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  1. Raptorsailor

    Team UK

    F1, F1, F1. It worked well for them last time. Didn't it.
  2. Juan K still out of a job?
  3. Raptorsailor

    Climbing legend Jeff Lowe Passes

    RIP mate, you were awesome.
  4. Raptorsailor

    Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Rather crude foil design imo..... they used up all the R&D wonga on that building. ETNZ use tents and containers. Guess what they have: a cup. In all seriousness though, I don't think it was an RC44 and it's gonna be cool to see that thing sailing around the solent during the summer. It'd be nice to have better quality photos of those foils, never judge a book by its cover y'know. Right now, they look crude enough to accurately reflect INEUK's performance in the last cup...
  5. Raptorsailor

    Team UK

    Nothing new in there, nice to see the media interested in them though.
  6. Raptorsailor

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Don't know much about the handicap and the conditions in the S2H but I'd go for a VO70 or a converted IMOCA.
  7. Raptorsailor

    AC 36 Protocol

    I wonder if we'll see teams employ swathes of race engineers helping the crew from shore like in formula 1.... it seems just about doable in the class rules. It could be a huge advantage.
  8. Raptorsailor

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    XD. TNZ's first foiling tack was (apparently) on the little silver boat from their italien friends. Sometimes it pays to listen to what the teams say, even if most of it is pee-arrrr.
  9. Raptorsailor

    Will they actually sail like the 3d animations?

    That would just look so awesome.
  10. Raptorsailor


    I wouldn't be surprised if the afterguard wear systems similar to the JMCS and HMSS helmet mounted display systems.
  11. Raptorsailor

    Team UK

    At the end of the day... who really gives a damn about bad publicity (everyone). But as long as they have their wonga and making the fastest boat and winning I'm pretty sure more than a few anti fracking activists will conveniently forget that team gb is sponsored by Ineos. Besides the livery looks kewl. In formula 1, do you care whether the team is winning races and championships or whether it looks good cus' Marlboro sponsor it. I don't care about the sponsors so long as the team is winning. God speed Ineos Team GB
  12. Raptorsailor

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    would make an awesome day boat.
  13. Raptorsailor

    AC36 - The Venue

    Looks more like the AC72, why would they go to the trouble of sketching out a cat with a more complicated cross structure. Would be cool to see both on display.
  14. Raptorsailor


    Mhm, We'll probably get under that lol.
  15. Raptorsailor


    Nah, I think someone will find a way to make an inflatable wing sail that fall within the rules, shame outriggers are banned though.