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  1. New imoca boats

    Huh? Cool. Good luck for the others lol.
  2. New imoca boats

    he came second because his foil broke. And even with a broken foil he lost by less than 50 nautical miles.
  3. New imoca boats

    HB is the ultimate IMOCA and the ultimate offshore racing monohull. Hands down.
  4. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Old, that was almost 3 years ago.
  5. Race Replays

    try using the google drive links, most of them still work, @Rudder_NZ
  6. Team UK

    Nice catch.
  7. Ultime / G-Class Development

    Actual will probably refit an old boat, they're not the most blinged up ocean racing team compared to the likes of BP, MACIF, Gitana and the like. Which is a real shame.
  8. Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    Just ask Ben Ainslie, he knows a thing or two about repairing large holes in a short space of time.
  9. Next VOR on IMOCAs?

  10. first surrogate

    LRBAR, LR and ETN will be the 1st three to launch1, I think Prada will launch first.
  11. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    In all Seriousness though if the teams had night vision equipment and they found a way around the problems aforementioned the VOR organisers would have no excuses in making it mandatory for the teams. Same goes for VG, in fact I think it would be easier with only one person aboard....
  12. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    No I haven't. -_-.
  13. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Then have a 'night vision' mode on the instruments.
  14. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    OR just have the skipper equipped with night vision for the night.... I'm pretty sure VOR can afford what? 7 sets of goggles.
  15. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Can't help but adding my opinion to the Vestas incident. I'm expecting a bollocking having only read two articles on the incident of what I regard as questionable in terms of reliability. As someone said in the VG thread last year concerning collisions... the fishing boat will probably end up worse off, having a 65 foot ocean racing monster barrelling towards at speed must be a fucking scary experience and dam dangerous as we have seen. I think both sides are at fault, while those seas are some of the most congested and used in the world, it is not nearly half an excuse to justify its collision. I doubt the fishing vessel had AIS turned on, if it had it in the first place and I also doubt it had any lights on. However IIRC the VO65's on top of AIS also have some sort of radar, mainly to detect icebergs(?). IF the fishing vessel had radar it would have found it hard to spot a carbon fibre boat coming towards it, as they have a small radar signature. Also why did the crew on Vestas not spot the boat 'early' enough? Yes it's night and they can see sweet fuck all. Yes the fishing boat probably didn't;t have any lights but the sailor's eyes would've been accustomed to the low light and could've maybe seen the fishing boat early enough to lessen the collision or avoid it. In conclusion, both sides are at fault, Vestas for not spotting the fishers in time and avoiding a collision. The fishers for (probably) having no AIS and/or radar and no lights. Both sides will face tough questions and Vestas will probably receive a bollocking from the authorities'. But I think The fishing vessel will ultimately receive more blame for sailing in a dangerous way that doesn't make them visible to others. On top of that VO65's are made for crossing oceans and even if they do in port races, I question their manoeuvrability when loaded up, at some speed with all their supplies onboard. But the chinese are far from perfect when handing out justice. I think this whole situation is best summed up by this: :/ . Meh, feel free to criticise this. Also when will skippers be equipped with night vis equipment..... I feel it's about fucking time they got some.