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  1. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    This is a great thread. None of the participants are actually boat owners doing AYC. Most are non boat owners. One guy has two accounts and is talking to himself, actually asking and self answering questions nobody else brought up. Its unlikely anything will be resolved here tonight. I'm going to water the lawn.
  2. Bavaria in administration

    Yes, Its the second confused Billy in this thread.
  3. Jet-powered RIBs?

    Darwin is hoping he goes for the jet boat.
  4. Bavaria in administration

    It's not the first business Oaktree and their elk has ruined. Won't be the last.
  5. Bavaria in administration

    Didn't a bunch of brokers recently leave McMichaels to set up a Bavaria operation in Stratford? What do you know about that Zits?
  6. Bavaria in administration

    One of the factors is also the lack of leisure time. Vacation time has decreased in the USA over the last few decades. Young families don't have time anymore for the one or two week family summer cruise. Also there are more competing interests. Air travel is much cheaper.
  7. Bavaria in administration

    Using the same logic, please compare and contrast the prices of new loaves of bread 35 years apart, and explain why Average Joe hasn't starved to death.
  8. Jet-powered RIBs?

    On the safety front the lack of slow speed control makes it more dangerous. This issue has been analyzed and hashed out with many junior sailing organizations and programs. Jet drive lost. Prop guards won. On reliability. There is a reason you don't see many of them around. And does your local shop mechanic have the right size impeller and parts and experience to get you back on the water a day after you suck something thru it?
  9. Bavaria in administration

    Billy is confused. He blames Bush for Bavaria's fall. If average Joe can't buy a new boat with under 5 pct interest, he'll just have to remain crew for a while. And he's below average Joe. .
  10. Bavaria in administration

    And what have you contributed to society lately? I wish the innocent folks that are losing their jobs could all shit down your Eastern European servant's class throat. Without boatowners, you're driving an Uber around Gdansk harbor.
  11. 2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    There are 4 phrf boats registered that are privately owned. 1 from the host club.
  12. Godspeed, Mrs. Bush.

    Oh. She called you a dickhead.
  13. Godspeed, Mrs. Bush.

    Wonderful woman. RIP As I scanned the reporting of her life and death by the three cable fake news outlets, I was pleased to see almost all 'journalists' of both parties giving her the recognition she deserved. Except for that walking, talking yeast infection Rachel Maddow who only reported quotes from others. Babs called Geraldine Ferraro a bitch. I wonder what her name for Rachel was? Whatever it was I am sure it was also richly deserved.
  14. Things To Do In London

    Return the Elgin Marbles!
  15. Bob Dylan - The SECOND best lyricist?

    Jim Croce Paul Simon and of course, Husker Du