered. I just know it.
  11. Raptorsailor

    Random PicThread

  12. Raptorsailor

    Random PicThread

  13. Raptorsailor

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Oh yeah, that. Nothing mean anything unless it has yellow lines.
  14. Raptorsailor

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    This statement only applies to weed and maybe cocaine along with LSD/mushrooms. Keep heroin and everything else illegal. Stuff of the devil.
  15. Raptorsailor


    This is fucked on so many levels but I can't help but chuckle.