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  1. armchairadmiral

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    They're delaying the inevitable.
  2. armchairadmiral

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Thx for posting '74 Hobart clip Hoppy. I must have been around too long also. At the beginning there's a shot of a 12' skiff & I think it's Phil Stevenson (a much younger version) in Walpurgis Wrath, one of the first if not the first stitch & glue 12. Anyone confirm or is my memory going (worse)
  3. armchairadmiral

    Scooter Goes to the Dark Side

    "there's more to sailing than racing"'ll sure find that out with a 5kn holedigger.
  4. armchairadmiral

    The new revolution in spinnakers

    What a nightmare !
  5. Wait for the Factory solution .And I'd double check with Yanmar direct if a local agent is involved. Only believe Yanmar !
  6. armchairadmiral

    what is it?

    Ganbare ? Really !. The move to modern sailboats was Bruce Farr. 727, Tituscanby (later Tohe Candu) and the giant killer Prospect of Ponsonby . And boy, did the rulemakers stick it to his designs.
  7. armchairadmiral

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    Why don't you forget "rating" in all it's variations and consider a design with no wiggles or squiggles, sails well on all points, no vices, probably but not always fractional with swept spreaders. Just enjoy the satisfaction of viceless fast sailing. Who knows you may also win on your day when conditions fall your way
  8. armchairadmiral

    Great 35-footers

    Ross 930 with MH kite for SD. They don't take well to an overlapper upwind.....
  9. armchairadmiral

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    I've been away for a while Hoppy. Delighted to note you haven't bought a boat yet ! Please don't...this thread is too good to lose
  10. armchairadmiral

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Get your head around the fact that the rules are there to prevent collisions (amongst other things). Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile. Protest every time regardless and two things might happen .One, they'll keep out of your way and two, they could learn . Some people are just stupid !
  11. armchairadmiral


    In NZ mullet boats from late 1800's , most mid 1900's centreboarders.......IA ,X, Z used them. Symmetric kites developed from them with advent of Marconi rigs. Nothing new in the world !!!!
  12. armchairadmiral


    Nothing like the horror / terror of yesteryears hole diggers doing 7/8 kts downwind in 25/30 knots with the death rolls to make you appreciate modern planning designs. Add to that modern nav and forecasting and I'll take my chances over yesteryear.
  13. armchairadmiral

    ac 2021? fuggedaboudit!

    Silly me .I thought people were free to do what they want. If you really think that the money spent on AC would be spent saving the world you're in cloud cuckoo land. By the same measure the $$ spent on space exploration would be better spent on Covid 19 research. And so on.
  14. armchairadmiral

    Race Committee: How to Improve the sailors experience

    After many years sailing I've quit dinghy sailing. I'm a club level sailor , or was , dedicated bordering on obsessed. My wife says the other way round. Recent regatta 2 days 3races each day. Over half the time on water (about 6hrs each day )spent while ( Qualified ) RO stuffed around shifting marks for 5 / 10 degree shifting breeze. One race was an hour of indecision and eventually started fleet on a reach as the wind shifted yet again. I'm unqualified to drive safety boat, (read haven't got certificate) but a lifetime of active sailing and many power boats. However a granddaughter did the course which include a day of lessons ashore but no practical test because it was blowing too hard. But she's now qualified ? How does that work ? And sport generally complains about lack of uptake and lack of interest and wonder why ? As the song goes "another one bites the dust". Some of the posts on here are right on and some right off. You figure it out !
  15. armchairadmiral

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    And the keel fell off Digby Taylors boat in two handed Osaka race back when....Can't remember boat name or year. Crewman lost sadly.