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  1. armchairadmiral

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    Remember that you have to go to Whangarei to clear customs now. Thanks to bureaucracy / government you are forced to call there regardless of where your destination is.
  2. armchairadmiral

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    Yep....the quick way to stuff an industry and sock it to the average working class / trades. look what happened in NZ almost 40 years ago. Yacht / R/V caravan & other luxury goods got a 20 % tax. Overnight those industries collapsed and Bruce Farr, Ron Holland and Laurie Davidson exported themselves overseas amongst others. Cost to the economy was huge .But lefty policy is to be seen sticking it too the so called rich. Who in their parlance is anyone who doesn't depend on handouts from the state !
  3. Quite right Rawhide. The olde boy network is dying ever so slowly. The problem here appears to be the same the sailing world over. We want entries, new boats and new members provided they don't beat the olde guard, do what they're told, agree with the rubbish handed down to them and be generally subservient until you get to top of the pecking order - at which time you'll be like those who went before you. Of course this all takes time and by the time you get there there won't be many left competing . But what the hell . You'll be having fun..........with the few olde drunks around the yacht club bar
  4. armchairadmiral

    Transpac 2019

    To finish first,first you have to finish........ an oldie but a goodie !
  5. armchairadmiral

    Why would certain boat designs NOT sail to their rating?

    The answer is don't build a "rating" boat. Build a proper fast easily handled one that will still sail well and look good with the changing restrictions of time as the rating rules alter. Look at the 80's boats that rated well. Some sailed like dogs but won races. Now you can't give them away. Learn the lesson
  6. armchairadmiral

    Brexit, WTF

    You Brexiteers seem to have missed my point in my last post regarding why Britain retained the pound over the Euro ? Likewise the debt sharing from those countries who are down the financial gurgler and those about to go down . What's your take on those points ?
  7. armchairadmiral

    Brexit, WTF

    Britain ditched its colonial trade preferences of Oz,NZ Rhodesia,South Africa,Canada (all it's War allies ) for EEC in 1971. Thanks Britain, but in the long term you did us a favour.Pity about all our servicemen that died on your behalf ! When they joined the EU they had no intention of staying. How do I know this ? They never changed their currency so they could remain independent. Now they can see they will be bailing out financially those member countries that can't manage their economies. Plus the invaders overwhelming the European social system. They'll just leave and put up immigration barriers
  8. armchairadmiral

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Yep...I won't be signing up for anything else either. It's your way or the highway. See you on Route 101
  9. armchairadmiral

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    Believe Sailorman 44 post. You can cruise a race boat but not vice versa
  10. I love this place but I'm the only one that signs up as an armchairadmiral !!! Most of you should borrow it and just add a number. The way some of you portray this as cheating is rubbish. The race outcome wasn't decided by an AIS being on or off....Protests are not generally about cheating but rule infringements. Usually these aren't deliberate but then you'd have to go sailing to know that so BJ 's decision not to protest is OK. Clearly he didn't think it was cheating and neither did any other competitor because no one protested. Methinks this is more about MR and his high / off handed comments. That's not grounds for a backdoor protest. Seems the guy could go a PR lesson or two but that's it. And WO should have had its AIS on.
  11. armchairadmiral

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    How do we get this livestream in NZ ?
  12. armchairadmiral

    Ed's Outburst

    Question on the Ed's latest Trump commercial. Isn't it the Democrats refusing funding supply by the due date ? And no one's not going to not be paid. It's a late pay day until the funds do come through ? This has been going on for years as the children running the US (that's both parties) throw their toys out of their cots at each other >
  13. armchairadmiral

    a4 aok ?

    Don't hold back Scott. You're mellowing in your old age. Come on, tell us what you really think .
  14. armchairadmiral

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    I'm with toad. This is first class BS. Reeks of the corruption the Olympics have now come to represent. Site selection to highest bribe, drugs, cheating etc. Offshore keelboat 2 up, 48hrs and drop the Finn. They must all be on high grade drugs of their choice.
  15. armchairadmiral

    drop the drops

    Those of you who have promoted drops (over a series,not a regatta) have won me over. On balance you are correct in the interests of coming back next week. Cheers