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  1. dfw_sailor


    I would take care of my neighbor before it got to that stage. Seems like care of a fellow human being is a foreign concept to you and the elk you ride in on.
  2. dfw_sailor

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Apple's to orange's. Medicine is based on medical science, repeatable research, testing and analysis. The religious choose to believe anything that promises an afterlife especially better than the implied purgatory of their earthly life. They may also choose to believe their god said it is bad to eat beef, shellfish, goat cooked in goat milk, and so on depending which culture they were born into. A belief without factual substance, in other words 'faith' should have no part in determining public health policy. Those that disagree are welcome to set themselves up in isolated communities. They would probably enjoy life much more anyway, being surrounded by their elk.
  3. dfw_sailor

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Yes I double checked the article, they misquoted abbott. Just the 5k cases a day, not hospitalizations. Sorry.
  4. dfw_sailor

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Shit... ive only just come to the realization that Texas is unfortunately abott to go through a massive rise in demand for hospitalizations. Here is my reasoning... Texas is at 5k hospitalizations per day. Approx 1/2 of these are under 40 (according to dallas). These are likely 3rd generation infections from labor day. Because in general those under 40 show less symptoms than over 40, there is a much larger pool of slight/asymptomatic infectious people than indicated by case loads. In other words I think we'r may have a much higher r value in that population, and even if r even only equals 1 for crossing the age barrier, it will be carnage. Hope I am very wrong.
  5. dfw_sailor

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Tx gov. Abbott said today TX is seeing 5 000 new hospital admissions a day. It takes 5 to 6 weeks for deaths stage, not 4 to 5. Care to predict the mortality of the daily 5k new admissions? What snot ethern it hits 10k per day?
  6. dfw_sailor

    Anchor chain hole

    You mean like this? Yes that is a roller off a 46 footer frankenstined onto my irwin 30. With a big anchor. 60 mph winds during storms, lake is largely soft mud. But there are enough old fences on the bottom that it is wise to have a fender/buoy on 50 feet of line (max lake depth 40') attached to the head of the anchor to pull out backwards from a fence. Stainless steel deck pipe/hawse/ spurling pipe (thanks zonker)/ whatever from Amazon, about $30. 1 hour job, including cutting hole, sealing core, and bolt holes, and countersink butyl tape etc.
  7. dfw_sailor

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    I'd buy a ticket.... and not show up. Or contribute to a go fund me for others to do so.
  8. dfw_sailor

    A push for multi-cultural and diverse churches....

    sorry for delay - im working on the boat and phone ran out of charge.... had to find the charger - and there is crap everywhere, finishing off some major projects 99% complete before taking 6 out tomorrow afternoon. I know i know - boats have no place in PA
  9. dfw_sailor

    A push for multi-cultural and diverse churches....

  10. dfw_sailor

    Is Conservatism tied to Racism ?

    At least he knew his limitations. ″Whatever my inclinations as a native of Missouri might have been, as president I know this is bad,″ he said. ″I shall fight to end evils like this.″ (regarding treatment of returned Black WWII Soldiers). Unlike the white Supremacist Trump.
  11. dfw_sailor

    Is Conservatism tied to Racism ?

    That's quite a modern font for an old photo, innit? Didn't know they had typesetting computer technology back then. Especially the spacing of the letters in the word 'Party'. Did you know it was fake before you posted it? Or only just realized now?
  12. dfw_sailor

    A push for multi-cultural and diverse churches....

    endless material. it would be a thread that never has to end. over 1,000 different religions all thinking they are the one. I quite like the comment typically attributed to ricky gervais........ The only difference between an atheist and religious is the atheist doesn't believe in 1,000 religions, while the religious don't believe in 999 religions, or words to that effect.
  13. dfw_sailor

    A push for multi-cultural and diverse churches....

    Hadnt seen it before. Thanks.
  14. dfw_sailor

    A push for multi-cultural and diverse churches....

    The only honest way to get there in the end is to be able to study the who, where, how and why. Texas had a taskforce to try and analyse why the black population was so heavily over represented in poor health, poverty, crime, harsh sentencing etc. The taskforce was disbanded over 4 years ago (IIRC). The Texas GOP doesn't want to know, let alone fix anything.
  15. Barr is correct in this. It could well be his ironic epitaph, because I don't think history will treat him well.