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  1. dfw_sailor

    Miles Taylor - Trump official endorses Biden

    Twisted Trump logic...... "Trump mused that he thought the author of the op-ed could have been Hope Hicks or his son-in-law Jared Kushner, two of his senior aides, or Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) or Rand Paul (R-Ky.), both of whom were in the audience." ... "It turned out to be a low-level staffer, a sleazebag, who has never worked in the White House," Trump said at a rally in Goodyear, Ariz ... "Anonymous was a nobody, a disgruntled employee who was quickly removed from his job a long time ago for, they tell me, incompetence," Trump told the crowd. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/523282-trump-says-ex-staffer-who-penned-anonymous-op-ed-should-be-prosecuted?amp so he thought it could have been Hicks, Kushner, Lee or Paul. So... Either this low level disgruntled employee had unlimited access and wrote the truth, because he knew as much as Hicks, Kushner et al or Hicks, Kushner etc are dumb and disloyal as Taylor. somehow I don't think many trumpaloos will understand the incongruity of what Trump said.
  2. dfw_sailor

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    I vote that squeaks should come out as a troll or real (photo showing current news, preferably video proof) Wednesday next week, so we all have something to distract us from other events next week. Come on out squeaky. You can do it.
  3. dfw_sailor

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    We've found this mod to the boat helped tame things down, jet skis and bass boats that used to be reckless around us, especially around the marina entrance. Not no more..... Bow roller from a 54' on our irwin 30. Heavy anchor to deal with clay and supercells.
  4. dfw_sailor

    Am I Missing Something? Hospitalization Rates

    Why did you restrict the data to stopping October 10? Cherry picking. SD at hospital max. El paso at hospital max and now a 10pm to 5 am curfew. 75k new infections yesterday (Sunday). Dallas cases rising quickly, back to over 600 per day. Btw SDc is at 900 new day, with 1 10th the population of dfw. Texas shows 3k new yesterday, but that a Sunday. Been sitting on 6k new weekdays for a week now. So again, why put out information that's 2 weeks old. When it changes so quickly. And it hasn't really got cold yet. Is the likely 300k additional deaths projected by end of February fake science to you?
  5. dfw_sailor

    So me and my dad went and bought our first boat

    Regarding the electric outboard, with more sailing experience you will use less than you think. But as you now know, don't use if for long distances until you check everything. Battery probably iffy as well. I would get about 5 miles distance out of a charge, doing 2.5 to 3 knots on a 2 000lb 22' Until the boat is doing 1.5 kts. The rudder isn't going to do a lot for you in tight quarters. Use the motor as a directorial thruster pushing the stern forwards / backwards / sideways etc. The boat takes longer than you would think to get to 3kts. Momentum is everything. Don't stop sailing. Very enjoyable video , thanks!
  6. dfw_sailor

    Clean way to mount new instrument displays

    That's how to get maximum waterline Weather helm is heavy above 20 though.
  7. dfw_sailor

    I am not a Crook

    Oh yeah. Going to have to try this. Great thread bb - thanks!
  8. dfw_sailor

    I am not a Crook

    If it's with bacon, either is fine
  9. Not my type. You might need to ask DT junior for something a bit more gratuitous.
  10. dfw_sailor

    60 Minutes interview

    Hope you are bashing in some flour as you go. Much better than just coating with flour at the end.
  11. dfw_sailor

    Debate #3

    Ooh Mel. You are so far off the mark with that assumption (lack of care re worker health would resonate with the workers) here in the US. I laughed out loud when I read that. It was low skilled blue collar that voted him in. Health and safety is largely considered to be a hindrance than a help in many blue collar industries here. Very little of that pansy fluoro high vis over here. And like it or not, blue collar less than college educated is Trump's base.
  12. It's Friday night, we all need a break. How about we start a forum for Eric / jnr/ Ivanka etc Somehow fellow PA ers haven't yet mentioned aubrey o'day tweets of last night. Don jnr hates daddy Eric fucked miss universe on the spprentice boardroom table while still married at the time Barron is a brat Ivanka is a lesbian on the low And Aubrey she claims to have receipts as proof. New thread about the Trump clan? Or wait?
  13. He believes everything he is told because obviously Trump has everyone's interest in his heart. And the ends (promises, not substance) justify whatever means are necessary.
  14. Nah you don't get it, and the little people don't get it either. There are only 2 rules or ethics i can think of.... 1 )everyone in a deal needs to get a cut of the pie (or they're won't be another pie next time), 2) rules/laws are made to be stretched / contorted/twisted to your own benefit. The reason I brought all of this up is because you said you were sick of side deals by politicians or their families. You need to get over that.. it is the way of the world, unless the voters decide to pay politicians 100 times what they are paid now, and ban them from financial dealings in the future. There are corporate and government governance steps that can be taken, such as having witnesses and minutes during negotiations. Everything I've seen from Trump that I've seen aims to remove as much governance as possible. It's also why I don't think an active 5%er should ever be in politics.
  15. Yup. I recall the days of sitting at the club, leather sofas, top shelf scotch etc, 1st time caught = unlucky. 2nd time = stupid. Most never get caught the first time Chum, if they maintain a low profile and have a good offshore network. The ones that get caught usually do so because they think they are smarter than everyone else and get lazy. There is a whole other world out there , you just haven't experienced it.