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  1. dfw_sailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    It would be helpful if rather than quoting just the above, that you would in parallel quote the micron size of the associated mucus and whotnot the virus is attached too when exhaled (or coughed). My understanding is the virus doesn't just decide to fly out on its own. Btw isnt it wonderful how the flu is being knocked down so hard this year. Think masks have something to with that?
  2. dfw_sailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    You're not open to new ideas for distribution? Did you miss the major fuckup wasnt manufacturing (still an issue there though) - it's distribution and logistics.
  3. dfw_sailor

    Inauguration Fuckery

    Phew. Fuck yeah. The adults are back in charge.
  4. dfw_sailor

    Trump's farewell party.

    Take away the media, family, officials and security, and I would call it a relatively small gathering. Perhaps the cameras were pointing the wrong way, or sumptin.
  5. dfw_sailor

    Trump's farewell party.

    Any aussie boss who sacks an employee for staying up all night is a bum.
  6. dfw_sailor

    Trump's farewell party.

    The look on the family faces was priceless.
  7. dfw_sailor

    Trump's farewell party.

    Unfortunately too good to be true. Overdubbed Acosta video from today.
  8. Naah. Need the keys so he can be dragged out each time a new case starts. Just sitting in a cell is not enough punishment for his actions.
  9. dfw_sailor

    A message for our righty elk

    What else should it be? Why pander? At the most basic level this isn't about Trump - he came along opportunistically. Their core issues aren't goin to go away - its going to get worse. 1) Voting demographics will only continue to shift to the left. The EC nullified most of the left shift, but Texas and others will go blue over time - it can't be stopped, with or without the EC. 2) Less religiosity as time goes on. Which of course is why trump pushed so hard (and sold his followers on this) to push the SC to the right. As religiosity lessens in general, the Pentecostals will have a harder time defending their own extreme ideals and practices, and will slowly (but noisily) drop out of mainstream. They are stubborn bastards though, 2,000 years and they still haven't figured out that prayer doesn't work. Trump sold them on what they wanted to hear.... white god fearing America. He tried but he couldn't deliver. Multiculturalism, Non Belief in Gods, Truth, Partisanship, Empathy is scary to the RW. They are on the losing side demographically and cant win long term, unless they start breeding like rabbits. Or get rid on nonwhites and heathens one way or another. Sound familiar?
  10. dfw_sailor

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    Trump will be gone shortly, yes his goose is cooked. The reason I support impeachment over censure is purely to rat out which gopers are beholden to their extreme base, and would rather continue to lie rather than lose votes. It is the lying that needs to stop, and IMHO the gopers who continue to stand by him are going to regret their support. Stuff will come out. Money will continue to stop flowing. And super pacs will tar and farther any primary challengers against gopers who stopped supporting trumps lies.
  11. dfw_sailor

    Ceiling paint

    Hey Zonker, (and everyone else). Would you consider using the stuff as a finish surface for bulkhead walls? I have bulkheads on the irwin 30 where the surface laminate was removed by the PO, leaving a significantly damaged surface. So far my options are to bring in another thin sheet an reapply, but still with lots of filling / sanding / prep and paint etc, or maybe I can roll up some of this stuff to get it through the companion way, (the bulkhead is 4' wide in places and 6'2" high. The plan is to eventually repaint the interior anyway.
  12. LB knows best. You've got a lot to learn DD.
  13. Fuck you're an idiot. Cuffs much?
  14. dfw_sailor

    The last days of Pompeo

    His VOA speech was worthy of goebbels.
  15. dfw_sailor

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Yeah I know. I don't mind bringing up various facts over and over. It's good practice for when I have to discuss with the many cognitatively challenged in Texas.